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Found 17 results

  1. Props to for his thread on repairing and general knowledge of the problem known as Red Ring of Death, or Red Dot of Death. I haven't seen a thread on it, so let's talk avoidance. Here are some tips & tricks to avoid an X-Box 360 systems crash. Keep your X-Box horizontal: This may sound odd, but a lot of X-Box 360's have issues with "disc slip". This is when something jars the console and the game disc inside the console slides out of the tray inside the X-Box. This is most likely to happen with consoles that are vertical (up and down, like this | ) There is very little reason why one wouldn't have their console horizontal (like this _ ), but if for some reason or another you need your console to be vertical, take the disc out when the console is not in use. Ventilation: Keep your X-Box in an area where the vents can grab air. Putting your console on wood is your best bet here. Putting it on carpet or other fabrics is a bad idea, because fabric grabs dust which your console will then pull into itself, clogging it's vents. Putting your console on metal is also a bad idea because metal heats up rather quickly. If you are having problems with ventilation, try putting your X-Box on a laptop cooling fan (which you can usually get at Wal-Mart for around 5 USD). Also, make sure the power cord ventilation box is in an area that it won't overheat as well. Proper Cord Connection: If you have your cords connected loosely, then this can cause extreme wear and tear on your connectors and ports. Always double check that they are connected properly. Remember, "Tight is Right". This goes for both the power and the audio/video cords. Make sure that your power cord is properly connected to your X-Box AND to it's ventilation box. Take the Disc Out: Always remember to take your game disc out of the X-Box 360 console before moving the console. Leaving the disc in while moving your console is bad for both the disc and your console. If you move your X-Box with the disc inside of it, the disc could slip loose of the tray and mess up some innards. Proper Cleaning: The only thing you should use to clean your console is air and a dry rag/q-tip. Do NOT for ANY reason get your console wet. Except for the ports, you can clean those using a SMALL amount of white vinegar (thanks again to Private Church for pointing that out). To clean your console, remove any disc in the tray, unplug ALL cords, and use a can of air or blow into your vents, and use a rag or q-tip to dust the outside. Do not take your console apart unless you know how. Taking your console apart will void any warranty that you have, and could ruin your X-Box. Keep it Cool: Don't put your console in an area that it will have difficulty staying cool in (a sunny area, on top of other electronics, under a blanket, so on and so forth). Also be sure to take a break after a long period of gameplay to give your console time to cool down. Try not to leave your console on all day, or even when you are going to the store. Every time you do this, you are playing Russian Roulette with a RRoD or a RDoD as a bullet. Don't Hit the 360: Light taps are fine, but beating your X-Box is like beating your child. Sure, it may still be okay after a few beatings, but you run the risk of killing it. If you are having trouble with your disc tray, either clean it or bring your console to a professional to have them fix it. Well, that does it for this time. Remember, RRoD's and RDoD's can be a bit random. You can follow all of these instructions and still get one. If you DO get one, see the other thread in this forum, which is dedicated to repairing them. If you have further tips, post them here and I will edit them into this post.
