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Found 9 results

  1. NOTE: THIS IS PURELY FOR FUN AND IS IN NO WAY OFFICIAL, YOU GAIN NO "REAL" POWER BY WINNING. NOT OFFICIAL, ONLY FUN. Okay everyone, it's about that time again. What time? Well I'm glad that at least one person asked. It's time for me to start up the United States of the Forum Presidential Elections (USFPE) again! *cue cheering* So a quick rundown for the newbies out there: Every four months I pit members who you select against each other to see who is worthy to be your "leader" and the representative of the non-staff mass on the forum. There are rules and other such things that must be followed and such as all other things on the forum, and I like to operate this as independent of the Moderators and staff as possible as it is unofficial, though some do help out from time to time. The main idea of this is to get nominated and then voted into office, or nominate someone else and try to get them into the position instead, if being a president just isn't your style. Either way, it's meant for fun, not to be taken seriously. :3 Now, before the rules, I'd like EVERYONE to remember to take a good long look at this thread for me. THIS ONE: http://343i.org/2xz Now that you've remembered, or learned, let's try to avoid that this time, shall we? Okay, the rules. RULES: 0. You cannot nominate yourself. 1. You may only nominate ONE member. 2. Once you nominate a member, you can't change your nomination unless that person decides to drop out of the running, so think before you nominate. *So don't just go and edit your post after I see that you nominated* 3. No nominating anyone who already has enough nominations to qualify to run. *2 is all it takes to qualify* 4. You are NOT allowed to advertise in this thread in any way. If you advertise it will be reported as breaking the basic rules of this thread. 5. You cannot nominate a Moderator for president, unless they were previously a president. 6. All presidents who have served a term are entitled to a second term if they are voted into it. 6. A president can only serve two terms. 7. READ ALL OF THE POSTS BEFORE YOU MAKE A NOMINATION. 8. Each nominee is allowed a campaign manager if someone so volunteers for the position. 9. Don't spam this thread with unnecessary arguing over nominees. 10. Do NOT attack other nominees or supporters of other nominees. 11. Try to have some fun. :3 The rules are to be interpreted, and can be changed at any time, by me. Any "punishment" for breaking these said rules, are solely up to me unless a moderator must step in. If you break rule 10, it is an instant ban from any participation in any future elections should I choose to continue them. For any questions, PM me. Nominees: Maestro Halo5Follower & Keko Fishy Ash Yang Xiao Long Self Destruct Nominations end and pre-poll begins at 12 AM CST on May 25.
  2. Yoshi for USF President 2015 Mission Statement: Last election was a great time for Maestro and Myself. We feel that we did our job and we exceeded the norms of the presidency and introduced the USF Congress. We pushed the boundaries and went were the six Presidents before us had not thought of going. We broke through the standards set by past presidents and advanced the USF to a place it had never been, and that is exactly what I wish to do again this year, advance the USF into force that will allow members like yourself take stands in decisions that are made because your voices matter. How Can We Make This Happen: In order to make this happen, I will once again need to rely on the backbone of the community, the members. To make this goal a reality we need everyone to buy into the program. Vote Yoshi1176 for President in the polls, and let your opinions be known. Encourage fellow forum goers to vote Yoshi for President if they want their opinions to matter. For change to happen, their needs to be action. You, the members are the catalysts of this dream. It is up to you to make this happen. I am but a mouth for which your voice will be heard. God Bless the Forum. And God Bless the USF! Crew: Chief Propagandist - Vitamin PWN Campaign Manager - Church General - Arachny Lawyer - Maestro Below is a showcase of Propaganda made by my awesome team!
  3. As most of you are aware of I have been honored to be nominated for the race for USF President. Also as most of you are aware of I'm not one really for fancy speeches or anything of that sort, But in every community both in the real world and here on the internet alot of people forget the fact that it is you the members that make or break the very structure of the community you have built. It is you who fills the forums with unique, interesting, funny or even occasional stupid post(not judging) but no matter what type of post you put forth in this community you will always contribute to it as a whole. I'm not going to sit here and tell you to vote for me because of some reason I come up with because I think you want to hear it. When you come to cast your vote for USF Pres. just remember YOU THE MEMBERS ARE THE LIFE BLOOD OF THIS FORUM AND YOU HAVE A SAY AND I WILL GIVE YOU THAT VOICE! Also I live to help the people that need it
  4. Do you want to vote for someone who thinks they're better than you? or someone who is an addict and commands you to do what he wants? or someone so rich and powerful they can't possibly understand you? if you answered no to these question then Yoshi is the candidate for you! Yoshi is a common forum goer just like you. He understands the problems of the average forumite because he is one, so who better than to represent the people of these fine forums then him? Yoshi is rebooting congress so your voice will be heard! Some of the other candidates may claim your voice will be heard, but they haven't explained how, so either they are hiding something or the haven't planned it out and as we all know failing to plan is planning to fail. So this election do you want someone out of touch with you and is primed to fail? or do you want the the candidate with the plan to succeed? so vote for the common man, the man who will listen to you whether you're green, purple, silver or whatever. Vote for Yoshi!
