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Found 5 results

  1. If you are looking for a chill active smaller clan to join in the community I recommend Umbra, we have been around since Halo 2 on the original Xbox let me know if you’re interested, my gamertag is Kenshin lx just message me or drop your gt and I’ll invite you; have a nice day
  2. I'm recruiting for an Xbox gaming community called United Extreme Gaming. We have over 600 members & we've been around since Halo 2. We have game nights every night & play a variety of games including: Halo 5, MCC, Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, Ark, Apex, GTA, Cold War, Minecraft, etc. We are a very laid back community & you're skill level doesnt matter. We have competitive players, tournaments, etc. but players of all skill levels are welcomed to join. We are 18+ & require that you have a mic to join. If you're interested in joining or would like more information please hit me up on Discord or Xbox! Discord: UEG Hades#1454 Xbox: UEG Hades XC
  3. Before I give the description for the rest of Greywatch there are some restrictions and thoughts to keep in mind. A.) An average K/D or higher is required, there are some exceptions. (Arena or Warzone) B.) We're looking for players in a similar age group as us so that nobody feels uncomfortable or left out. That age range is anywhere from 15-19 with some exceptions. C.) You're going to need a Facebook, if you don't already have one. We like to get to know each other, help each other, text each other at anytime, and ultimately improve our communications and friendship between us and you. When we get online we do group calls and/ or text when we're active to try and play together. We're all nice people, very laid back, with a dark sense of humor. D.) We're going for roughly 20-35 members as we'd like to keep things small, right now there are 12 of us. E.) ACHILLES PROGRESS: We have not yet unlocked any of Achilles, if you join us and help out, you'd be getting the armor yourself and helping us as well. We currently need to prioritize Spartan Kills, we've been kicking *** in Firefight to boost our REQs and REQ points, some of us are still doing this while others jump around; because of this we ask that if you join you help us boost those player kills. F.) Final bit here. At Greywatch we are a family, we love and support each other, we do almost daily group calls, we laugh together, and we take care of each other. We only ask you be understanding of us and we'll be understanding of you. With that please look over the rest of the clan info if you're interested and meet the requirements. Greywatch is a small clan/ company of coordinated Spartans with different skill sets working as a unified, organized, tactical team. Only those capable of fighting against impossible odds or giving teammates the opportunity to do so are qualified to join. 1.) Clan colors are White and Black. (It is required that this be set while partaking in Clan Activities) 2.) Our clan emblem is Team Crimson (rare tier) with a White Primary and Black Background. The Secondary is up to you, but should be unique from other members. 3.) Teamwork is essential in combat. Move as a group or in groups. Watch each others backs, keep each other alive, coordinate strikes, and strive as a team. Each individual has strengths and weaknesses, make sure yours boosts your team or covers another ones weakness. 4.) Each member should have a unique armor set, unless you'd like to duo with a friend, this way each member sticks out better as an individual. (Some groups may share armor sets. Achilles is also an exception as it demonstrates strength and unity as a clan.) 5.) A clan base is being designed; as well as a possible clan ship. Each member will get their own quarters that they can adjust to their liking within each via personalization. Ex; Favorite/ go to weapons, toys, symbols, etc. 6.) Not everything will be clan related, it's good that members interact with each other and build friendships to boost combat efficiency and teamwork. (It's suggested this be done over various games such as other Halo titles, Star Wars Battlefront/ Battlefield, Minecraft, GTA, Rainbow Six, etc. To help with team building.) 7.) Members will be categorized into groups of Soldiers, Pilots, Marksmen, Bounty Hunters, Forgers, Drivers, War Masters, etc. (Groups will change and be adjusted over time and an individual may be part of several groups or commonly linked groups.) On Facebook you can find me if you search Clark Sampels, my profile picture is my girlfriend and I in skeletal makeup from Halloween; it also has a blue filter over it. If we accept you, you will be added to the official group chat with the full members and be given a spot in the Spartan Company. Thank you for all the reading. -SkeleClark [Other members to contact are:] -The Hibble -TwistedKarma605 -ARC Nano (By Gamertag)
  4. Our clan has fun customs everyday and for those competitive swat, and slayer players we have teams for you. Message me on Xbox gt: xxunheard0fxx. The o is the number zero in my gt. Halo 5 clan name: chaos gaming Yo
  5. Defender 7 Clan "Reach 4 Reach" Defender 7 Sign- Bungie.net Leader: DevelopedAlmond 2nd in Command: xSxCx0xPx3x (Me) 3rd in command: friedchicken124 Hello! Welcome to Defender 7! Bungie was the one to start the amazing video game that we all love known as Halo. This clan honors Bungie with their favorite number, 7! This is a clan specifically for Halo Reach! Our clan was made for a bunch of friends who just wanna chill and war other teams. Clan News/Timeline: Rules: Must be at least Warrant Officer Fill in the Registration Form Your allowed to be in this clan and no other on the forum Clan tag during Clan Meets- [D7] Emblem during Clan Meets- White Shield Background, Dark Blue "7" with a red outline No trolling, spamming, flaming or anything along those lines GOLDEN RULE: HAVE FUN, CHILL, BE YOURSELF Registration Form: Username: Nickname (if any): Gamertag: Rate Your Skills 1-10 (It's okay if you suck balls, just to not too much..): Referrer (If any): War Team (Enough to fit a Big Team Battle): 1. SavageCabage (DevelopedAlmond) 2. PH4NT0M (xSxCx0xPx3x) 3. friedchicken124 (friedchicken124) 4. Agent Kansas (Cloverton) 5. Grif (lewiswb09) 6. fourrunnergrunt (greaslitnin101) 7. Swat Shot (Swat Shot) 8. ______________ Subs: 1. _____________ 2._____________ 3._____________ Banned Members: None. Let's keep it that way :] Other members: Agent Kansas (Cloverton) fourrunnergrunt (greaslitnin101) Grif (lewiswb09) Swat Shot (Swat Shot) CLAN ARTWORK:
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