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Found 27 results

  1. Hello. I'm looking to join a Halo clan. -I'm 18, have a mic, and own both Halo: MCC and Halo 5: Guardians -I'm looking for a community-focused group, I don't play competitively and can't usually put up with the ****ty attitudes that some of those kinds of groups have. -I've played Halo since CE and the only three I never played/have yet to play were Halo: Spartan Assault, Halo: Spartan Strike, and Halo Wars 2. -I'm looking for a group that can be flexible with schedules. I'm a college and high school student whose schedule can change randomly at any given time, as I don't want to be reprimanded for something out of my control. -I'm willing to be in a lore group, and I know a fair amount of the lore, but I don't know everything. GT is Armed Solution, Time Zone is PST (UTC -7; Pacific Standard Time) Thanks for your posts!
  2. A good alternative to H3A is patching all of the issues with Halo MCC. If they patched it correctly, that will be a good enough for 343i until Halo 6. If they would like to even make people happier. They would put Halo MCC out for free, though I doubt that would happen. This is what I think, but what about you?
  3. The Choom Gang is a newly active spartan company, with the goal of earning all the commendations and having a good time. We're a group of competent, skilled players with a laid back approach to gaming. Send Thirsty for Dad or Peace Man Ganj a message for more information, or request to join our squad at halowaypoint.com.
  4. Ok, so I have recently had a friend use my account so I can get the Mark VI Gen1 and Mark VI Gen1 (Scarred) armor types, and for some reason they still haven't unlocked. I have the achievements that unlock them, but they aren't there. I don't know what to do. Can someone please help me? Also, the reason my friend did this is because I couldn't afford The MCC, and he had the game. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  5. I recently completed the "Legend" achievement on Halo MCC. Doing this should have unlocked the Helioskrill armor in Halo 5. However, it has now been around 24 hours since i completed it and the helioskrill armor still hasn't unlocked. Can anyone help?
  6. Hey everyone! I am here today in search of help for a machinima that I currently have in production. As the title says, I am looking for help from anyone who is interested. I need voice actors and body actors for my machinima, but right now my main focus is to find body actors so that I can get the scenes for the machinima ready so I can film them later in theater. The machinima will be held within the Halo 2 Anniversary game engine on MCC. I would love to host a lobby today and start getting things going although it depends on how many bites I get on here before that can happen. I am also looking to keep those who want to help as friends so that I may contact them again for help. Anywho, I will leave you all my gamertag so that you may contact me via Xbox Live or you can comment on here. GT: AsG xTiMiDx Looking forward to working with you all!
  7. Hello. For the last 10 months we have all experienced the frustration that MCC has put upon us. For many games you may have seen teammates quit early, go afc, or even just murder you for a power weapon. If this is your problem, here is your solution. KOO is a halo clan on MCC that has been running since early July. We have about 30 members as of our last routine check. Our clan has a set uniform and traditional set of rules. Our clan has a ranking structure as well, allowing players to prove their worth on a second plane outside of the games basic functions. If you decide to join you will have access to a coordinated team, experienced leadership, and most importantly, success on the field. Details are as follows: UNIFORM POLICY AND DETAILS: Our uniform is only for H2A, If you're to join you must play as an elite with a set of colors.Our emblem is the only thing we ask you to wear consistently. However whenever you're with the clan, all aspects of your uniform must be in order. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Within the clan we have a high sense of respect for anyone we encounter. This means we have zero tolerance for anything that degrades the other person. This means no T-Bagging, Melees, or shootings towards dead bodies. It is not only disrespectful, but a waste of time within the games.As far as respecting others go, others won't always respect you. If anyone commits one of the actions above it does not mean you have permission to stoop down to their level for vengeance.We don't allow our members to trash talk other players. It makes you look like a jerk, and your actions will define us as a clan. However, if another person starts a fight with you, you may defend yourself.Finally, like many other clans we don't allow team betrayals or rage quitting. We understand you may accidentally shoot your teammate and we understand MCC frequently kicks people out of games. We will be lenient, but if a pattern arises we will handle it RANKING AND STRUCTURE: Oracles Polyphony and it's roots can be traced back to its predecessor clan up to four years ago. During that time we have refined our ranking structure and seasoned our leaders with experience.The ranks in the clan run based on divisions and member skill sets.All members start in the infantry division. This is where we see if you're the kind of person we want, and if you can live up to our expectations. Once you pass infantry you have the opportunity to specialize in a skill. Certain divisions specialize in different things. For example, our Ranger division is a BTB oriented vehicle specialist division. Our Spec-Ops are the highly skilled stand alone players that specialize in long range weapons. These are just two of our divisions, for more information you can see our website. WEBSITE: A direct link to the website is as follows: www.KnightsoftheOldOrder.weebly.com The only problem you will have from here on out is your enemies quitting out before the game can get a chance to end. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to see a message from you soon. To contact us you can use our website or you can message me on xbox live with the gamertag Apex Arbiter. I hope you find the clan that's right for you, if that clan is us, let me know. -Apex Arbiter
  8. Looking for some people to play on the Master Chief Collection with. I was hoping to play the Halo 3 ODST co-op with someone but sadly none of my friends have it, if anyone would like to play the ODST co-op on MCC then send me a message over Xbox. My GamerTag is D3ltaDude19.