  2. Earlier on this week I was playing some Skirmish in the Crucible. I was just trying to complete a few more matches to complete this bounty, and not one match was lost. I continued to play Skirmish and me and my team kept destroying our opposition. Why was I continuously winning in SKirmish? I recorded a bit of gameplay from a match and discovered the key points that allowed me and my team to achieve victory every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIZ4kTFFsOc&feature=youtu.be Teamwork Sticking with your team is more important in Skirmish than in anything else. This game type relies solely on teamwork. If you're fighting beside your two other team members, you're unlikely to fail. When close to each other, reviving a downed guardian should be no problem. Someone goes down, you can easily pick them up whilst you're other team member deals with the enemies. This is especially useful when the opposing team is split up, you can take them down one by one with ease. They won't have a chance to break your defence. Ammunition Although this may seem obvious, your special and heavy ammo is extremely important. These are what give you an advantage over your enemy. No matter how strong your teamwork is, you'd be useless if all your bullets are harmlessly pinging of your enemies' armour. Your special ammo is important because when you are in a situation where you have to deal with an enemy alone, it's most likely your best shot. Pulling out a shotgun or hand cannon when you see an enemy up close would be one of the first things you'd think of, but it'd be useless without enough or any ammo at all. Heavy ammo is great. If your enemies are gathering together to launch a counter-attack, you can put them back in their place by blowing them to hell with your rocket launcher. It's your choice whether you use a rocket launcher or machine gun. Navigation You want to navigate safely through the map with your team. This means being cautious about what routes you take and how you approach them. It's always good to be on the move, especially sprinting. An enemy sniper will struggle to catch a fast-moving target. When moving around a corner, stick right to the edge so you get around it as soon as possible, you wouldn't want to get caught at the last second. Make sure you are sliding when necessary. If there is heavy gunfire and explosions around you, make sure you are either crouched behind cover or sliding out of the way. Be cautious when using lift, don't make yourself a target with it. Subclass I only have experience with a Titan, so i'm going with that. Your subclass means a lot. With the Titan class, there is Striker and Defender. Striker is the default subclass. Although there are a few similarities between Striker and Defender, there are many big differences which can have an effect on your game. Make sure that you choose the subclass that you know you are going to perform better with, and try out different upgrades to see what you play with best. This is a more detailed version of my video. As mentioned in the video above, I'm no 'pro' or anything, there are thousands that can play better than me. I made this video and thread to help increase the chances of victory for anyone playing Skirmish. Thank you for watching/reading.
  3. Hello guys and gals! I know this content has been away for a long time and usually comes from Mr. Biggles. But since Biggles has some more important matters to tend to I’ll be the one who’ll help you today towards becoming a better Halo player. In case you haven’t seen the previous parts be sure to check out the links down here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/4910-directory-for-biggles-style-tips-for-halo-reach-halo-4-game-improvement/ So… Let’s get to it gentlemen First off we’ll be addressing the ins and outs of one of my favourite maps called Haven. I’m sure some of you know why this is my favourite *cough* 1v1 *cough* #getrekt *cough* Haven is a symmetrical map that’s meant for 4v4, 2v2 or 1v1 battles. The map is primarily CQC but it offers some long sight lines as well which make it suitable for precision weapons too. The many gaps and corners can be used to get out of dodge quickly and can be used to flank your unsuspecting opponent from behind or from the side. The weapon spawns are here: You can see all power weapons are centered equally so be there before your oppents will get their hands on it! The most common games you will play on here are 4v4 Infinity Slayer, so we’ll take this as the general direction. All these tips can be applied to other types of matches too! Red team and Blue team start off on either side and at the start of the match. I suggest either 2 or 3 people run towards the middle and try to get their hands on the Energy sword and Sniper Rifle. A good tip for Jet Pack users it to quickly fly up and do some damage to the opponents from the get-go. Don’t get cocky as you will get yourself killed. Non Jet Pack users can try and throw some Hail Mary grenades over the center cover piece. Try to reserve one though to throw around the side of the cover piece as there will most certainly be someone coming around that corner. There’s also a little plateau you can jump on to get some higher ground. Now the people not going towards the middle can get to flanking by running through the hallways. Expect enemy soldiers to do the same and train your sights on the opposing hallway to get the first shot off. I suggest always taking the upper hallway rather than the lower one. Keep in mind that there