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Found 11 results

  1. With the Announcement of Halo 5: Guardians and the release of it's teaser art has come a lot of speculation about Halo 5 and descriptive reports regarding the art. (If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check out RedStarRocket91's breakdown of the Halo 5 Teaser Art-HERE) As you can see in the art above, the Battle Rifle has a different scope. Now, if this means the Battle Rifle has been redesigned or if weapon customization is a new feature in Halo 5, we don't know yet. I would like to see weapon customization come to Halo 5 in the following ways: WEAPON SKINS I think that every loadout weapon should have at least 5 different skins to choose from. These skins should be unlocked by completing specific commendations with each weapon. Example: Battle Rifle: 1,000 Kills = New Skin 5,000 Kills = New Skin 10,000 Kills = New Skin (Gold Skin) 1,000 Headshots = New Skin related to headshots 1,000 Assists = New Skin related to assists WEAPON ATTACHMENTS Weapon attachments should be handled carefully. Weapon attachments can greatly affect the way a game is played and the outcome of that game. I feel that with weapon attachments, players can feel more involved and grow closer to their weapon. I don't think they should alter the game significantly but rather, serve more as aesthetic features. Weapon attachments should be unlocked at a rather low level, SR-5 or SR-10 and should continue to be unlocked every few levels. This should include attachments similar to the following: Red Dot Sight (Optimal for medium range) Reflex Sight (Omptimal for medium range) Iron Sights (Optimal for short range) Sniper Scope (Optimal for long range) Buttstock (Aesthetic) Grip (Aesthetic) Bipod (Aesthetic) Bayonet (Aesthetic, but should be implemented in Assasinations) WEAPON EMBLEMS AND CLAN TAGS This is a feature straight out of CoD, but one that I think Halo can benefit from. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, but again, it would be fun to see your emblem appear on your weapon. Unlocked at SR-15 or SR-20. Emblem Clan Tag Those are my opinions on how weapon attachments should be implemented into Halo 5, but I'm really curious as to how you feel about it. Do you think that weapon attachments should be added? How about weapon skins unlocked by completing commendations? Be sure to leave your thoughts on all of this below!
  2. Some of you may remember the Ground Zero, alternate story to ODST thing I had worked on. Sad as it is to say, I have since scrapped that project, as I ended up writing myself into a corner. So, instead, I started fresh, and where better to start, then Reach? ------ In the Epsilon Eridani system, Humanity is housed on the planet of Reach. Many men and women of this planet fought for bitter survival when the Covenant attacked, but inevitably met their doom. These are their stories. (DUNK DUNK! ) Many know the tale of Noble team, but this document is intended to shed light on the unsung heroes of the attack on Reach. In the timeline of July 24th 2552 to August 30th 2552, millions of lives were impacted by the Invasion of Reach. This humble documentation will attempt to deliver a solid glimpse into the actions of those affected; some tragic, some triumphant, some trivial. We begin our story two days before July 24th. Obviously, July 22nd. With Private Hector Rosario, of the 3rd Marine Battalion. This story has been accurately recreated using Rosario's own journal. The events within are seen from his point of view, and may, or may not, be true. JULY 22nd 1100 HOURS. REACH ORBIT. Hector marched down the halls of the UNSC frigate Luna, searching for anything and everything that could keep him occupied. With the lack of any liquor, or loose women, it seemed this native of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., Earth would be disappointed. “Yo! Rosario!” A familiar voice called from one of the many Rec Rooms. Hector turned to see his squad mates sitting, lounging around the various exercise equipment. Rosario's squad; Razorback 3-2, was one of eight 4 man teams that made up Razorback Battalion; A Marine Force Recon group. The team lead; 1st Lt. Kayla Duran was thumbing through the pages of a magazine, not even glancing up at Hector as he exchanged greetings with the other two; Sgt. James LeMay, and Corporal Neil Hawthorne. “What's shakin' Neil?” Rosario asked, plopping down on the bench of one of the weight lifting machines. “What do you think, Hec'? Not a damn thing.” He sighed. “People keep whispering the word Covenant, but I think they're still riled up from Harvest and all.” “Legitimate or not, HighCom takes any mention of the Covies seriously.” Duran said, flipping yet another page. “If it turns out to be a buncha bull, great. If not, they'll take the required actions to protect Reach.” “I don't know about that, Ell Tee.” LeMay said, pushing his thick framed glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “I mean... you heard about