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  1. I want the Halo 2 anniversary to be Halo 2. The exact same multi-player, no updates to game mechanics and definitely keep the same trueskill system. I also want Halo 2 anniversary to be its own game. I can't stress this enough, I don't want some Halo: Reach weapons on Halo: CE garbage, that was really frustrating for myself and many other players. It needs to have a multi-player built into it and it would be incredibly cool if you could have an option to toggle old style graphics between new graphics. Halo 2 is the best online first person shooter game ever to be released, no questions asked. 343 industries needs to make this release perfect before they cut any more limbs off of themselves. -Inversion
  2. Notice the name of this "tweeter". Sundance DiGiovanni, since when did the head of Major League Gaming gain an unworthy reputation that is not to be trusted? -Inversion
  3. So, explain to me why Sundance DiGiovanni tweet this saying that Halo 4 at Dallas peaked at 40k? Your statement is true about League of Legends and Starcraft 2, although Halo 4 was pulling more than its own weight in the console FPS section of the Pro Circuit. There is just simply more support from Treyarch than there is from 343 industries towards the competitive scene, as well as that contract that Microsoft signed with Virgin Gaming. -Inversion
  4. Hey BSR, just a tip when recruiting people for your clan. We all know you're just trying to draw attention to your clan and that you are most definitely not sponsored my Monster (let's not kid ourselves here). The stats found under "K0RND0G WARR10R" are pretty un-appealing to sponsors looking for players. Not to mention the fact that Monster rarely sponsored gamer, let alone sponsor somebody who plays a game that is beginning to lose the interest of all its competitive players out there. Also, if anybody were to join your clan due to the fact that you say your clan is sponsored by Monster, they would quit right after they found out that you weren't. Another thing on top of that, is that companies don't sponsor clans, they sponsor players and rarely teams. Just be truthful about who you're looking for (age/communication/customs/experience), what your clan does, etc... And you will eventually find people who want to stay with your clan and truly want to play with its members. Good luck, -Inversion
  5. Great, informative post Dog. I just have a quick question on the ranking system (if you've stumbled upon any significant information). Have 343 industries/Microsoft/Virgin Gaming shed any light as to whether or not the 1-50 ranking system will be 100% invisible and only on Halo Waypoint, or if there's a slight chance that they might include it in-game. Thanks, -Inversion
  6. It seems to me like you're talking about Halo on the Major League Gaming "Pro Circuit". I don't quite know where you got the idea that Halo was only pulling 6k viewers at events. Thinking back to Halo: Reach, I'd say that's about right (before the MLGv8 settings). Although, after that incident, Halo was steadily climbing past 10k viewers and exponentially rising. Then the pre-launch Halo 4 event at Dallas pulled over 40k viewers. However, your statement is true for online streams or youtube feeds. LoL, CoD and many other games severely outrank Halo. -Inversion
  7. Okay, you want my honest opinion? No. Halo: Reach's system was awesome? According to an unbelievable number of players, this is completely wrong. Halo: Reach's ranking system represented how long people played or how much firefight they played, it was almost never a representation of skill. Leveling up by playing games that you don't even have to win for hours on end with no reward (besides playing barbie) will not bring back any fans, nor improve the game. I remember so many inheritors that were simply awful at the game, I would check their stats and they would have 5000 kills and over 10 days of firefight. To be frank, your idea improves the longevity of the levels (not the lifespan of the game) but it will not bring any fan that has left, back. Many players that left (that I know of), left due to the fact that the ranking system is pointless and expanding a pointless idea is in retrospect, prolonging death. I agree with your last point though, that the game has incredible amounts of potential to be something better. In my opinion, this will not be achieved by adding more ranks. As for your commendation idea, Halo 4 already has this (Novice -> Proficient -> Adept -> Expert -> Distinguished -> Master, don't quote me on this, but it is similar to Reach). This, once again does not give bragging rights, it shows how long you've played the game. Take the "DMR Master" title into example, if a higher skilled player was to play the game with only the DMR, he/she would be able to get it faster than a lower skilled player, the point is that they will both eventually get it and arrive at the same point and there's no bragging rights in that. If you want to improve the longevity of the game itself, add a visible trueskill ranking system. It seems to me like you're a kind of person that enjoys having bragging rights over others, and this is a perfect way to do so. A good player will achieve a higher rank than a lower skilled player, therefore allowing bragging rights because it does not take time played into account, but the approximate skill required. Enough about bragging rights now, I just want to talk about my experience with the lifespan of Halo 4. It is dying faster than Halo: Reach did, and in my opinion (and experience) it is because there is nothing to strive for in the game. I feel like I want something gained of value inside the game that I can be proud of accomplishing. Playtime/Level doesn't quite cut it for me, although once again, a trueskill system would completely give me something to strive for, to improve my game completely. This is what kept bringing players back and keeping them for good. Just my take on things, feel free to respond (you are more than entitled to your opinion as I am to mine). Thanks, -Inversion
