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  1. Sorry that this took so long to reply. We do scrimmages if that's what you're talking about. We're always up for a friendly competition
  2. I know this topic is old, but I figured that I may as well post what the forum's address is. http://raptorempire.tk or http://forums.raptorempire.tk/index.php?sid=8978c7c8a3628e5da3b96b76214579f9 The first one leads to the space before the forums, the second is the forums itself. http://forums.raptorempire.tk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6&sid=67f6956ee7ac4a753eca4bd7d84e4843 That one leads to the Fluff Applications thread.
  3. Yeah, because I haven't turned my Xbox off and on SOOOO many times by now... *sarcastic remark*
  4. I did! And yet I still don't have them! They don't even show up in my downloads history! ...Also, why is Caboose giving advice?
  5. The reason I was asking is that I don't have the armour you're supposed to get with the collector's edition nor do I have the emblems. I know the maps aren't being released yet, the reason I've put this post up is because I have none of the other items you get with the collector's edition showing up.
  6. I used all of my numbers and yet I still don't have the armour or the maps. Please help? I will eventually post pictures of my receipt for proof.
  7. Feel free to stop by our forums and submit an application. Our submission page is under the global announcements of our forums (http://raptorempire.tk) and all you need to do is read and follow the instructions on how to submit an app.
  8. Hmm... this page hasn't been seen in awhile, me thinks...
  9. Good, then you can forget about putting your hands on the car! You do not have to go to No-Funville and instead you can go ride the bus with us to its polar opposite Funville!
  10. Destroyed? You can't destroy something as fluffy as us very easily. Besides, we're in it for the fun. If you're a twihard, back away from the fun and put your hands on the hood of the car that leads you to No-Funvill. As soon as you do, an officer will be along to take you there. Once you get there, please don't have fun. As you people don't believe in having fun on something called a game.
  11. Quarks and other sounds? Certainly you don't think that we of the Raptors are inferior to those pillows! Besides, if I was as inferior of a fluffball as you seem to be accusing me of, how would I have been communicating in the first place? These claws aren't exactly good for sign language after all!
  12. This is relevant in the way that you asked me a question and I provided an answer. You people...things...whatever... are very forgetful, aren't you? Can't even remember what you typed out in your last post on this thread, it seems. Tsk tsk, I would have expected more from a... thing... that went so far to try and ruffle our feathers.
  13. You do not know much of the puff or of the down, for that, I will only grace your question and... Meaningless jibberish... Which after a quick google search, I can answer with... No, I have not seen your helmet... With this link. http://bit.ly/T8wTDT
  14. Most of us of the puff don't like to keep official scores of our matches as we do not actually try in them. We prefer to run and have fun rather than run and gun. Although, some of us are fairly good at spreading our down around in violent ways.
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