is little to no cover on either level. After you’ve disposed of any resistance you can help out your teammates fighting in the middle. Now as far as the rest of the game goes try to keep control of the middle (which is preferable on mostly all map) and keep an eye on the power weapon spawns. You can use the centre cover piece to get some higher ground but be aware that you are exposing yourself to all sides! When you take fire it’s best to inform your teammates where you got shot from as they can help you out big time. In Haven the spawn points are predictable as the enemies will likely always spawn on the opposing side of which your teammates are on. They tend to spawn in the lower hallways in front of the man cannons too and if they’re stupid enough they might even use it. I can’t warn you enough people, DON’T ever use the man cannons unless absolutely necessary. This is because when you use the man cannons they make a very loud noise which can be heard from almost anywhere on the map. This gives away your position on the map and you’ll most likely be met with incoming fire as you fly up. That’s about it for Haven. If you have any more tips and tricks be sure to leave ‘em down below! Now onto the next part! We all know about specializations, but which one is the best? Specializations are unlocked when you reach Rank 50. Each specialization consists out of 10 rank and each rank unlocks something new for you. These unlocks are: 1. Emblem foreground 2. Torso armor 3. Shoulder armor 4. Helmet 5. Weapon skin and emblem background 6. Visor colour 7. Torso skin 8. Shoulder skin 9. Helmet skin 10. Support upgrade/Tactical package Now there are 8 specialization to choose from Which are: -Wetwork -Operator -Pathfiner -Pioneer -Engineer -Stalker -Rogue -Tracker Each specialization comes with different armour sets and skins, but what’s really important it the 10thunlock which is the ‘perk’. Each specialization comes with a different perk, we’ll walk through them one by one. Wetwork. Wetwork is for the assassins among you. The 10th unlock gives you the Stealth support upgrade. This upgrade makes your footsteps silent as the night so people won’t hear you coming. It makes you harder to see with promethean vision as people cannot see you through walls anymore and it will make your silhouette blue like the rest of the background. Do not be surprised when people open fire at you when they get a direct line of sight at you as you will be less visible, but still visible! Last but not least it will speed up your assassination animations so you won’t be a sitting duck when performing one or you can quickly finish your enemy off before your scumbag teammate decides to yoink your kill. I find this upgrade very useful when running around with Active Camo. It makes it very easy to flank around or surprise the enemy when they don’t expect it giving you the advantage. Don’t rely too much on your upgrade or camo though! Players can still see you! Operator Operator is for the vehicle lovers. The 10th unlock gives you the Wheelman Tactical package. This package gives your vehicle a tad more health so you have the upper hand on opponents without it. It also decreases the amount of time your vehicle is affected by EMP. It’s crazy fun to see someone running at you in joy because they just brought down your Banshee but aren’t fast enough to get there in time This package is really useful in BTB because it makes your vehicle that much more effective. The only downside is that is has no use in maps without vehicles. Try to implement it into a loadout that you’re only going to use in gametypes like BTB. Pathfinder Pathfinder, and especially the Gunner Support Upgrade that goes along with it, is very useful in combination with someone who has the Wheelman Tactical Package enabled. The Gunner Upgrade let’s you fire your vehicle weapon longer before they overheat. Spraying-and-Praying is allowed! Combining this with someone who has the Wheelman Package turns your Warthog into a man slaughtering beast as it now has more health and more bullets per minute! The other upside to this Upgrade is that it allows you to run around with a detached turret at normal speed turning you into a fast and mobile ‘Gunner’. As I said earlier I highly recommend running this Upgrade with a friend that has the Wheelman Tactical package as you will be a pain in the butt or the other team. The running faster with the Turret part is more a gimmick than actually useful. Sure it makes you look like a complete badass but you will easily be outgunned by someone who has a BR or AR depending on the range. The only way I managed to successfully use it is by surprising the enemy from behind. Pioneer Pioneer is for you guys out there who don’t want to spend a lot of time reaching max level. The 10th unlock for this specialization is the Fast-Track Tactical Package. The one and only thing this Package does is increase the amount of EXP earned by 20% during the time it is worn/activated. Nothing more… Nothing less… Not only does this package decrease the amount of fun in leveling, it also takes up your Tactical Package slot which can easily be used by something that’s actually useful for you and your team. Sure it offers a chance to level up for players who don’t have loads of time on their hands but is spending a little more time on leveling up really such a problem? Needless to say, this was my last specialization to engage in. [/rant] Engineer Engineer might give you the idea that it has something to do with vehicles, but no. The