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  1. -You need atleast double the daily EXP cap, you guys aren't doing yourselves any favours by punishing us for playing the game. It is bs. -Decrease the damage to vehicles inflicted by the BR, Sniper Rifle, DMR (small arms)etc. The only way you should be able to defeat a vehicle is by boarding it, EMPing it, with heavy weapons, with grenades or with another vehicle. -You need to implement a booting system for AFK players, so that new ones can join. -All the current maps aren't in the playlists, I'm sick of only playing on a couple of maps. -There should be NO betrayels in any matchmaking. It will prevent griefing. -The DMR needs its fire rate slightly lowered so that it is balanced or maybe a shorter zoom when scoping. Currently it is overpowered and decreases the value of the snipers. -The playlists are cluttered and don't have a good variety within each playlist. -Make it clearer which team won in the postgame stats. -Bring back Top Medals to the post game stats. -Bring back MVP to post game stats, in team games show the MVP for both teams. -Bring back hit ratio and implement it into service records. -Add a secondary ranking system, a TrueSkill system based on wins/losses and whether or not you have a positive overall K/D (if your K/D isn't positive you can't rank up), make it symbols not numbers, displayed next to the SR level. -Clan System: I've already posted my idea for what should be done with clans, here's what it is; Add a Clan section in the roster menu where you can start a clan, send/decline/accept clan invitations. Have a 'Clan Kudos' reward system where you gain Kudos for your clan when you play matchmaking with fellow clan members. You could further implement this by providing clan daily/weekly/monthly challenges. Implement a Clan section in Halo Waypoint where there are clan leaderboards. Playlists should be as follows, with the majority of the on disc maps included in each where possible (obviously don't have Vortex in Team Doubles). Classic Slayer: 5v5 Team Slayer, No loadouts, No Ordinance, weapons on map like classic Halo. Infinity Slayer: As is, 4v4 infinity slayer. Flood: As is. SWAT: As is. Team Objective: Merge King of the hill, CTF, Oddball and Dominion into one playlist. Team Doubles: 2v2 Slayer and also Oddball and King of the Hill and One Flag gametypes. Regicide: No loadouts, everyone has random weapons, up the player limit to 8. I would LOVE a response from staff. Please.
  2. - 90% of all games are only between Complex, Adrift, Abandon and Haven, when there is 9 other maps on disc, plus the opportunity for 343i to atleast add Forge maps ffs. -SWAT is on rotation and 343i are removing it, even if it is temporary, that's dumb. -343i put so much effort into EXP banning people just for playing the game when they aren't boosting. -There isn't a system to boot people when they go AFK. -There's seemingly no 343i presence on these forums. -The DMR hasn't been balanced out. Just slightly lower its fire rate ffs. I'm beginning to think 343i doesn't care and are just map starving everyone to try and boost sales of the map packs. When you EXP ban your players, you are begging them to just play Black Ops 2. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or condescending, but a lot of Halo fans have been around longer than you 343i, you should tell Microsoft that sales will continue to be lackluster if they don't let you finish the game. A game is not ready for release when there are no maps, the playlists are a mess and you have to add in the ranking system post launch. I am mostly happy with Halo 4, these are just some problems I'm sure most of the community would like fixed. You aren't Bungie, you have to earn respect. Please read etc, but I doubt it.
  3. Hey there, I don't know if 343 regularly checks these forums but I'm trying to give constructive feedback for them because I think they did a great job on Halo 4 but it could be even better. -The Meta Game: Currently there isn't that much of a reason to replay Spartan Ops after doing Legendary other than commendations. If you added the ability to turn on the Meta game in Spartan Ops and Campaign, and also added a leaderboard, this would create more of a buzz around Spartan Ops and we could compete for high scores. -Spartan Ops Special Episodes: I was thinking that maybe you could incorporate Red vs Blue into Spartan Ops for special episodes/seasons (like a Christmas special) where players play as new recruits into Blue and Red team, having a unique mission to complete and are instructed by Caboose and Church etc. Here is an example of a mission they could do - There is a giant Grunt that is filled with too much methane gas and the Prometheans are trying to kill it because it shouldn't be there, worst of all Serge just bought a brand new Mantis and if the Grunt blows up the Mantis' wax finish will be ruined, so highjinks ensue. You could string these specials together to create a bonus mini series within Spartan Ops. -TrueSkill Ranks: I heard you guys are implementing TrueSkill, please have them be based on wins/losses, kills/deaths and bring back hit ratio's which could also contribute to rank progression. Have them be symbols not numbers, and display them next to the player's SR number rank. -Clan Support: You could have a Clan section in the roster menu, where you can start a clan, accept/decline clan invites, send out invitations and there could be a Clan Kudos system where the clan gains Kudos for playing in a full party of clan members or completing daily/weekly/monthly clan challenges. -Playlist Refinement: At the moment there too many playlists and no variety within each one. Create a 'Team Objective' playlist combining King of the Hill, CTF, Dominion and Oddball. You could also bring back game varients for each, such as One Flag. -DMR: Slightly lower the fire rate. Currently it's a bit OP. I would really love 343 to make these additions. I think old and new players would aswell. Please respond to this topic 343 and/or forum moderators so I know that topics like this are actually read and worth doing.
