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  1. As long as he's not there to replace the Chief I'm fine with it. If so I'll have a hard time staying with the game saga.
  2. sprint is something that should be available all the time and unlimited. we are spartans with unbelievable physical ablilities, we should be able to sprint for a lot longer distances without having to stop and catch our breath, which was the most stupid thing from Reach and Halo 4. There are so many things that the Spartans should be able to do that the games have not done justice to their abilities. Read the books and you'll understand.
  3. all MMOs are weak and lame. a Halo MMO would be a disgrace to the games I've poured my heart and soul into for many years. Halo MMO would be a huge turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BUMMER, I too have an Xbone already, I would so love to have that console.
  5. Not a love story. Cortana was chiefs only true companion she became part of him the moment she was installed into his armor. The chief could feel her in his armor and mind. Losing Cortana would equate to losing an arm, leg, or a best friend right in front of your eyes. Definitely think he is figuring out that he is Human and NOT a machine by losing Cortana.
  6. I always played it by myself with the goal of not dying and I was always mad when I got killed
  7. I didn't realize that they were that different. Except that you didn't play as a spartan in odst.
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