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  1. Cod is pathetic because of that. halo 4 will t bag the haters. The campaign will be great to play because we went from 3-Reach not 3-4
  2. I shot with my phone so the quality I'd bad. But you guys will understand
  3. So as I'm watching rango last night, for the first time, this part comes up. Who would have thought that "Kwah" would get so popular! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PJJoYXQcuV8
  4. Xbox abuse is a serious issue. People dont know Wtf is up. Good advice! ...Kwah
  5. When i try to pick gametype lable, it doesn't let me pick anything
  6. Do i have to do it to spawns? It's a slayer/crazy king multi-team map
  7. How do I make my forged map playable with crazy king? I tried using "objectives","hill marker" and placing them throughout my map, but, when i try it in a custom game it isn't playable. Can you help please kwah!
  8. Your background is the shiz. Do you update your rank every time you rank up?
  9. I have two pikachu shirts and a pikachu sweatshirt i made myself
  10. I hope it makes you guys smile KWAH
  11. If you want to use a reach montage I made when it first came out, you can! You're also welcome to use any video on my channel http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=afYAfu5DsA8
  12. Yep and my friend at the time did voice for the other guy
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