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  1. Thanks for all of the comments guys Once you've played it, give me some feedback. If there's any changes that should be done like moving the health and ammo droids to somewhere else, adding/removing base terminals, or changes to my gametype, just let me know.
  2. From just initially looking at the layout of the map, I think it could use more than just the two man cannons, maybe even teleporters to keep movement going. But of course that's just from looking at the map and not actually playing it yet.
  3. Gamertag: BlahishSnipesU Map: Bespin: Cloud City Gametypes: Star Wars Battlefront Conquest or you can use Robius5991's gametype Star Wars Battlefront 2 Player count: 12-16 players This map is a remake of my favorite map in the Battlefront series, Bespin: Cloud City. I have spent countless hours working on this map, mainly because of the dynamic lighting issue it had. The lighting still isn't completely fixed, but its as good as it could possibly get, and it isn't as noticeable during gameplay and a whole lot better than how it originally was. If I ever do edit the map making the lighting just a little bit better, which I probably will do since there is always room for improvement, I'll post another version of it. Also, there were a few minor things I had to exclude from the remake that was in the original map, like some of the hallways in the carbon freezing chamber. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this map as much as I do. If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Also I want to give credit to the guys from OnlineKnights for giving me the inspiration for this map. Some aerial views. Blue Spawn Red Spawn Bride on the blue side of the map. Bride on the red side of the map. These are ammo and health droids. Standing near the ammo droid (the red one) will give you unlimited armor ability and unlimited ammo, standing the health droid (the blue one) will recharge your shields instantly and faster than normal. Before using the ammo droid... After using the ammo droid. As you can see, it will actually give you an extra magazine for your gun and it replenishes your armor ability. Screenshot of the corbon freezing chamber with Shmeef Solo frozen in carbonite. Here's what I used to call the Sniper Hallway, I used to love to pick off rebel scum with a sniper rifle in this hallway.
  4. The map definitely looks pretty good, haven't got a chance to play on it yet though. I'll make suer I check out some of your other maps too.
  5. Because you have a Slayer scar as your profiloe picture thing, I will download this
  6. I downloaded the map and the nuke is a cool idea, how did you do it?
  7. I probably won't be able to attend this week, got a lot of studying and homework to do. Also probably will be doing the traditional birthday dinner at Texas Rhode House. I'll try nest week.
  8. Gamertag: BlahishSnipesU Map: Bespin: Cloud City Gametype: Star Wars Battlefront Conquest Player count: 16 Notes: I updated the map so that most of the dynamic lighting is fixed. I also took out the beam rifle and replaced it with a light rifle and the class with the railgun was also taken out. Like last week, I want to test out how the gametype plays and if any of the bases need to be moved or deleted.
  9. Looks like it would be a giant cluster****ing choke point full of explosions and death... I like it.
  10. Gamertag: BlahishSnipesU Map Variant: Bespin: Cloud City Gametype: Star Wars Battlefront Conquest Player Count: 16 players Notes: I want an overall test for this, since this will be the first time it is being tested. I can't do too much to in terms of moving/adding/deleting pieces, because this is a remake and the budget and resources are nearly used up. The main things I want to know is if I should change the loadouts in the gametype in any way, or if some of the bases should be moved (keep in mind that I want to keep the bases in the original spots they were in Battlefront), but there is room for one base to move. Also, in the future, I will touch up on the aesthetics and straighten out some pieces. When I was making the carbon freezing chamber I was low on resources and I was in a hurry, so I know that will need fixing and I will fix it when given the time.
  11. Looks really good, I love the effect of the light coming down from the roof.
  12. Looks really cool, and knowing how hard it can be to forge underwater I give your props for that. Also, for some reason, I love the little pallet bridge.
  13. Cool idea with the acid, but it looks like the line of sights are too open for a flood map, unless theres a lot more to it than the one screenshot.
  14. This map is for all of the sharpshooters, marksmen, and snipers out there playing Halo. The theme if this map is an abandoned communications station for the UNSC. This map is good for all snipers of all sniping play styles. You can camp out somewhere and get some long range shots, you can play aggressively and engage in close quarters to get some snapshots, and you can even play stealthy and hide in unexpected areas. Also, moving between structures is a dangerous move, unless you run from tree to tree being careful to not have anyone see you. This map works good for 2-6 players. Playing with less people will make the gameplay more tactical, while having more people will make it fast paced. If you're playing teams, I found it to be best to play 2v2 and in gamechat so you can be tactical and work with your teammate. There are three gametypes to this map, Sharpshooter (FFA), Sharpshooter (TEAMS), and Marksman Survival. Link to the map (Secluded): http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/350793de-827d-4082-ac98-09806ca7fe80 Link to the gametypes: Sharpshooter (FFA):http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/79a158c5-1b49-4b5d-a4ce-90bd16296fdd Sharpshooter (Teams):http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/8c0696de-ab5f-4cc3-b7d1-2e00f27fea76 Marksman Survival:http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/8dc269ad-f8a0-49da-865d-debd215bf064 This is the large satellite in the middle of the map. This is the layout of the map, on Marksman Survival, the flood spawn in the outside bases and the humans spawn in the middle structure. This is a view on the inside of the satellite structure. And another view of the inside. There are three bases on this map, this is Base 1... ...Base 2 ...And Base 3 This is a scanner, there is one between each base. If you stand in front of the turret monitor, it will give you a 150m radar, which is enough to cover about half of the map. You are very exposed when you're using the scanner, to balance out the gifted radar. There are two sniper rifle spawns in case you need ammo. Each come with one spare magazine, and they are out in the open so it is a risk to get one. I lowered Tree 3s so that you can have some natural cover and surprise your enemies. Between bases, trees provide good line of sight blockers. In this screenshot, the player scoped in was hiding in a tree, the other player did not expect him. Pistol are useful for close quarters situations, but don't let that stop you from getting cool snapshots. Gameplay photo that I thought looked cool. Marksman Survival photo. In this, zombies have poor camo and 300% movement speed to balance out the use of sniper rifles. I hope that all of you fellow marksmen out there enjoy this map as much as I do! If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions, it will be more than welcomed. UPDATE: I accidentally used a Respawn zone weak instead of a respawn zone weak anti. Now instead of spawning more towards the middle of the map being more likely to be spawn killed, you will spawn more in and around the basses and scanners.
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