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  1. lol ^^ no worries dan, you're always welcome and glad you did well in arena XD
  2. "Acquisition" A New Halo 5 Community Game Mode DOWNLOADS Map: Makeebo Island Mode: Acquisition Inspired by the excellent board game: "RISK" FIND BASES Bases are marked with Terminal Nodes. You can defend powerful bases or attack weak ones. There are 15 different bases to take. FIND VEHICLES Unique vehicles like the Oni Wasp are power vehicles in this map. Control the best ones to ensure your team has the advantage. Try to utilize specific vehicles to make strategic captures. FIND WEAPONS You start off with great weapons of war, but there are better ones out there. Use anti-vehicle weapons to defend essential bases. Create good strategies with a team using certain weapons. FIND ENEMIES There are many ways to find enemies. Rely on sound to locate battles, there are a lot of loud weapons. When a base is being captured, infiltrate the base with your team. Author's Input: "This is pretty much a Halo version of RISK, I was going for a UNSC/Covenant theme on an island lost in time. There are weapons and vehicles that match the themes of each base, to make it easy for new players to learn their way around the map eventually. This is a good mode for full lobbies Please play with at least 10 players!!"
  3. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I am new to such fast-paced-FPS map making XD I have to learn the hard way, tutorials are helping, but they don't tell you much about the psychology of map design much. (as I've seen) I try to test my maps as much as I can to figure out the best layout. Thanks again haha
  4. I fixed most of the problems hopefully the way they should be, I will try my best to make it proper for infection. I made the holdouts more obvious and fixed the filter for that tunnel vision issue. Thank you very much for the feedback, I am willing to change anything on the map to suit.
  5. Core modes version of my Infection map A Competitive Slayer Map Supports: FFA, CTF, SH & A This is an old town on a beach, I tried to make it seem like a real medieval place but with aspects that spartans can use for combat. It is set up to play any core game mode, I think that Capture the Flag really shines here. I had a lot of fun building it. Download to walk around the map!
  6. I haven't played in any medieval RPG towns in a while because I quit WoW years ago, haven't touched Fable since the 2nd release, stopped playing Elder Scrolls and can't afford to buy MORE xbox games, so I decided to work really hard on making one of my own in Forge This was submitted to the "Hub of the Dead" infection maps forge contest! While forging this map, my sister suggested to name it "FERINDALE", a name that means "Town of the roaming wanderer" Please have a look if you like RPGs!
  7. The latest Forge Contest is hosted by several community members and sites, this time around is a Big Team Battle contest. "Meet Your Maker" will be judged on July 31st, 2016. Here are all the entries before July 28th. Contest Page: Click Here!
  8. When the new update with all the new pieces we could use came out, I was so excited to work on this project again, that I had to calm down and think about how to use what I was allowed. So, I got to thinking about all the problems this map had; extremely large areas that were challenging to traverse without being easily sniped from anywhere above you.. I made a lot of sight blockers that fit the theme where they were needed most. Another problem were the weapon and player spawns.. Everything was revamped, and there are plenty of new placements to discover, and the broken spawns were fixed. When I got all that worked out, I sat down with the rest (almost 200 pieces) and reworked some of the aesthetics. There are a few new parkour challenges to test yourself with too Overall, I feel this is the final version, and was really happy with the entire project. Submitted to the Meet Your Maker BTB Contest! I will fix a few things if they come up, but I have everything nailed down as of now. Download this map and take a look around with your 3D printed-size spartan today! Featured on Forge Labs!
  9. I submitted this as a MYM map on their submission page, I also wanted to post it in your BTB section because it's not just a contest map This site is the nicest imho for looks and interface, I like submitting here to help it grow
  10. This is a large map with organic pathways to keep the gameplay different depending on where you find your enemy. Each area is extremely different, so you won't get disoriented on any part of the map. I wanted to make it seem totally natural and used care when placing scenery. It is set up for BTB Strongholds and Assault Screenshots
  11. Paintball style battlefield that works very well with BTB game modes. This map is located inside the Glacier cave. This is being submitted to the MYM BTB contest There are a lot of varying streets that keep the battle different throughout the map, and many buildings to utilize for combat and quick movement across the battlefield. It has good symmetry because I used a very precise method to make it perfectly symmetrical! I worked just over a week adjusting things to my preference. I was focusing on vehicle smoothness in the terrain at first, then I worked hard on making good sight lines to balance vehicle/spartan combat. This is my first contest entry and I'll be working hard to improve for the next contest!
  12. sorry. there are more photos now. I won't do that one pic BS anymore
  13. [ADDED NEW PHOTOS] Submitted for ZannyVids This is an infection-based remix of Halo 5's classic slayer map; "Pegasus". What I've done here is made it into a castle setting with new paths and places to hide from the infected. All areas are balanced for the new infection gametype, and has been play tested with a few parties with about 8 people each time. The tests came out well, and every game was fun down to the final seconds. I don't think there are any over powered locations, but that will be revealed with more testing. I've worked for over 15 hours on this and it turned out better than I imagined (most of the time was spent switching around most of the original pieces with basic blocks for texturing) Thanks for reading. -GreyMuffinBass
  14. tyvm Zanny ^^ I like your showcase we laughed at your shower joke XD I really appreciate your video. thanks again.
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