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  1. I had a feeling the Xbox One sales would make sudden jump sometime soon. Although I wonder if the ban in China being repealed made the sales of the Xbox One more since it's the first of the two consoles being released there, or if the gamers of China bought the Xbox One based on the specifications, price, games on it?
  2. As others have said buying the Xbox One Day One edition is probably a bad idea because of all the problems and the exclusives aren't really worth it. But my Mother made me preorder it out of fear of it being sold out so I have to deal with the problems of the Day One Edition. But hopefully if there are really bad errors they will compensate for them with rewards or free stuff I don't know. But if you live in the United States Gamestop will be restocking preorder soon from what I hear so you will be able to preorder a Xbox One there if thats available to you.
  3. I really want them to bring back the rest or some Spartan-IIs that went MIA it would be really nice the Mark-IVs are cool and all, but I like the strength and brutal training and emotion of the Spartan-IIs. For instance Blue Team and the Spartans from the Spirit of Fire would be cool. But I don't think that they would bring them into Halo 5, but I have a theory that Halo 6 may be to much for the Master Chief and the new Spartans so they bring in some Spartan-IIs somehow to help the Master Chief defeat this enemy at the end.
  4. I've heard about them and seen a couple videos throughout my days of Halo gaming. Personally I've never seen them myself. I've heard that they be remnants of CPU coding that was never fully erased and will just randomly pop up without any physics or motions and stuff so it looks like they are like partially missing coding. Kinda creepy, but I don't know if its true because I've never experienced it myself.
  5. I like that idea I don't think I've ever really thought about it. For instance I read books and played the games, but I still feel like I have very limited info on the Covenant, their lifestyle, ranks, and history. I would love to play as an Elite and earn my way through the ranks, command units, and learn about the Covenants lifestyle. I'd buy that game in an instance.
  6. Destiny. How many years have you been playing video games?
  7. The ship is right after they show you're helmet in the grass if I recall and in the background there is a ship. Since there is grass I'm assuming its been Terra formed and if they needed to I guess they could use it as space to train Spartans. But then again the Covenant is in a civil war and if the Storm Covenant find out about Reach well they still have the coordinates to Reach and could attack it. So chances are they wouldn't use Reach for anything other than a farming planet or a military outpost.
  8. Nice Cosplay man. I like the color.
  9. Lately I've found myself playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Halo Wars, and GTA 5. Now I'm just waiting for the Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. Oh and Ascend Hand of Kul.
  10. Welcome to the Forums Sev! Just put what you like or nothing at all just enjoy your stay. Heres a question whats you're favorite Star Wars game?
  11. I rarely teabag. Conditions in which I teabag: I wreck a group of enemy Spartans, I kill a friend and teabag for laughs, or at the end of a game that we completely won.
  12. Well as some you have noticed I took a break from not only this site, but most things to clear my head. Well guess what my head is so clear its hollow! But sadly I haven't played Halo in a billion years so I gotta get caught back up to whats happening. Sadly my neighbor decided to move so I can only have internet connection on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. But I'm back and for good. My phone is directly linked to email and inbox so I'm almost always contactable except for when I'm at drivers ed. So I can't wait to get back to playing with people and participating in this community again. Also I need some catching up on any main events. So Hi to all I knew and to those I will meet. Also that Xbox One. Just wow. ;3
  13. I've personally come back to say this. Goodbye my friend you were always good to me and the people around you. You personally have made some of my days better and where always someone I looked forward to talking to on the forums when I get on. So once again goodbye and in case we don't meet again I wish you luck on your journey through life and I hope you have many great memories of us to keep on you to brighten your if things get rough.
  14. Many of you who know me have noticed my activity which has been next to none. And I am truely sorry for this, but as of late my mother and step dad have devourced which means I will once again be livingon tight budget shortly after I realized how badly I am failing school. My dad still hasnt beem feeling well and I need to help clean up the house. And to top it all of like a cherry my girlfriend has broke up with me. So as you can see luck Isnt on my side. So this is to announce you will not see me on this site until Summer break this year. I may appear for quick post here and there on important things and maybe a playdate once in a while. So to all my friends here I wish you good luck and see you then.
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