Engineer’s 10th unlock is the Drop Recon Support Upgrade which allows you to see weapons drops 12 seconds before they actually drop. This allows you to get to the power weapons faster because you’re the only one who knows it’s 12 seconds away from dropping, unless an enemy wears it too of course. The only other way this seems of any use to me is if you’re competing against ‘MLG pr0z’ who know the weapon drop timers from the top of their head. I guess the saying “knowing is half the battle” really suits this one. Stalker Stalker is, contrary to popular believe, not your ex… At least not in this situation that is. Are you someone who really REALLY REALLY hates the guy who just killed for the 12th time? Then this specialization might just be your thing. The 10th unlock for this one is the Nemesis Support Upgrade. This Upgrade marks the enemy who killed you for 4.5 seconds on your HUD so you know his location and can either avoid him or get revenge on him. People generally use it for the second thing. Although knowing your enemies position is real good intel, it only lasts 4.5 seconds. 4.5 seconds is in my opinion not enough to really make use of it, especially on large maps. Other than helping you annoy your nemesis by taking pot-shots at him, this Upgrade doesn’t really help you out that much. Rogue Rogue is for the really precise players. The 10th unlock earns you the Stability Support Upgrade. This Upgrade allows you to be much more accurate by decreasing the flinch created by incoming fire and allowing you to keep your reticule in place. Please note that flinching only occurs when using scopes. Although this might seem like a minor thing, it can really help you out. Usually when you’re trying to kill someone at a distance incoming fire can really take you off target. Which ultimately results in you either missing your shots or you needing more time to get your targets in your sights again. This Upgrade gets rid of both of these problems making you really effective and efficient with precision weapons like DMR’s or Sniper Rifles. Although I do suggest taking cover after you’ve finished off your target to allow your shields to recharge. Last but not least Tracker Tracker is for guys who love ordnance and really hate getting useless weapons for their hard work. The 10th unlock for this specialization is the Requisition Tactical Package. This Tactical Package allows you to take a second chance at your ordnance. Don’t like your choice of Pulse Grenades, Plasma Grenades and a Needler? Just hit your D-Pad and you get a second set of random ordnance weapons to pick from. Not only does it increase your chance at getting better weapons, it can also really help you out with your commendations for specific weapons. Do keep in mind that this Package will be completely useless in games without personal ordnance. Now that we’ve got a complete list of the specializations and their uses we can pick the best one… Right? Well to be honest, not really. It really all comes down to your playstyle and the type of game you’re in. I’ve given you my opinion on all the tactics and uses and how to make the most out of it. Take it as you will. You can of course disagree with me, and do please tell us in the comments. Also feel free to add anything! Now onto the last part (we’re still not done!? NO SIR!!!) We’ll be addressing your, mine, everyones manners in game. We’ll start off with non-verbal stuff. Huh… Non-verbal manners? Yes! You can also annoy the living hell out of the lobby by playing like a jerk! The way to avoid being ‘that guy’ can be easily helped by following rules and play the game it’s meant to be played. Nobody likes someone who uses glitches in their advantage and being in a player hosted game will usually result in a BAN! But there are some things that rely more on honour. Things that go outside of rule books, following the unwritten rules is what gets people to like you rather than hate you. For example, Halo: Reach and Halo 4 have assassination which are achieved by going through the tedious process of getting the enemy from behind. A lot of work goes into these and being the guy that sees the assassination happening and thinking “OH FREE KILL!!!” followed by capping the sitting duck in is head is not only a **** move but is also really unneseccary as the enemy is already dead for sure. It are things like these that get people to get mad at you and not wanting to have anything to do with you… Ever! Resulting in YOU not having teammates to back you up if you require help. When someone worked hard for something it’s not very polite to ruin it for that person, sure there is nothing really stopping you from doing it, but you can just be nice and let the guy have his moment. The guy will have fun and you might even get a sense of accomplishment from doing something good! (for once) You can even make a game enjoyable for the enemy team. Now I hear you thinking “Why should I ever help the enemy?” well, they’re people looking to have a fun time too. And after all, what have they ever done wrong to you? So next time you’re spawn raping the enemies just think to yourself, how would you feel in that situation? Do not do to others that which angers you when they do it to you! It’s this kind of stuff that will make a game more enjoyable for you, your teammates and your foe. Now there is this thing called a ‘headset’ which allows you to talk to other online. And though this is a very helpful device, I often see it used for the completely opposite reason. Now I know a lot of you