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  1. 10: Minigames; I had a dream where you could play as an AI, you could do a teleport to certain things like consoles, and could hack equipment. 9: Elites... lots of Elites. 8: Dual Wield. 7: Armors with strong accent colors. (armor where the secondary color isn't scattered if not half absent) 6: A new HUD (I don't mean entirely different, just something a little new). 5: New armor. (For Spartans, Elites, and hopefully Flood) 4: More Tac Packs and Support Upgrades. 3: New and old emblems brought back. (Seventh column, territories, a new forerunner set, etc.) 2: Firefight and Elite Ops as well as Spartan Ops. 1: New and innovative game types. (I liked Extraction because it's something new, and can be refined) There's a million other things I want (female elites, infected and flood, etc.) but this is a top ten, these aren't in any specific order.
  2. That's a great idea! Sorta like a Hardlight shield only small and it allows more movement.
  3. One thing I've been asking my friends is: What is one new and interesting thing you want in Halo 5? I don't want answers like "new armor", "elites", because that's already been done, and if you say a new weapon, then describe it please. A new thing that I want is Elite Female Models, similar to how Spartans get Female Models that are playable. I want to know your interesting and new ideas, it can be anything, new(obviously), old but revised, creative, bland, unique, or something everyone's thought of already.
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