  4. Yeah that was my thinking, I'd love it aye.
  5. It makes it feel kind of slow how they just have 1 gametype for each playlist. They should combine all the team objective playlists together, and add different gametypes for everything. eg. One Flag.
  6. Once you hit lvl50 you pick a specialization, level it up to lvl10 and along the way you unlock it's armour and a support upgrade and a weapon skin.
  7. That sucks your friends have a bad connection. But to be honest I'm sick people being AFK, you using the fact you weren't playing because you're on Skype is pretty ridiculous, sounds like you should have played in custums. But yeah if this is a first offence, banning you straight away is kind of bs.
  8. I think you're being a bit over-the-top. I agree that the DMR is a bit over powered, this would be fixed if they lowered its rate of fire slightly. And as far as the mantis being too strong, just plasma pistol it. Or maybe use a rocket launcher, turret, spartan laser or sniper........or DMR to destroy it.
  9. They should add the ability to start a clan and invite people to join (obviously), the ability to promote within the clan and they could implement it by adding a clan segmant in the roster menu of the game. Also, why not include some sort of clan kudos system, where if you play as a full party of clan mates you earn kudos points/rank for your clan??? I think this is a great idea if I do say so myself, let me know if you agree.
  10. What they should do is keep the current EXP system, and add a Rumble Pit playlist that is not join in progress and where you earn your TrueSkill rank. Regardless, the TrueSkill rank MUST be symbols like Halo 2 and Reach, it is empty and not exciting just getting a number. And yeah, the ranking system should be primarily wins and losses, but also K/D and hit ratio.
  11. I think they should create a Rumble Pit playlist that isn't join in progress that you earn a trueskill rank in. They need to combine all the objective playlists together to make team objective, it's cluttered already.
  12. I agree, they should bring back Hayabusa, ODST, all of Noble team's and Mark V. The JFO helmet is awesome. People hate it??
  13. The DMR would be balanced if they lowered it's rate of fire slightly.
  14. I just have thing to say to you guys.....k'moooon!...k'mooooon! I definately agree that adding a good connection/region filter would be awesome, overall pretty good connection I'd say, but I'm in New Zealand, so please, take pitty on me.
  15. These are a few improvements, please post if you have any suggestions to add and please say if you like these suggestions, cheers. **Playlists** -Rumble Pit: Free for All, you can't join in progress, you don't earn EXP, but you earn a TrueSkill rank/symbol which is shown next to your SR number and in your service record. -Team Objective: Combine KotH, CTF, Dominion and Team Oddball in one playlist. -Classic Slayer: Replacing Slayer Pro, players will have no loadouts and weapons are on the map like classic Halo. -Regicide: Bump it up to a 10 player limit instead of 6. Everyone has infinite snipers! -Team Doubles. -Big Team Battle: As is. -Flood: As is. -SWAT: As is. -Infinity Slayer: As is. **General suggestions** -Bring back hit ratio, implement into service record. -Balance out the EXP rewards in multiplayer, someone who got 25 kills should receive a lot more EXP than someone who got 3 kills. -Implement Theatre Mode into Campaign and Spartan Ops. -Reduce the fire rate of the DMR slightly. -Make skulls findable in the future, not already unlocked. -In the future make Hunters twice the size that they are currently, give them the Fuel Rod beam that they had in Halo 2 and make them more aggressive, especially once their brother has been killed. -Bring back top medals for the post game stats. -Add the Meta Game for Campaign and Spartan Ops, also add a Friend's Leaderboard so that players can compete for high scores. This would add more replayability.
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