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Found 8 results

  1. I was exploring some other forums and found a neat topic idea... Here goes nothing! Post your rides! What you drive, or maybe even bike or scoot, or whatever kids use these days (I'm joking) If your license plate shows in your picture, I'd blur it out I'll start I have a 1971 Beetle! Picked her up for 3300, nice grab for a one in pretty good condition for a 40 year old car.
  2. From the album: Vindictus

    Please Delete this
  3. Hello, I need help on putting in a picture to forum post. I am new at posting in forums and I really want to submit a forge map that I made to THFE, but I can't figure out how to include a picture. If anyone can tell me how to do this, it would be very appreciated and I will mail you a fresh baked muffin.
  4. From the album: Forward Unto Dawn

    My girlfriend drew this after watching the series on YouTube. I was hoping to share her art and spread her name and talent. Here is the link to the actual deviantart page.

    © http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=dkyingst#/d5kgyz2

  5. Hey everyone! ^^' I'm posting this here to start a little somethin or other :0 (A thread) This thread is basically just for fun, to show your face around here so everyone knows what you look like c: This thread isn't a very serious one, if you feel shy to show your face, then by all means post a joke picture or a fake one ^^' (Please lock or delete this thread seeing as there is already one like it)
  6. For the love of god, dont make grenades like halo reach. From halo 2/3 to halo reach, they made grenades do more damage and have a smaller radius, mix that with the sprint and grenades become totally random and based on luck. Dont make this mistake again... please... The reason why im making this thread is because I just watched a halo 4 video and grenades look exactly like halo reach. here: look at 2:02 and 2:27 (the second one is just sad, he was at like 1 feet from the explosion and barely lost 1/6 of his shield) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMvtBXWlqX4&feature=g-all-lik here a small picture I made to illustrate how grenades are made in halo 2/3 compared to halo reach. (sorry for my poor ms pain skills lol) What I meant with: i'd even increase the radius because of sprint is that with sprint, you can run much faster (and everyone will have sprint in halo 4) and you can avoid grenades much easier... thats why in halo 4, they should keep the halo 2/3 grenade and even increase the radius. In halo reach, not everyone were using sprint, so it was a matter of choice and it was cool this way (still would have kept halo 2/3 grenades) until sprint was used by 95% of the entire halo reach population, it became just so easy to avoid and so frustrating to die from a totally lucky randomly thrown grenade. I always liked grenades in halo because they take skills to throw and it take a long time to masterize. but since halo reach, I only use them to block someone, by throwing grenades at my feets I force him to either explode in it or leave me run away. wich was something I used to do in halo 2/3 as well, but most of the time I was using them strategically to kill not to throw them randomly hoping I get lucky and get a kill or maybe someone run out of sprint right after I throw my grenade... or maybe turn a corner right into my random grenade. thanks for reading and sorry for my english.
  7. Ok, so this has bothered me ever since Halo Reach. The picture of the map that you see in the lobby before a game starts that shows part of the map, I think it would be cool if the map creator could change that picture with a camera mode so maps created on other maps don't all look the same. Sort of like how any map made on Forge World looked the same according to their picture. It would make maps look more unique I think. Thoughts?
  8. I will add more...if you find any, please post 'em! Oh, and if you like any of these, please do tell me which one(s) is(are) your favorite!
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