will either go Lone Wolf or stick with a select group of friends in a party whilst playing. But I’ve recently tried to be a bit more of a team player with random players and maybe it’s because I’m lucky or the gaming community really swung around but I was actually able to play tactical and be friendly with some teammates I just happened to be paired up with. You see Xbox Live is generally considered to be filled with 12 year olds who did all kinds of stuff with your mother, but believe it or not there are people out there who seek just the same type of fun gameplay like you. Although to find them you might need a bit of work on your own manners. Screaming through your headset won’t get you anywhere. Just like playing music through your headset or swearing at everything you come across. The way to play a nice and friendly with random people is just being, believe it or not, nice to them. You wouldn’t be such a tough guy when the dude you’re talking to is sitting right in front of you, so don’t try to act like the tough guy. Just try to get a nice conversation going. A conversation can easily be started by just aiding your teammates with call-outs or talking about the game in general. Not that talkative? There’s nothing stopping you from keeping it to tactical comms. Sadly there are still a lot of people out there who misbehave and this can sure be frustrating. But let me assure you, going in a discussion with them will result into nothing more than anger and throwing devices around that you might need to play the actual game. Next time you run into one of these ‘kids’ please just try to ignore that person. Blocking/muting him will get you a long way and if all that fails… Just leave. It’s still a game after all! *mumbling in the background* Wrap it up? Taking too long…? Well okay… This has been about it, for now. It’s been fun helping Biggles out with this and writing all this suddenly makes me understand why he was in need of it. I’d like to help him out in the future (if he allows me to ) so this might not be the last you’ll hear from me! Has this guide amused or helped you in any way? Be sure to let us know down below! Feel free to leave some of your own tips and tricks or general comments too! Thank you all for reading!
  4. So basically I haven't played Halo since my boyfriend and I played Halo 2 on the original Xbox. I've played Halo 4 but so much has changed. Any tips for a returning player? Thanks!
  5. Hey all I've been working on some educational videos for different games, my first being Halo 4. I wanted to make a database like channel where people could go and learn the basics of "x Game" in a really fast quick and simple way. It's my first time editing and I'm not going for anything flash or exciting. The main objective is for somebody to watch it who has very little to no idea about the game, and walk away with decent valid knowledge on the game. It would be a bonus if you could show the video to let's say a brother, sister or friend in person who does not play Halo 4. See of they understand what was shown in the video. But don't go out of your way to find a person of course. But it can't hurt to call someone who may be in your household to watch a video for 5 mins. ^^; Please watch and tell me what you think. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you Episode 01 Episode 02 Last thing, I am making these for fun but I am taking it serious. I found myself playing games for hours on end, I just wish I could do something more worthwhile with it. I plan on finding players of greater skill to help me, with demonstrations of higher level play and tactics once I get to the later episodes on gameplay and such. If you're willing to help please let me know. I'll of course ask if you could do x,y,z and if so it would be as simple as doing it and sending me the clip in your fileshare. If you're interested I could explain more later.
  6. hi i'm looking for all the scripting of halo 4 forge maps so i can make game types much faster this might help out too so you don't have to search for them. i will make a post each day of a video i can find of it and the scripting of that game type. if you don't like it sorry i thought the forgers of the world would love not trying to look it up and stuff so after this post i will find a scripting of the most easyest scripting that doesn't take much to do. i guess this takes out the couple of days From Certain Affinity: This video describes how to set up King of the Hill, Oddball, and Capture the Flag using Forge in Halo 4. Game labels for each object listed below: King of the Hill: Hill Marker - "KOTH_Hill" Oddball: Capture Plate - "Oddball_Ball" Capture the Flag: Flag Stand - "CTF_Flag_Return" Respawn Zone - "CTF_Res_Zone" Respawn Zone, Away - "CTF_Res_Zone_Away"
  7. I have got a really brilliant idea.How about you guys put custom games on the multiplayer and people who got maps and gametypes in their fileshare it randomly chooses someones map and gametype and everyone play it because i've been there where you've had no one to play with custom games so i think it would be an awesome feature if we could play custom games with random people and people who dont have maps can play but it doesnt choose any maps from them and it chooses maps from them who has got it in their fileshare
  8. Here you can discuss some tips and tricks you have learned in forge to help other and new forgers begin their map making