  5. NOTE: This is for fun and nothing else, not at all official, nothing but fun. Hello people, pokemon, AI, and other sentient beings of the Forum. Today is a special day, as it marks the return of my personal favorite pass time, the USF Presidential election!!! For you first timers out there, as I have seen a lot of new faces on the forum in my random pop-ins, I'll give a brief explanation. The United States of the Forum, or USF for short, Presidential election is when I pit respective members of the community in a bloody dea-when you, the members, nominate and vote on who you want your next president to be. I try to do this every 4 months, as sad as I am for it, I was unable to do so after the last cycle, so anarchy has ensued, and Azaxx has killed droves of lifeforms. Anyway, enough about the past, let's focus on the present, and with that, the rules. Note: The rules are defined as followed but ultimately I make the final call on it so they are in the end interpreted by me and if you think there's a loophole, there's probably not or is, I don't know. THE RULES: 1. Each member can only nominate one member, once a nomination has been cast, you cannot withdraw it. 2. A member cannot nominate themselves for presidency. 3. A president has the right to run for a second term provided they are nominated. 4. A member must have two nominations to run in the election. 5. A nominee may drop out of the running at any time after gaining the required nominations, the nominee may rejoin the running at any time before the final vote. 6. Moderators are not allowed to run for president, so kindly don't try to nominate them. (with the exceptions of Azaxx, Dan, BeckoningZebra1, and The Director as former presidents) 7. Absolutely all advertisements of any kind for a nominee is strictly prohibited from the main thread. (This one) 8. Don't be a jerk, even jokingly. It's offensive and hurtful. If you are, you will be barred from future elections and this one. 9. All candidates have the right to a manager and to campaign in a thread in the offbeats section of the forum. 10. Read ALL posts made before making on yourself, this helps prevent excess nominating and general possibility of spam. 11. Kindly have fun over the course of this election. List of Candidates: Bnus D38Boss Yoshi1176 Melody Axilus Prime Anime Addict Jack of Harts Tony Stark Nomination time ends on January 28th.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vry92JmVBg4&feature=youtu.be I come to you, with the following credentials: 1. I am nearing the end of my first year as a member of this community 2. I have attended every playdate held since my joining of the site 3. I am fully endorsed and supported, by this man: How can you resist voting for me?
  7. So I was on the wiki and on the article of Earth it lists a head of state. So what kind of power would a presidential like figure hold when there is so much land that is controlled, ideas?
  8. The State of the Forum Address Good evening 343i.org. This is your president typing. I come before you today to address the state of the unio... forum. On the whole, I'd say we are doing great. We have tons of new members, a site format that is awesome, and a bunch of features that the other Halo forums could only dream of having. We have some of the finest members that we've had in a while, some of the nicest moderators in the history of forum mods, and have completely obliterated the spambots, with the exception of one or two here and there. The environment of the forum is one of fun, rather than one of frustration like previous Halo related forums. A lot of our members came here not realizing that this was a community forum, but stayed because of how friendly the people here are. I have to say, we are doing pretty good for ourselves. Before I go on to how we can improve ourselves this upcoming term, and my part in it, let's have a little review of the goings on in the history of the forum. At first, there was darkness. No, really, the site format used to be really dark. It was black and green, like the original X-Box. Then there was light. The newer format was a white one. Similar to that of the mobile site. With this new format, though, came war. War like we had never experienced before. This was known as the "Pre-Captcha War". Spectral Jester still has flashbacks of this terrible war. Seemingly endless waves of spambots and trolls attacked our forum. We as members could do little to help except call-outs as they appeared and tried to get us to buy phallic growth pills and pirated goods and infect us with spyware. This was a time of great stress on our moderating team, and important posts were quickly buried by bots spamming their illicit goods. Even the shoutbox wasn't safe, as trolls were ban-evading and harassing our members. We lost a lot of good people to this. The came the golden age of "Big Blue", which is the format we use now. With Big Blue came a captcha, which allowed the moderators a bit of respite against the spambots and allowed them to focus on new and creative bans for the trolls. This effectively ended the "Pre-Captcha War" and brought peace to the forum once again. We are now living in a Golden Age my fellow members. Together, we must make sure that we make this Golden Age last as long as possible. We must strive together as a community to make sure that we welcome new members and help them become great