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  1. Well. Didnt work. I will get to it soon.. lol
  2. Worth a try. :/ Gamertag: xxHal0Leg3ndsxx Subclass/Level: Striker/Defender 26 Maxed Weapons used for Raid(s): Uhh, I have no purps or anything, have a few maxed blues. Availability/Time: Whole Event, hopefully. Raid choice: Vault of Glass NM Note: Never done this before... Yeah.. Worth a shot.
  3. As 343 releases a "fresh" "new" game, I want your thoughts about it. I watch to know your problems, best moments so far, and overall the sheer fun of it. Just post them below, so I know what I might expect when I get it for Christmas, and please no hate for the game, just I want problems and just overall some good times. Cheers, Eqwinoxe
  4. This make me sad, as when I get the game for Christmas, I won't be able to have "new" strikes. Xbox doesn't get anything. lol (Well, most of the time.)
  5. Also to note. This is only for PS3/PS4 members. It will not come to "at least" Fall of 2015. kotaku made a post: http://kotaku.com/destinys-new-dlc-kinda-screws-over-xbox-players-1652294153?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow
  6. I have never read the Halo books. Do I want to? Yes. Will I? Sometime when I have the money. Seems like a really great thing to read to understand the Halo series more.
  7. I like H4's era. I dunno why, just appeals to me. Make me feel more...well...spartan like. lol
  8. Hmm. I like the concepts. SMG's back = Dual Weilding Hopefully. Sniper got a touch up, as well as the others. Rocket Launcher. I don't think. If it would of changed, it would. Why change it now?
  9. Congrats m8! Enjoy the ever so bashful, pink. You earned it!
  10. It should. Dont quote me. Since your directly connected to your router, so any changes to your router will affect your Xbox, as like I said, you are directly into your router. I'm not that tech savy with wires/routers/Xbox, so anything that is wrong. Tell me, I will learn.
  11. Hopefully, I'll make an appearance, count me in..
  12. I have no words. Why are you leaving so early? It's not going to be the same around here without you. Always hurts to see an active member go... I guess this is goodbye m8. I wish you safe travels my friend.
  13. Also, Caboose. When you say somebody "looks over" or "hands a bottle of vodka" in this case, but *hands a bottle of vodka*. It represents a character doing something, if you leave it like that, it sounds like somebody is saying it. Uhh... Boss. Dont mind that.. I don't know why it did that...
  14. Name: Ewok (Yeah don't ask, just think, Twin gave me this name. Sorta fits. Lol) Weapon(s): High Powered Alien SuperRifle (6x, 12x, 20x Scope (All in One), Face Melting Fire Shot) Appearance: Very tall for his age, and with a little training, we can get him to where we need him. (Image Below) Skills and Powers: Cloak, Very Agile, Very Keen Eyesight, and the ability to hear his targets for over a mile, maybe more. Bio: Born on the planet of Exxcceter. He was always very, very intrigued in weapons of "mass destruction", making his own at age 6. (Very Intelligent, as he was born into a family of "riches", and had all the general knowledge of a philosopher.) Family abandoned him at age 10 as he wound up killing almost all of Exxcceter, and its people with it, with his very own gun he made. He was soon "dropped" on Earth, and he had a hard time adapting, as he spoke little to no language, but that didn't bother him, he was more the silent type anyway. He does what he is told, and does it with amazing "style".
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