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Found 11 results

  1. Where is the damn file browser?!?! This was promised in 2018, they have been talking about it since 2015. Why do I have to use 3rd party sites to find maps to play with friends, when the original of the 360 version had a file browser built into the game?!?!
  2. Where is the damn file browser?!?! This was promised in 2018, they have been talking about it since 2015. Why do I have to use 3rd party sites to find maps to play with friends, when the original of the 360 version had a file browser built into the game?!?!
  3. I am posting this to the forums because I can not understand for the life of me why I can not access my fileshare on xbl from halo4 on this site. I don't think I am the only one experiencing, and I really have to say I am just speechless that 343 rolled out Halo 4 and the 343 community without having this issue clearly resolved. Can someone tell me what is the status on making the fileshare available from my xbl account? I am getting tired of taking pictures of my maps from the forge with my phone and my flat screen. Why is there so much silence on this important issue!!?? CV
  4. So 343 has finally uploaded their own file share system to Halo Way-point. who else is excited about this? I know i kinda am. I enjoy forging maps an sharing them with people who want to test them out with me in the custom lobby. so If that's you an you want to test or forge with me let me know an ill give it the old college try. (well without the college part cuz i F'n Hate school!) lol any ways People if you want to test my maps let me know an if you want some one to forge with also hit me up. or if you got some maps you want people to try gimme a holler. Im outs
  5. I have a map in my Fileshare, YODO, that needs testing. Plz let me know on here or on XBL what you think of it. It is up to a 4 v 4 map My XBLG: HEWASNUMB3R1 MAP: (on eroision)YODO
  6. Yo, I Have these new maps that we've been having a blast on. So it's only right to share them to y'all. below are the newest two available from myself. you wont be let down! Maps: Both are team slayer maps 2v2 up to 4v4. 1. Fusion 2. Whiptail I also have some more interesting 4v4 gametypes if interested i made a few months ago on there. there something you've probly never played so i hope you like these Maps: 1. Banshee Battle / Banshee gametype 2. Mantis Battle / Mantis battle gametype both have a gametype to go along with it. Let me know what ya think. Again we have been having a blast with these so i hope you enjoy as much as we have.
  7. When will the fileshare be updated for use in halo 4? I wanna download peoples creations and peoples screenshots.... ................................................................................................................................................................ Ok I have been playing halo 4 for a while now and there is something that is bothering me... it seems like halo 4 has removed a lot of stuff, I mean A LOT OF STUFF that the previous halo games had. for example 1. no trueskill system (1-50): seriously? why remove it just because the bad players complain? there was a reason why halo 3 was more balanced than halo reach and 4 (it matched players depending on how well they did ex: bad players will be paired up with bad players while pros will be paired with pros etc) 2. Playlist is short: yes, yes i know its going to be updated but how will you feel if they don't add classic modes like... a normal ffa (regicide is cool but the classic ffa was fun) 3. No proper assault modes: yes there is grifball and you could just modify it... but where is the explosion, grif is suppose to die... there is a reason why its called "grifball" 4. Forge maps: the maps Impact, Erosion, and Ravine are "bloodgulch-sized" maps... they are not REAL forgeworld maps 5. Theater mode: this... this is whats bothering me... where is theater mode for CAMPAIGN and S-OPS!? 6. Custom games: I don't need to explain this... a lot of people complained about it... 7. Join in progress: how do you feel when every match you join is either: about to end, you are put in a losing team with impossible odds, and unbalanced? 8. Campaign: campaign was good but not good like halo 3s one or halo 2s, where is the epic music playing loudly in the background all i hear is ambient noises, where is the freedom? the missions felt linear, and wheres the epic moments (odsts dropping in to help then loud drum beats play etc...) 9. Scoring system: where is the scoring system for s-ops and campaign? without them they feel... boring 10. Menu: why did they have to make the menu too.... exaggerated? seriously they could have done a Reach-like menu where an artistic background is in it not a 3d background (serously it made the Framerate drop... and your in a freaking menu) 11. balance: halo 3 had perfect balance in matchmaking, halo reach was meh, halo 4... wtf why am i paired up witht he pros... im not that good.. pair me up with someone with equel skill as me not someone who could kill me every five seconds 12. DMR: its overpowered and is now the most overused weapon 13. 1-50 only in waypoint: wtf I want to see my rank next to my profile not exit the damned game just to see my rank... otherwise whats the point? 14. Unneccesary quicktime events: personally i believe this is the reason why there is no theater for campaign... plus its useless... it also takes you away from halo experiance 15. S-ops repeatative: why are all the mission just recycled maps with different objectives? 16. firefight is gone: dumbest decision to remove it. s-ops is gold only, what happens if you only have silver or no online at all... i wanna kill some time by killing prometheans and covies (hell firefight is also a good way to show off the deadliness of the prometheans) ........................................................................................................................................ thats all i might add some issues and remove stuff (when they are fixed)
  8. Right well I have a few clips that I wanna use but I need a capture card to capture them :/ so I was wondering if anyone could like capture the clips from fileshare then e-mail them to me... If you can message me on here or on Xbox live GT JC13999
  9. coreyvel

    Clip help

    Just had a quick question, I had a dazzle but sold because it was overall ****ty, but is there anyway i can get clips from my Halo 4 theater and transfer them to my computer for editing purposes?
  10. My friend and I are already remotely high ranks in War Games and were looking for something fun to do and we didn't know how to download forge maps if you could. Help? >>
  11. I cant upload videos or two maps I have to my fileshare. It says there is no room but, I deleted everything from it that i previously had. Do you have to pay, update or something? Anybody else have this problem?? kwah (sad Kwah)
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