Harvest like the rest of us. How do you stop something like that?” “By blowin' 'em to hell and back, then back again.” Rosario said, high-fiving Hawthorne. “It's not that simple, Hector. They have WAY better tech then us. High frequency E.M. Shields and the like. The only way to bust through them is to put every damn thing you've got into them.” “All I understood from that was 'shoot the crap out of them.'” Rosario said with a grin. “Bullets still kill these things. It's as simple as that.” Rosario looked out of the window to Reach. “Man... Why would anyone give a damn about that hunk of rock anyway? It's just a buncha farmers and Innies.” “It was the UNSC's first extra terrestrial colony, Hec.” Duran sighed. “It's important to moral. Not to mention, Have you SEEN New Alexandria? That place is a sight worth saving.” Hector sighed and rolled his eyes. “Whatever, K'. It can't hold a candle to Chicago. Like, there was this one place I'd chill all the time-” The blaring of alarms cut him short. The time for jokes was over. The four Marines rushed to their feet, following the pre-set emergency protocols; Secure your gear, find your squad, and get to your ready lines. Razorback stood in full force, waiting for the Commander to give his briefing. The hangar completely silent as he marched out. Commander Jordan Cabral stood before the gathered Marines of his ship. “The situation is as follows. Roughly an hour ago, one of our sister ships went dark just at the edge of system space. They sent a final burst transmission, saying they were under attack by an unknown enemy. As intel is sketchy at the moment, we're to be on standby until called to action. You'll be boarding your transports, and orbiting the planet until we get that call. Move out!”
  3. Let us say it is 5 O' clock because it is somewhere right? Hahaha. Anyways, the time is 5pm on a cruise ship and that is the start time for the cruise ship entertainment to come out. What would you rather see? An Elite in a hula skirt doing the Hula or a bunch of Grunts juggling their active Plasma Grenades?
  4. This may just be a once off thing for me, since it's not exactly my type of thing to do reviews, but since I recently beat the game Pokemon Y and have had many other discussions with members on the forums, I thought I'd put a review on the game on 9 different criteria. Note this is all my experience with the franchise, so this may differ to anyone else who plays it, but should be similar with some who read. Note for spoilers, if you haven't played the game yet, and/or haven't completed up to the post-Champion stage, stop reading. This may contains spoilers that can be game changing. Story 5/5 One of the best stories out forward on the table, even if it isn't the best because Pokemon Diamond/Pearl took that spot, it certainly beats it in so many other areas. The TeamFlare business took a long time to pick up, I even thought it wouldn't be in the game since so much was focused on the Mega Evolutions, but it made its entry and stamped well. The morals and emotions created from this game were very different from the older games, something very new. Being able to create a thick emotion into each character is something I've only seen N from Pokemon White/2 and Black/2 accomplish at a moderate level, but this was taken to a whole new level. Each main character having their own moments expressing their feelings and thoughts to the player was something I wasn't expecting from a Pokemon game, but hope it returns in the future games if there may be any. The specific tasks that were on demand were an interesting addition and the ways of learning the game were done quite well. The scripted points of the game, such as meeting a Pidgey at the beginning immediately reminded me of Red/Blue/Yellow which was great since GameFreak went back that far. The Team Flare business and the story behind it all was very intriguing and fascinating to know the backstory behind everything and more. Even the end of the game showed more to me which shows the writers did a fantastic job. Region design 4/5 This region was unusual when I first observed it, I thought it was going to be a dramatic fail, how wrong I turned out to be. It was very original in design and works extremely well with the terrain features added. Every little detail was put in that someone would notice it and smile, even if it made no difference to the level. The Hometown is always one that must be done with absolute perfection, that gives the best first impression to the gamer, I was rather disappointed with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's town, on the other hand Pokemon Heart/Gold and Soul/Silver were fantastic in how they introduced the player into a new location, and Y/X didn't fail. It was a simple and quick way of introducing the player into the world, and the town design was flawless. Seemed a little cramped, but after dancing around like one does when bored I found it much more enjoyable. The towns were carefully crafted to perfection, and