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Found 5 results

  1. Paintball style battlefield that works very well with BTB game modes. This map is located inside the Glacier cave. This is being submitted to the MYM BTB contest There are a lot of varying streets that keep the battle different throughout the map, and many buildings to utilize for combat and quick movement across the battlefield. It has good symmetry because I used a very precise method to make it perfectly symmetrical! I worked just over a week adjusting things to my preference. I was focusing on vehicle smoothness in the terrain at first, then I worked hard on making good sight lines to balance vehicle/spartan combat. This is my first contest entry and I'll be working hard to improve for the next contest!
  2. For The First Time Ever In 343i CF History 343i CF PaintBall Tournament Is Here That's right ladies and pretty ladies an official tournament from your friendly Event Management Staff. Now lets get down to business (to defeat the Huns) ...sorry :right: :right: :right: TIME ZONE CONVERTER :left: :left: :left: When: Sat. Sept 13th 2014 Time: 2pm EST Game: Halo 4 Gametype: Paintball (duhs) The tournament will consist of 5 matches, with each match consisting of 5 rounds. (remember these are one shot, one kill rounds) The teams will be 2 player teams. The two player team with the most matches won in a set, will be the winner of that set. If a tie occurs (which is highly likely) the tied teams will compete in one 5 round match for the tie-breaker, to move onto the potential next set. The rounds will be 2v2v2v2 no more and if we have more people sign up for the tournament then we will have separate "sets" of matches. Somewhat like brackets work, so if we have 16 people sign up then we will have the first 8 vs each other then then the next 8 vs each other and the 2 winning teams from those matches will vs each other in a condensed 3 match 5 rounds "set". In between matches players will be given a five minute opportunity to go into private chats and formulate strategies before the next match begins. Team setup: Sign up individually, We will place you in teams randomly. This will help you to meet a new member that you may not have played with before. It will also give staff a chance to balance teams accordingly. (hopefully) There will be a staff member there (most likely me) to host the event, make sure correct maps are played and everyone plays fair. We will keep you informed on who is hosting closer to the date of the tournament. This will be a one day tournament since paintball rounds are so short, we will be able to get through all contenders in a small amount of time. Please sign up below, and remember I don't care if you can't make it. ​So don't clutter the thread with "I won't be there" It's unfortunately that you can't make it but I'd rather be able to focus on who can. :/ If you have any questions that I did not cover here, please feel free to post them below as well. Thx.
  3. Okay everyone knows this won't happen, but I will make this happen. I want to talk to Microsoft about this maybe even make some sort of a deal with them. Bill Gates right now is the owner of the HALO rights so if it means I have to talk to him to make this happen believe me I will. I want to make a paintball facility dedicated to HALO where you can become a real spartan and work your way up the ranks to become the best. We're working on buying this property that's 87 acres to build this huge indoor and outdoor facility all for paintball. We would like to go really far with this if Microsoft would allow us. They would never do anything like this because it's just not them and plus they wouldn't spend the money to do this. So I'll spend the money and I'll do this and microsoft won't have to spend a dime. All I need is the okay from them. There also going to want there cut in the profit they can have it as long as i get the okay for this project. My goal is to make indoor and outdoor maps that look like a halo battle grounds. We want to make people feel like there apart of the halo universe, to actually feel what it's like to be a real spartan. We want to incorporate drop pods on some maps where you as the spartan enter the map from a drop pod and meet up with your team. Each spartan armor will be linked through a com system so each team can talk to there teammates through the helmet. We also want to make custom paintball guns to look like the halo assault rifle. We want to do different game options like free for all, capture the flag, king of the hill, defend the fort and many more. If your interested in being a apart of this project were going to start something called a Kickstarter to raise money cause this isn't cheap. We would like to open this next summer if possible. But before I post the Kickstarter I have to talk to Microsoft first. Now take the time to think about what you just read and tell me what you think. Now it's your turn spartan, are you ready?
  4. File share browser: MaTaio98 Map Variant: Paintball Map Game Variant: Paintball (Slayer), Paint the Flag (CTF) *Map inspired by " " by corduroyCHUCK Click here for an overview of what I have to offer...(My game types are tweaked much differently than normal) Halo 4 way point is still down so I was unable to add a link to the download... Sorry for no pics, I don't know how to get them
  5. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Prometheanball_Rock Gametype: Prometheanball Player count: 8 - 16 EDIT: I forgot to touch up some parts of the map with aligning the spawn areas and extra. I apologize for releasing before fixing it. But It's now up again as of 1/7/13 4:00pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada). Whats up everyone, this is Fraw Lawk with my second Halo 4 map but its a minigame and its called "Prometheanball"! This map is one out of many maps that I'll be making for this minigame. Its basically paintball but you'll use a suppressor for your weapon and a hardlight sheild for your armor ability. The map is symmetrical and holds up to 16 players because I just love big battles especially with the paintball idea. The damage modifier is at max, the damage resistance is at its lowest so if you get hit by a measly suppressor bullet, you'll die, and there one life so be careful! It's really fun to make an enemy player kill himself by shooting at your hardlight sheild, ricocheting back at him/her. My inspiration came from Darth Human with his Crash-up Derby minigame. The fact that one player survives, takes control of the arena and wins feels so satisfying that I'd come up with something similar except adding teamplay and making it paintball style. Have fun! EDIT: I forgot to touch up some parts of the map with aligning the spawn areas and extra. I apologize for releasing before fixing it. But It's now up again as of 1/7/13 4:00pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).
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