  9. [sF] Special Forces is a military structured clan operating on Halo MCC. We do training more than often with our recruits due to school being over, also doing practice raids. We have 50+ members in [sF]. Even though we're military structured we do have fun custom game often. If your interested joining [sF] contact the gamer tag below. GT: iCrunchE Requirements Microphone 13+ Age Positive K/D
  10. I bought an xbox one that came with the Halo MCC, I downloaded it, but I was never able to play because my xbox live account got hacked, and I'm no longer able to access it. I contacted Microsoft, and they told me to contact you and see if you could help me out. I really want to play MCC, but I can't right now, please help! Thanks
  11. Hey guys check out this new that map that I made called Chopper Gunner. Basically, the map is comprised of a medium sized town where players play capture the flag game types. But, the CATCH is that at the beginning of the match, one player from each team spawns at a hornet and gets to help their team play the objective until they die. This was sort of inspired by the chopper gunner kill-streak in call of duty. To see a map tour and game play, check out the walkthrough video below... ​ https://youtu.be/Zww44VkWXzg
  12. I am missing the in game items I was promised by 343 such as the nameplates and also the avatar items if anyone can help or if 343 is reading this email me at codym200013@yahoo.com
  13. On 4/16/15, B is for Bravo posted a status for Halo: Master Chief Collections Update. As well as other news for the community. You can view the original post on Halo Waypoint Over the past few weeks or so, 343's MCC teams have been working hard on the next Content Update, or CU, that will be released sometime next week. Date and time are not clarified as of yet, however it's going to be the next best thing right next to the February Update, allowing Matchmaking problems to be sorted out. Which turns to only have worked for many, more than everybody. They have not included all updates that will be applied, but there are a few that stand out to the Community. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Additional penalties will be included in matchmaking. Making players focus more. Yes, 343 has decided to add in penalties for anybody who betrays and/or quits the game. Now, I am assuming these will be similar to along the lines of a mix between what Halo 3 and Halo: Reach did. Halo 3 was taking away EXP, or rank. Halo Reach temporarily banned you from matchmaking. The timer set at a minimum of 10 minutes. Which is where I get into the fun part. Ranks. Yes, 343 is rolling out the ranks! You know all those playlists that say "Unranked" with the description underneath the banner/image that reads. "Ranking Coming Soon"? Unfortunately, there's only one thing about this that they have said. It's nothing minor, but it's more of a safety precaution: "Shortly after the content update drops (we’re aiming for the next day or so), we’ll be resetting ranks for the Halo 2: Anniversary playlist, and also adding ranking to Team Slayer and the Halo Championship Series playlists. Over the following days, we’ll be monitoring results to ensure that everything is working properly before adding ranks to additional playlists." -B is for Bravo So yes, we'll be having to wait before additional playlists get ranks. But eventually they'll all finally get their ranks! Woot! Woot! Now, here's the fun part. Playlist rotation. Yep. Time to bring in the fun. SWAT is coming in! However this is the only playlist being rotated in, it will now be permanent, or a featured playlist as they call it. Last but not least, Halo 3's forge will be getting a little fix 'er upper. I'll let you read this part for yourselves: "With this same update, we’ll be bringing SWAT back as the featured playlist, this time with Halo 3 game types included, as the April CU will also bring with it some additional fixes to allow for Halo 3 map / game type integration into new and existing playlists. This also means that over the next few updates, you can expect more non-default Halo 3 maps and game types to make their way into matchmaking." -B is for Bravo That's all I got for you guys. I'm personally excited for the return of SWAT, and it being a featured playlist. All together I'm excited for this update! Let me know below, in the comments, what you think! (Disclaimer: Photo is not by me; text between quotation marks, and that are italicized, are not in my own words)
