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Found 4 results

  1. The Choom Gang is a newly active spartan company, with the goal of earning all the commendations and having a good time. We're a group of competent, skilled players with a laid back approach to gaming. Send Thirsty for Dad or Peace Man Ganj a message for more information, or request to join our squad at halowaypoint.com.
  2. Yeah so I like to snipe my enemies how's about you?
  3. Welcome to the Dark Angels recruitment page! Read below to learn everything you need to know! As of now, we are a team of 1. Requirements: • Must be 16+ years of age (exceptions can be made if maturity is solid) • Skill is not needed, but you must be able to hold your own in a game at the least • Communication skills are important, get a means of communication (Headset or Mic) • Must be moderately active (Don't be offline for 2 days, 48 hours+. Log on for a game or two) What we're all about: As of now, we are new, hence why recruitment is posted here. I plan to make this a group of people who can log on and play Halo together and have a good time, joke around, and win. A brotherhood is important, and I would like everybody who joins to get to know each other. I will not make any rules related to "No racist or sexist jokes" but with the age requirement, I expect you know when to draw the line. We're here to win, communicate, and have a good time all together. I will not turn down anybody due to age, unless your 15 and below or your maturity level is not that of a young adult. Exceptions can be made if you can show me you're mature enough. We mainly play public matches of all gametypes, and soem Custom Games made by the community or ourselves. How to join the Dark Angels: Joining is easy, just contact me over Xbox Live through a Message, Party Chat, or Private Chat at the Gamertag Zuko Iroh. Sending a message would be easier, as if I am not online I cannot accept Chat invites from you. Once we are in contact, let me know the following information: - Age - Any experience in previous clans or groups (If not, I will not turn you down, I'm just curious) - Any friends interested in joining I do simply ask you add something about the Dark Angels in your profile, whether that be your Motto, Bio, or anywhere else. From there I welcome you to the Dark Angels. If you are reading this and skipped the requirements, please scroll to the top and read them. !!!FAQ:!!! Q: Is there a ranking system in the Dark Angels? A: No, we are a group of people who can hang out, play Halo, and have an overall good time. If there is a vote in the future from a majority of members, one may be added with the help of the entire Dark Angels team. Q: Does the Dark Angels team have a GameBattles Team? A: Not at the moment, once we have enough people in the Dark Angels, we can evenly split up the group into GameBattles and Public Matches. This does not mean we can't play together during off-time. We will participate in the Infinity Challenge for fun! It's late to try and get Tier 1. Q: Why should I join the Dark Angels when I don't even know you? A: I come from a background of previous clans and games. I was in one of the largest public clans from 2010-2012 named Killer Instinct Gaming (Not the MLG team). It had branches in Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and Gears of War. I became a branch leader over mutliple people, multiple times. I am 18, and have a lot of people-experience. You will not be put in any awkward situatinos or anything of the sort. Contact me if you're still not sure at the Gamertag Zuko Iroh. Q: How big is the Dark Angels team? A: At the moment of this post being created, just me! I can promise you with fast recruitment and the growing Halo 4 and 343i community, we will grow fast. Join now to help recruit, or just play and see what I'm all about. Q: Can I play with you guys without joining? A: Yes! We hope that we can persuafe you to join the team, but notice that if we have a tournament against anybody else you cannot participate if you are not in the team. Q: Where did the Dark Angels name originate? A: It's nothing too historic, though it is a combination of the words 'Dark' and 'Angel', not to mention it has a certain zing to it. Angels are historically known as saviors of mankind to the majority of people. Dark Angels are the anti-heroes, angels that turn away from the norms of their duties. We exterminate the other team, not help them. Any other questions or comments? Message me on Xbox Live at the Gamertag Zuko Iroh to contact me for anything else you want to know!
  4. If you are looking for a clan to join hit me up! My clan name is Unnatural Cause and we are looking for new members. I will try you out to see how you play. This is a competitive clan so I am looking for good players always wanting to win. We will also be doing Gamebattles, but is not required. Send me a friend request if your interested. Gamertag: iRush God (Leader) or Gamertag: Budweiser X 702 (Co-Leader)
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