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  1. Is it me or does that helmet look a lot like the E.O.D helmet?
  2. I wouldn't mind that at all, I just think that being an elite or a knight should only be like a skin change & not have it's own perks. they should be just as fast, strong, & have to same perks as the spartans.
  3. Halo 4 is no doubt one of best looking games EVER, 360 or PS3. I think they should do a little bit of tweaking to make it a little better since Halo 5 will most likely be on the next gen console & the new console would be able to handle it. That being said the gameplay is where, I think, 343 should try to expand the game & make it a better experience. Cause tbh if you weren't satisfied with Halo 4's graphics, you're just picking as hell
  4. I think it'll be on the "next gen" console. It would a while for Halo 3 to come out & even longer for Halo 4 to come out, so since Halo 4 is held at such a high standard, I think 343 is gonna want to make it better. Halo 4 pushed the 360 to the very limit in terms of graphics & gameplay, & if we want something better there's no way the 360 could handle the Halo 5 requirements. BUT if they do develop it quick enough it could be on the 360, but it'll be no where near as good looking or as good as the gameplay the next gen Xbox will have
  5. So they are certain maps I can't play on in the playlist Team Throwdown. The default maps that are in the game I can play on fine, but the forged maps I can't join the game, it sends me all the way back to the Halo 4 logo & the developer intro. Is it a problem with MY disc or 360, or is this a problem other people are having?
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