  14. Playing Halo alone can get pretty boring after awhile. I'm searching for a crew to roll with. I'm sixteen, pretty good across all four games, and just want some friends to kick *** with (plus objective game types are really annoying with no communication) in Halo: MCC. Just a few things I'm looking for in a clan: Overall, casual. Just want some friends to pwn with. I'm not going to change my GamerTag for any clan. Non-negotiable. I will, however, change my characters' armors and color, as well as clan tags and whatnot if it's necessary. I don't want a clan overrun with people under the age of twelve. Seriously my least favorite demographic. In line with the one above, I want a clan whose members have some semblance of maturity. And a sense of humor. But yeah if your clan fits these criteria, sign me right up
  15. Some of you may have heard of the Forgehub contest for a 1v1 map in Halo 2 Anniversary. The prizes being $500, a $300 gaming headset, or $100 gaming glasses. But that contest is already over. Well I had an absolutely spectacular idea. However, I am neither experienced nor dedicated at Forge, but I do not want this idea to go to waste. I am reluctant to share everything about the map, but I will say a few things. It has some interesting dynamics that could totally work in Halo 2 Anniversary, but that I've never seen in any other maps before. I did test this dynamic to see if it would work, and alas, it did, exactly to my expectations. The aesthetic for the canvas I wanted to use fit perfectly as well. If you are a forger who has made several (being more than two I suppose) decent maps, contact me on Xbox Live @ Furi0usGeorgeX and let me see some of the maps you've made. If I like them, both aesthetically and in terms of map design, I will share the plans I made for the map with you, and trust you to build the map of my dreams. Trust me, the idea is cool as hell and I'm not hard to please. I will also help you playtest the map. Again, if you're interested, contact Furi0usGeorgeX on Xbox Live.
  16. Well, the Halo 2 Anniversary Trailer wasn't all that was revealed today at San Diego's Comic Con. 343 also threw out some new pictures showing off the Anniversary edition of the fan favorite map, Zanzibar! Zanzibar looks beautiful! We can expect more screenshots of other maps in the future like at Gamescom, as well as the reveal of the last 2 of the 6 expected map remakes! Source: http://teambeyond.net/halo-2-anniversary-zanzibar-pictures/
  17. Onyx Squad is looking for players for competitive matchmaking and battles. Were not just a team, we also belong to a larger community called Spartan Guardian Legions. Onyx is a part of its legions. Onyx Squad members train daily in Halo Championship Series (HCS) playlists. Ranked and HCS matchmaking games are the most popular multiplayer picks. SGL uses a custom made rank system to highlight players with dedication amongst their piers. Any questions on this can be discussed with me on XBL. Requirements are as follows: -mic -halo mcc -maturity*** -positive K/D rules are as follows: -No disrespect to other players -No rage quitting -No team killing -Stay in uniform when you're with the squad If you're still interested but don't meet all of these requirements I can arrange for you to join another squad. If you are interested or have questions, contact me on xbox: Apex Arbiter "Splintered shields and shattered swords" Onyx squad leader, Apex Arbiter Please only contact me via XBL, thank you.