  8. Hey Bunny, and welcome to the 343iCF forums Yes, it's true. Halo 4 was dropped from the circuit this year and in its place, Black Ops: II was picked up (by the way, I believe that there is a one-million dollar tournament taking place sometime soon, if it already hasn't taken place). This is due to the fact of Micro$oft signing a contract with Virgin Gaming that basically gave Virgin a ton of financial backing/support and allowing them to handle almost all of the competitive side of Halo. MLG didn't want to have to compete with this and they decided that they would drop Halo 4 (just explained quickly to the extent of my knowledge, anybody else feel free to add). Why, please elaborate? I think that MLG was one of the best things Halo had growing up, feel free to share your opinion though, I want to hear your take. -Inversion
  9. No problem and thanks for posting this for me to answer. If you remember ton the days of Halo 3, in the ranked playlists you would never be able to communicate with the enemy team pre-game, but you were able to see your team and if they have microphones or not. It is just like this in Halo 4, when you are in the pre-game lobby, you cannot communicate with the opposing team, nor can you see that they have microphones. However, you will be able to communicate with your team and see if they have microphones in. If the explanation is confusing, feel free to post what needs clear and I will do my best, (rushed explanation). -Inversion
  10. Seeing as you left the post blank and left it as a question in the thread title, I recommend (for future purposes) that if you need questions similar to this to be answered, you should simply shout it out in the shoutbox. On to your question, Halo 4 (as of right now) has 130 levels and so far, two specialization's have been released per week, adding 20 more levels. If you have hit a cap at 90, I'm afraid you have to wait another week for specialization's to be released. Hopefully this doesn't keep you from playing the game -Inversion
  11. I don't quite understand what you're getting at with your thread title - "Anyone else think they left Halo 3 die?". I don't understand how a developer can let a game die, players will play a game whenever they feel like playing said game. If what you're getting at is that 343 industries doesn't release title updates and patches for Halo 3, I'm truly dumbfounded. All developers move on to their most current game where the highest population is. I can however relate to the fact that after Halo: Reach came out, many more boosters/de-rankers appeared on Halo 3. 343 industries/Bungie did not go back and ban people like they used to when Halo 3 was in its prime. If that is indeed your point, I can just say that my previous statement applies (game developers move on to their highest populated/most current game). There is little chance that 343i will allocate workforce to go back onto Halo 3 to try and ban people, and I don't think that you can blame them. People still have Halo 3 events and sessions, on these days the game has over 10k people. Hope that you understand and if you're still on Halo 3, I wish you the best of luck with your games. -Inversion
  12. After team doubles I can confirm that they will release team snipers, and something along the lines of "team hardcore" the supposed competitive playlist of Halo 4. After that's all said and done, I'm not sure what they will bring to the table. If I was to make any suggestions to 343 industries about upcoming playlists that they should incorporate into War Games, I would go with Maximum Clutch. I really miss the old FFA playlists that previous Halos had, where the person leading the game would not be marked and there would be no bonus points for killing the person in first. -Inversion
  13. Firstly, you have a typo that erks me because a lot of people misspell "losing" - underlined I agree (more or less), just a few things that I would like to point out about a competitive aspect of a game. Yes, you are correct that the player does have to take upon himself the initiative to start make the game competitive for his/herself, although the player can only do so much before he/she requires more help from an outside source (the developer). The developer needs to recognize that their game has the potential to become very competitive and they should jump in and thrive on this. Yet again, I agree that Halo 4 didn't take away competitive gameplay, but the developer and publisher did. They didn't support the competitive community very well and Microsoft signed a contract with Virgin Gaming which almost killed Halo tournaments. On the other hand, you have Black Ops: II. Treyarch is arguably acting like the most supportive game developer on console fps games today. They have introduced so many new features to the game (competitively speaking) that benefit so many hardcore players in a terribly large amount of ways. Short list: CoD casting, restrictions on certain equipment/guns, addition of streaming from your Xbox and league play. I see an increasing trend - players leaving the Halo series behind and going to Call of Duty. Breaks my heart to see this trend, but I'm really excited/glad that 343 industries is now paying attention and introducing competitive playlists. -Inversion
  14. Hey OP, I suggest that you search for other threads that have been recently posted that are similar to yours, before creating a new topic. I believe that there is another thread almost identical to yours. -Inversion
  15. I definitely think that it is a very plausible next step on this forum. If I do remember correctly, 343iCF had a stat-tracker that was linked through Halo Tracker. Once again, if I remember correctly, it seemed like a bugged system that wasn't the smoothest thing on the site. If there was a way that staff could incorporate it into this forum, I personally think that it would benefit many members. -Inversion
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