the massive creation of Lumiose City was absolutely stunning, instantly became one of my favourite major locations of any Pokemon game. The variety in locations proved to be well done also, from a standard zubat cave to a spooky swamp, or from a windy desert to a hidden forest, it all seemed to fit in well and nothing seemed out of place on the map. New Pokemon/Evolutions 4/5 The 70 new Pokemon were well done, they weren't fantastic, but it wasn't anything like Pokemon White/Black's monstrosities. These had a lot of thought put into them, especially the Mega Evolutions, some seemed silly which is why it's 4/5, but regardless, it was a solid performance. Over the games, especially White/Black, good Pokemon designs have been hard to design, originality being a problem. With this, it was great, with the less amount of Pokemon to create, lack of originality wasn't a problem. Even with the standard caterpillar to butterfly or tiny bird to big bird, it was done well. Some were pretty dull like a few Fairy type creatures, but seeing as it is a new type, I forgave that. Some were pretty awesome too, like the Chestnaught, the final form of the grass starter, Chespin. The lack of new Legendaries I thought was a good idea, with only 3 new ones in the game, it was much easier to create a decent few that were vastly different from previous games. A Fairy deer, a giant Dark bird and a Ground alien beast all seemed to fit in well with the story. With the addition of the bird trio from Gen I and Mewtwo with his MegaEvolutions, it was good that they didn't go over the top like in Gen IV and V. Initiatives 5/5 This game defined initiative for the Pokemon franchise, Mega Evolutions for a start is such a massive part of this game and they work so well, having to pick the one Pokemon who gets the power boost each match can be tough even. The Roller Skates also were such a clever design, I prefer them over running shoes AND the bike. Finally a major game changer was the character customisation, it was good that you couldn't radically change your character, but small hair details or eye changes with the ability to change your clothes was such a great idea. Mega Evolution was a brilliant inclusion, even though it is limited for a selected bunch of Pokemon in a variety of types, it's still quite useful. I found it most effective with Lucario and Aura Sphere seeing as I annihilated every Pokemon I used it against in the Elite 4/Champion. Though some designs look ridiculous like Mewtwo, others look amazing like Charizard. The Roller Skates were a lovely little inclusion, the attention to detail was amazing also. Being able to slightly touch the circle pad and make a slow movement that changes animation from the full speed and normal speed was an awesome feature. Music/Sounds 5/5 Just about perfect, that's all that needs to be said. The music has so much emotion in this, the excitement of a rival battle to the challenge of Team Flare, the happiness from Serena/Calem's theme to the terror of the champions theme were all great, nothing was bad. The Pokemon cries were so much better, even Pikachu I loved with his traditional anime cry, too bad this couldn't be carried over to every Pokemon. But one is still more than none which every other game had. The difference sort of styles that the music had was incredible. From a fun rival theme to a hard Team Flare boss theme always proves to be energising. The Legendary music for Yveltal (Pokemon Y mascot) wasn't that memorable, however was fitting for the moment. The end game music also had a fitting aspect for the 3000yo King who just reunited with his long lost loved Pokemon. My favourite theme I found was the Serena/Calem's theme, which played a couple of times in the game, been listening to it when I've been writing this actually. The Pokemon battle cries and fainting cries were very impressive I thought, more realism was focused in this game, well as much realism as one can make for a fantasy world. The quality of the voices is swell, and utilised the engine of the 3DS quite well. Graphical layout 5/5 Absolutely stunning, the beautiful battle animations were perfect and even the small details like blinking made this game so special. GameFreak clearly put everything they had into this game, and their artists do need more credit, it was fantastic what they achieved here. The battle animations with full 3D models of each Pokemon suits this game like I didn't believe, the rapid movements of each character Pokemon and Human alike makes it a much better experience than previous games, small details in everything is a comment theme of this game, down to the tiniest movement. The attacks are very vibrant in both colours and animation, making for very interesting games. Along with that, the environment also has obviously had massive treatment to it, each location having small things to it added to make it unique from previous generation game locations such as a bug forest which makes an appearance each game. Characters 5/5 Perfect, the