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  1. To both of you guys: Halo is not about being realistic. #EnergyShields #NoFallDamage
  2. There has to be social and ranke playlists, but they shouldn't be all that different. Look at the disconnect between BTB and Throwdown in Halo 4. Throwdown's population isn't 9,000 players lower because it's not as fun; it's because it's unfamiliar to social players. Throwdown settings arguably work better because of the lack of random elements of load-outs and power weapons in personal ordnance. The solution is to keep things constant among all playlists. Not only will BTB play better with the lack of game-breaking elements, but it will encourage social players from that playlist to boost the population of competitive playlists. At the end of the day, the only difference between social and competitive should be vehicles and ranks.
  3. Or he could just not be wearing his armor in the trailer. I think he escaped from ONI to go to the Ark. His not wearing the complete set of armor could be the reason he's wearing a cloak, to prevent sand from getting into the inner workings of the suit.
  4. I agree with what you guys are saying. As far as the AIs go, they need to be more aggressive. The one thing I hated about the Prometheans was that they (particularly the Knights) always hung back with Light Rifles, Incineration Cannons, or Binary Rifles. I shouldn't be disintegrated just for poking my head out of cover. The Brutes, on the other hand, forced you out with Gravity Hammers, Spikers, and Brute Shots, truly visceral weapons. Push them too hard and they'd throw down a bubble shield--no harm, no foul. While I'm not necessarily advocating a return of the Brutes (though that would be great), I do think that the AI need to be more aggressive and interactive; it will make the campaign more tense and exciting.
  5. It's been a while since I've visited this thread. Now that the weapons are retuned at long last, I think my idea for Legendary Slayer is even more applicable. It will be very rewarding for players to earn mid-range rifles through jumping into the action with a classic Assault Rifle loadout, rather than be gifted those powerful rifles in the beginning of the match.
  6. I can't vote in this poll. There are many crowds to please as far as multiplayer goes. Not everyone wants to play "MLG", and not everyone wants to play Social. Regardless, there needs to be a solid ranking system and a social playlist. Also, your interpretations of MLG and Social are messed up. Technically, Halo 4 doesn't have a single Social playlist because all of them are ranked. Social playlists in Halo 3 were vanilla gameplay, but they also weren't ranked. So you mean to say Vanilla Halo vs New Halo. And frankly I still think there needs to be a combination of both.
  7. ^ But ordnance can still be fixed. All 343 needs to do is put a fixed array of balanced mid-ranged rifles into the ordnance options. Then it will be good in so many ways: no stagnant long range firefights in the beginning, a strong incentive to get kills (more than just earning AAs), and a stimulated flow of gameplay.
  8. I think it would be cool if the Reaper were like a Droideka from Star Wars. It would be able to fold up and roll around at a decent speed, but its shields would be inactive and the maneuver limited by a charge meter. Whilst rolling it would splatter enemies and roll up walls and buildings. The Mantis in turn could have a sprinting feature, perhaps.
  9. My ideas: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/29355-versus-volume-iii-forge-pallets/
  10. I think a Flood bossfight could work it were done properly. No quick-time events, no extra buttons to press. The classic bossfight is one in which you memorize the boss's attacks and kill his minions. The minions give you something with which to attack the boss, like explosives. A juggernaut Flood form could drop a Rocket Launcher that could be used to destroy the boss, but it would have limited ammo. The trick is to make it exciting and eliminate monotony. A true bossfight could be the classic level Halo 5 needs, what the Warthog run did for CE.
  11. I think if personal Ordnance is brought back it should only include primary rifles. This would work well with classic AR starts. Jump into the fray with your starting weapons, then work your way up to earning that Battle Rifle or Carbine. In this way, Ordnance is rewarding yet balanced.
  12. Interesting ideas, but they really belong in the main thread: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/22813-the-official-what-you-do-and-do-not-want-in-halo-5-thread/ Also you should know that while "343industries" is in the name of the website, it is run by community members, so there is little chance that you can influence 343i directly. However, posting on this forum is a great way to get your ideas out to the community. I find this is a good incentive for not posting redundant threads that don't need to exist: Since the threads at the top of the page are pinned and get a lot of traffic, your ideas are guaranteed to be seen. However, a separate, redundant thread might not get any attention because it's usually a common topic and will sift down to the bottom of the forum unnoticed. I noticed that this was your first post. Don't be discouraged; I used to be an inexperienced forum-goer like you, but then I received a stern warning to the inbox! Follow the rules and you can benefit everyone on this forum. Who knows, you might even beat me to 1,000 posts!
  13. Forge is in my opinion the greatest thing to come to Halo (and gaming in general) since XBL multiplayer. Vote! And don't forget to add your own ideas for Forge in the comments below!
  14. I reckon the whole Elites-in-multiplayer/hitbox issue can be remedied if all the competitive/ranked playlists have the option (like in Reach's amazing custom game type options) to force a player to be a Spartan. That way we can have them in machinimas, custom games, and casual multiplayer without having the hitboxes interfere with really competitive games, because that was one of the reasons 343i didn't make multiplayer Elites a priority from the beginning.
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