alongside us. We must be sure to learn and abide by the rules of the forum and to help others to learn and abide by them as well. No more double posting. No more team spamming. No more trolling. No more should we see the same post rehashed by others and posted again just to increase one's post count. This is what we must do to make sure that our forum becomes the best forum in the history of the internet. We must learn that people make mistakes, and forgive them of these mistakes. We must learn not to get angry at the slight things. We must learn that when a troll appears, the only way to defeat them is to point them out to the moderators and ignore their jabs and jibes. We must learn that it is not the quantity of posts that matter, but the quality. We must learn that if a forum member breaks the rules, then that forum member is threatening the very thing that makes this forum great. We must learn these things, and help others to learn these things. We cannot allow ourselves to be torn apart by petty things. We cannot allow ourselves to be taken in by oneupsmanship. Together we can accomplish these things. Together, we can stand united against the horrors of the internet and keep them from crawling their way into our forum. You should not ask, "What can my fellow members do for me?" Instead you should ask, "What can I do for my fellow members?" The following are definitions of the terms used in this post. Double Posting: Double posting is posting two times or more in a short time. The excuse for this is usually that a person had an additional thought they wanted to add. This can be accomplished without double posting by editing your previous post. The edit button is to the left of the quote button. Team Spamming: Team spamming is posting after another person, having them reply, then posting after them again over and over. It is not considered spamming, however, if it is a debate. This is usually done in the "For fun" threads, where there are no debates. Trolling: Trolling is when one person attempts to get a rise out of another person. This person will say or do anything to make people angry, mainly for attention. The ONLY way to defeat a troll is to ignore them and report them to a moderator so that they may be banned quickly and efficiently. Engaging a troll could result in a ban for yourself as well. Trolls are there to make you mad. When you get mad and try to make them mad, they laugh at you, resulting in you getting madder. Don't be a bad fish. Don't take the bait. Rehashed Post: A rehashed post is posting the same thing another person already posted, but in your own words. This is a relatively common occurrence in new threads, however past that initial chaos of people trying to get their points across, it's inexcusable. If you have nothing to contribute, do not post. If you agree with a post, instead of copy pasting that post and editing some of the words in it, quote them and list why you agree with them. Oneupsmanship: This is an age old practice. Two competitive people go out of their way to compete in everything that it's possible to compete in to prove their superiority to one another. What this USUALLY results in is an endless argument and a bunch of spam. If you are going to be competitive against another forum member, do so in a video game. Spambot: A Spambot is a person or program that spams links to try to get people to buy things. Moderator: A moderator is a member who is a part of the "Moderating Team". These members have the power to ban, mute, and change any part of a person's profile. The list of moderators can be found at the bottom of the community index, just above the list of members who have visited the site in the last 24 hours. It is to the right of "Today's Top 20 Posters". Format: Format, as used in this instance, is the general layout and color of a website.
  9. As president, I promise to be at least twice as great of a member as I am now. I know it will be difficult, because I am pretty amazing, but I will accomplish this feat. I will lead us into a new era of mutual respect and compromise. I will be nicer to everyone, help everyone who asks for it (and some that don't), and will always strive to be the best member you've ever known. In short, I'll do everything I'm doing now, but with a shiny title. I will consistently provide aid to those who require it whenever I can. I will tackle all forum related issues that need tackling, and cuddle the issues that need cuddling. I will save this forum from boredom and trolls, and will provide hope for a better future. My supporters know who they are supporting, and are willing to openly support me as I humbly ask you to elect me president. Some of my supporters may seem intimidating, but they all have a good heart. My opposition is vast, and they are all great members, but will they be a great President? So remember, when the time comes this June or July, there is only one candidate that loves Bacon, unity, mutual respect, cupcakes, and Halo so much that he would go out of his way to educate everyone he meets in every aspect of each subject. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-gxPacU7TY&feature=player_embedded Vote for The Director. He would vote for you. I am The Director, and I approve this message. This message has been paid for by The Director for President Coalition.
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