  18. Onyx Squad is looking for players for competitive matchmaking and battles. Were not just a team, we also belong to a larger community called Spartan Guardian Legions. Onyx is a part of its legions. Onyx Squad members train daily in Halo Championship Series (HCS) playlists. Ranked and HCS matchmaking games are the most popular multiplayer picks. SGL uses a custom made rank system to highlight players with dedication amongst their piers. Any questions on this can be discussed with me on XBL. Requirements are as follows: -mic -halo mcc -maturity*** -positive K/D rules are as follows: -No disrespect to other players -No rage quitting -No team killing -Stay in uniform when you're with the squad If you're still interested but don't meet all of these requirements I can arrange for you to join another squad. If you are interested or have questions, contact me on xbox: Apex Arbiter "Splintered shields and shattered swords" Onyx squad leader, Apex Arbiter
  19. My Halo MCC wont work it says "For some reason Halo: The Master Chief Collection took too long to start. (0x8027025a)" not broken, scratched, or even has dirt/dust on it. So I tried a different games destiny, GTA5, Sunset overdrive, and Farcry works. So I borrowed my friends game and that doesn't work. My thought is that my game just crashed and I would have to download it or the Halo 5 Guardians crashed MCC (for some ppl) so I hope 343 can fix this so ppl that want to play halo mcc and halo 5 can get to play halo mcc and halo 5.
  20. apart of one of the largest online gaming communities for Xbox live, it's called Xiled Gaming. The founding Leaders of Xiled Gaming, came together to launch a community of like minded gamers, who wanted to have fun online, and not deal with drama, to build a large community where everyone is appreciated and made to feel welcome. Xiled Gaming is a community of all kinds of people all with different expectations of what they want from a gaming community. Xiled Gaming provides the ability to do this in a professional gaming environment. All Xiled Gaming members can work together to achieve their goals. Xiled Gaming will have different divisions for everyone. (XGC/KoG/SYN/XGG) Xiled Gaming will be actively bringing in sponsors and affiliates to join in our community of gamers. With a proven structure and a long history of success this will surely be the gaming network to be in. If you are interested to learn more about Xiled Gaming and meet just a couple of the 80,000+ members that we have, feel free to hit me up. My gamertag for the Xbox One is: KoG LouBear
  21. I cant join any of my friends as of right now what do I do I tried all of the thing that I was told like have all people quit the game and reboot it, we restart the router and modem, took the game out and put it back in, turned off the xbox and then back on, and still nothing I think that the latest update could of did something to it that is making me and my friends unable to join each other we also tried destiny and I could join them and they can join me.
  22. Doubles (ranked) Snipers (ranked) Halo 2 Classic (ranked or social) FFA (ranked) Team Objective (social) Living dead or flood (social) Swat (social) Team Slayer (ranked) [remove halo ce maps] Big Team (social) These are all of the ranked and social playlist that should be in the game or just stay the way they are after MCC is all fixed.
  23. So here are a couple of issues that I've been having with the MCC in custom games. 1. Game stuttering while in the cave on Ragnarok near the pelican. 2. In Halo 3 custom games, cannot do any Team games. Free for all are ok, but the second I change to Teams it immediately says that Red Team wins (even though in the lobby 2 of us are red and 2 are blue). Then when we change our team colors thinking that it could work, it will load the game and then immediately crash a few seconds afterwards. 3. Even though I select a new map, sometimes it does not always stay on the map I selected. This is throughout all game modes. 4. Random movements even if I am not doing anything. Last night the game changed my weapon eventhough I had not press the change weapon button. Sometimes I'll push one direction on the stick and i'll move a different one. Sometimes there are choppy controls while flying a halo 4 banshee. 5. Missing gametypes? Ricochet is in the Halo 2 anniversary mode, but not halo 4 even though it use to be an exclusive Halo 4 mode? No griffball in halo 4? 6. Also, fileshare? Is there not a community file share to pull game modes and maps from? That is all I've encountered so far. The campaigns play ok for the most part.
  24. So I buy Halo MCC and so far it has been very laggy and I can't even play with my friends because it's so glitchy. I went out and bought an Xbox One and halo MCC for nothing thanks for wasting my time. FYI next time when you launch a game make sure it's ready. Thanks Sincerely angry Halo fan.
  25. Hello, I am going to the midnight release/9o'clock release of Halo Collections tonight. I was wondering if I will be able to purchase anything else when I am there (such as a second copy of Halo Master Chief Collections for my brother and a Xbox One for him). Also I have a friend that will be going to the release with me and he also wishes to purchase the game but has not per-ordered, will he also be able to purchase it then?
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