characters were nothing less. The 4 companions you have with the one main rival were created so well, the two guys weren't exactly non forgettable, but offered humour from their remarks. While the two girls (or one girl and boy if you chose female character) were quite detailed and expressed well, the emotion shown from them was clear as daylight. Az was an unusual character expressed well at the end and Team Flare's boss was a great character, even the professor was good. Starting with the 4 young teens who start with you in the group of 5. Trevor and Tierno weren't that interesting I found, I kinda hated Trevor a bit, until the end, as for Tierno, I had no idea what he was smoking. Selena and Shauna were my two favourite characters out of the whole game, they made the group of 5 kids a diverse ones. One being a strong willed rival who was very determined and the other being scared way too easily but offered an emotional characteristic which was a pleasant change. Az, the mysterious giant who turned out to be an ancient king at the end, and ancestor to the Team Flare's leader was a heartless sod when going through the game, I thought that they could've made this character a lot better, boy did they prove me wrong. Although he had little screen time, he was proven to have changed his way of a cruel king to someone who deeply cared for others. I was also surprised at the amount of action Professor Sycamore had in the game, though it barely changed him as a character, it was good seeing such an important non-playable character share time in the game with you. Post game 4/5 The post game was rather good, new areas unlocked, a few decent legendary Pokemon and a whole new little city. Though it may not seem much, it never really is. However, as always with the NationalDex being unlocked, the task of catching them all really starts again. I can't get much into detail with this, as I've just been slightly introduced into this part of the game, and with the possibility of DLC being added later in the game, ie. extra legendary pokemon, it's unclear what I'm yet to uncover. However from what I've found, it's a decent expansion on the game, which I greatly enjoy. User interface 4/5 Almost everything was well done, the one major let down for this new user face was the bag system, it was too clogged up and messy and takes a long time to find something as simple as a repel. Apart from that, menus are easily accessible and it doesn't take long to do tasks you wish to do. Conclusion Finishing, this game exceeded my expectations by a long shot, in didn't think this would do better than Gen V, but it smashed that. And rivals my favourite generation being Gen IV, it just depends what secrets I uncover in the months to follow that I play this game. I strongly recommend this to any gamer with a 2/3DS, preferably the 3DS as it makes the best of what this game offers. Pokemon fan or just wanting a fun time, this game definitely offers a lot. Final total score of the game. 41/45 - A+
  5. This is a forum game and basically what you do is ask a person a random question and they can only say yes or no. You have to answer the person above you's question then ask a question of your own, Have fun :D Did you play any Halo games before the year of 2000???
  6. I played and won 20 games in WAR GAMES and never got any achievement for my hard work and what I rightfully earned! I appologise for the same post but I felt it was in the wrong place anyways so can anyone resolve this issue and give my achievement? Thanks much appreciated
  7. Ok so over the past thre to maybe four weeks I have been seeing a rediculouse ammount of threads about "oh the horror, halo 4 LE is no longer worth it". Well I have created this thread to give us some clarity on what has and has not been announced by 343i and I hope that this CAN answer all of your questions about "what are we actually geting" and is it still worth it for LE buyers like myself. Well, what are we getting?- Ingame Stuff and Goodies War games map pass- I have seen a lot of confusion recently about the war games map pass and whether or not the standalone is the only one that comes with the Strider and Scanner helmets. I am very very pleased to confirm that the War games map pass that comes with the LE also comes with the two helmets just like the standalone pass. Dont believe me?, here: "In an effort to aid completionists in their quest for collecting as many items as possible, we wanted to include the in-game content in BOTH versions. Now that the “I”s are dotted and the “T”s are crossed, we can finally confirm that the LE War Games Map Pass and the standalone War Games Map Pass both come with two bonus in-game helmets (Scanner and Strider), as well as a unique in-game emblem (Falcon). We’re also excited to reveal the specifics of the three map packs included in the Map Pass"- Halo waypoint 25.10.12 Specializations Early Access- Unfortunantly 343i HAS announced that our early access to the specializations is no longer exclusive to us LE buyers, the stand alone players who play before Nov 20th (about 99.9999%) will also have access to the specializations. Recruit Armour- I have heard a lot about the recruit armour no longer being exclusive to us LE buyers, apparently 343i has now replaced the Warrior armour with the Recruit armour as the new starting armour, I personally dont believe that this is true and have not seen anything about this on twitter, waypoint or anywhere else, A rumour perhaps?. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn It HAS been confirmed by 343i that the LE of H4FUD will be streamed through waypoint and not included as a disk, personally I am not overly surprised, as they taught me in school, "it it sounds too good to be true it probably is", I am not angry with 343i for doing this but what does upset me a little is how it was never stated outright that it would be a disk. But still they could have communicated just a little better. My view/ Is it still worth buying the LE? Yeah look, Im going to have to say that the LE is still worth buying. I will NEVER cancel my preorders to any Halo games becuase my preorder is all about this- "I would like to preorder the LE of Halo x and pay a bit extra becuase I want to go that bit further and show my added support for the halo series, its not about what you get but about me saying here have this bit extra to make the next game better" If you have any more questions about the Halo 4 release please just post them in this thread and I will try to get the info out of 343i and answer your questions. Sincerely, Rossco
  8. Hillo well, it seems i had a pleasant surprise while i was in Chemistry at school today....i am the new MoM! hooray As May's Member of the Month, I have to give shout-outs, and i quick brief about the site, and me i think...or something like that lol. Well back in the day, when the site was still growing, a young Mudkip was born here, and did nothing...expect post like three things....then the mudkip grew up and evolved into an Azaxx. He then became active and gained friends, from the highest mods, to his beloved awards. He then posted quality posts, and shared some of his art work, because he loved the amazing forums that much. He then went on a mission, no become mod! He then gave up,...kinda lazy lol. He made the Official Halo 4 News Board, and still updates it with confirmed news! He then decided he could help more with the forums, and made a drawing request page, for members to post pictures, and get them hand drawn by him. This is going well, with it a 'hot' topic! He then...bored in chemistry, went on these very forums, to go afk whenever Fire said for me to stay on lol. Then he came back, then afk, then he finally came back...and he was minus green! So then he created this topic and realised that he is speaking in third person, but doesn't want to edit the entire post so continues.... He would like to give a very selected shout-outs to regular members. (not moderators) ZB-85 ~ One of the kindest members of the forums. He is a great member to talk to, because he will take his time to listen to peoples troubles. He is a great forum poster azwell and help members, without wanting anything in return. Archangel Tyrael ~ Though i like his other name better, because he killed kings lol, he is such a dedicated member and news reporter. On the field whenever possible, he goes out of is way to make sure the important news, gets to you! Theorix ~ My art God, I know the signature shop gets a bit heck-tick at times, but he makes sure all requests are done, to the highest level of ossimness. One day i hope I can be by your side. Ms. Mystic ~ One of my personal favourite members. She is always kind and caring towards other members. She makes the best comebacks I've ever seen on a forum, and her knowledge and fact giving in her posts shows a top quality poster. Glad she came back to the forums Le Derp King ~ This month and a bit before, he is always there when I'm on to break the silence ..or my spamming in the shout-box lol. He has a excellent eye for Forge, and has help me on a few occasions. Thanks again Derp. Now to the Moderators, former ones and the Admin; Twam, thank you in supporting me in what I have done this past month and beforehand, also thanks for the votes lol, and four cheers for our Moderators, they do a fantastic job keeping things ordered on this forum. Well I have one last thing to add, as the new MoM, i have been told i get a request that gets considered by the Moderators/Admin, and it hard to think so here this goes.... I suggest you have a few members with a rank called 'awards' or something and they can be PM'd about missing awards ect? That would take a lot of stress off of mods, they wouldn't even need to worry about them. And get constant private messages about the awards. So that raps up this post, hopefully I will be seen as a excellent member, even when this Honour expires. Thanks for this wonderful month. -Azaxx. ps. I leave you with, my best PC art lol, dont judge Theorix...
  9. Weapons: I was thinking maybe a return of the Halo 3 arsenal, of course, because this game will take place right after Halo 3 so let's not stray too far away from Halo 3 stuff. Also, since Master Chief's story resumes on a Forerunner planet, add some Forerunner weapons. What ever they can think of for that kind of stuff could be cool. And if the Covenant make an arrival in this game, of course, have the Covenant weapons. Any new additions to any of these arsenals will be great. *Edit* Also, it'd be cool if there would be 2 different variants of certain guns. For example, we could have the regular SMG and Pistol, and then we could have the silenced SMG and Pistol from ODST. More vast arsenal = so many options Armor: I was hearing stuff about a MKVII armor piece. I think that'd be pretty cool. Playing in that armor in the campaign would be awesome, but I'd think you should start off with the MKVI armor from Halo 3 because, like I said about weapons, I don't want the game to stray too far away from Halo 3. As for other armor for Multiplayer, 343 can add stuff like fan favs, maybe some originals, and some other stuff they can make up. Oh yeah, and some common sense: ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMIZED ARMOR IN THE CAMPAIGN! Don't make the multiplayer look change the Master Chief look in the campaign. *Edit* Also, for armor customization, since there's the idea for the other gametypes, you can customize not only Spartans and Elites, but you can customize the way your ODST looks in the ODST gametypes. It'd add so much more variety for appearances. Gametypes: The usual Slayer and all those other original Halo gametypes will be great. I'd like to see Invasion come back. It was my favorite gametype in Reach and I think it was super fun. Also, this guy (can't remember his name, thanks for your idea) made up the idea of an ODST gametype. I'd love that. It'd be cool if they make it where you spawn in drop pods at the very beginning and when you land, it's just normal slayer or whatever it is you're playing just playing as ODSTs for a change. And if they can add Covenant (if they make an appearance) and Forerunner gametypes that'd be awesome too. *Edit* Another cool thing I just thought of is that we'd have the normal gametypes (you'd click on Competitive: Spartans) and then ODST gametypes (Competitive: ODSTs). Same thing for Cooperative and anything else they think of. It'll add a lot more variety. Other stuff (wants and stuff I don't want): I don't want Halo 4 to be like Reach. No bloom and no armor abilities! Well, I had no problem with sprint and jetpack (I guess the jetpack can make an appearance because of the teaser trailer), but stuff like armor lock and active camo whenever you want needs to go. And we need to get rid of the Halo Reach ranking system. Go back to Halo 3 or something similar, but NONE of the Reach ranking bull crap. They can still have the cR, but make the cR separate from Exp (another idea of forum user, thanks). cR can buy armor customizations and Exp actually rank you up. *Edit* Maybe they can bring back some stuff from Reach, like the different options with armor customization (and maybe even add more) and some of the gametypes. That's all I can think of at the moment. Let me know about the ideas, if you like them or not. If you can add anything, I'll be glad to see what you guys would like. I'll update the post for other ideas I think of. Thanks.
  10. My internet usage is very close to the cap that my family is allocated, so for the next week i wont be on that much. I might find some sort of internet connection i dont know, but from now, im going for a while Will come back when my internet is restored. But for now, bye - Azaxx
  11. 343 please stop. The title update sucks. No bloom? Seriously? Bleed throught damage? No sword block? WTF? Why? Why would you screw up the perfect game. Though I agree armor lock needs to be nerfed, everything else sucks. Why would 343 screw up a perfect game? Why would you do that? If any 343 staff is reading this, REMOVE THE TITLE UPDATE. Notice how every title updated gametype subsequently loses the majority of it's population. Why? Because it ruins the game. TU Beta has about 300 players because no one wants to play it. Because it sucks. 343 please stop screwing up Halo. You're making it suck. Keep this topic alive. --Bungie was sooooo much better. If you want to prove me wrong remove the title update. The sword is too overpowered w/out sword block. No bloom means noobs can beat pros every time. Hint: Hold the trigger down for a needle rifle. Instant ownage. Camo is awesome and does not need to be shorted. Only noobs use armor lock. 'nuff said. Bleed through? Really? So the sniper is now a one shot for the body? WHy would you ruin Halo 343? WHY? Maybe they'll see this and realize how much of a screw up they are.
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