  9. I'm going to do my best to lay out what I know here If you are not in North America you are not going to be receiving a specialization code If you are in North America and have not received a code you can expect to see a message over Xbox live with your code between 12-13-12 and 12-17-12 You may also already have the email, check all your folders including spam you might find the code Make sure you check the email you used when you first created your Xbox live account as it may be sent there If you have a code already but your specializations are missing check your memory and delete the specialization package, then redownload it If you went to the marketplace and downloaded the Crimson map pack for 0ms points I have bad news, the map packs are only free until 12-18-12 after that you will have to purchase them to keep using them unless you purchased the Limited Edition I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask
  10. Now, I do not want to hear people complaining that Forge is bad, or Forge World needs to come back, what I am here is to let you know how you can improve your confidence in the Forge mode. First things first, managing your Forge files. Always name your Forge files. If you Forge so many maps unnamed, you will find your self buried in Impacts. A safe way to make sure that you can find your map would be to name it something creative and easy to distinguish. Now, most people are sometimes mad when they try to open a map file, and it reads that they are opening a different variant of another map. This indicates that your file has been corrupted. A safe way to have your files protected would to have two of every file. This means that if one of the files are corrupted, you can always use the backup. The second point I want to get to is actually using the Forge. Tired of playing third party custom games that have flawed architecture? Well, if you don't like it, then you shouldn't make maps like that yourself. The first thing you should ever do when you enter Forge is press B, change Rotation Snap to 15 degrees, then scroll down to Magnets and turn them on to low. Now using the Forge, improvising may work for brainstorming and drafting, but your final product must show balance. This means that symmetrical maps are more balanced than asymmetrical maps. Speaking of the devil, when placing pieces, make sure you coordinate your pieces via Edit Coordinates (Press B then A), or that they are connected to Magnets. This will add professional measurement to your maps. Now on to Custom Games, when you desire a complex goal in your gametype, such as Battleship, or Monster Trucks, you must make the map flaw proof. If a single flaw were to be exploited in your map, anyone would abuse it. For instance, if my map was set on an open plain, and there was no walls or boundaries, someone could walk away from the game, and this would prove useful during Flood, but just because it is useful, does not mean that it is designated. The key element to a map is it's operation. What is your map's purpose? Is it a fortress to fight off the Flood? Is it a war ground for Mantis'? Add decor and design to your structures, so that they can shine and add flavor. Choice of map might concern you that are new to Forge. If you want a map that you can create a team war out of, definitely don't pick Erosion. If you are looking for interesting tunneling and large space, choose Impact. If you are looking for a map that involves making a city, I would choose Ravine. It depends on your purpose, and never underestimate the amount of space you need. In conclusion of the longest page on my screen, if you have an idea, go for it. It is better safe then sorry, so copy your files and flaw proof your maps. Never bias a map so that one team is more dominant than the other, and most importantly of all, there is a such thing as too big.
  11. Has anyone here succeeded in getting the warthog to stay and not despawn after you get it over the bumps and into the building and trigger the cartographer scene? If so, how?
  12. here is all maps and info from a MLG player on my twitter ... your welcome halo 4 fans add UmaraiL and we'll talk on Xbox if you want to join my clan and follow me if you wish i appreciate it join the stealth ******** today @StealthBastards
  13. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  14. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  15. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  16. I was good with the BR in Halo 3, but i SUCK with the DMR. I thought that once I figured out the bloom things would get better, but they haven't. In Halo 3 I never had to zoom in to kill people from long distance, but I can't do it in Reach, yet I go to the theater and watch myself get killed over and over again from long distance and the other guy isn't zooming in. Does anyone have any tips to help me out? It would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Hey 343, I know that no one probably cares but I really think 343 should make a halo wars 2. Halo wars 1 was the most succssful console strategy game and is one of my favorites all time. I still play it often with the other about 9 thousand that are online.. I have heard talk about 343 thinking about kinect for halo wars 2 and I just wanna say don't do it. The game is great with the remote it just needs to be refined somewhat. Kinect would not sell well and it would flop if you were to add new feature and make the original system more appealing I could see it selling well. Some ideas for the game as a long time player 1. More leaders and options (no more then 4 more or else it would be overwhelming) 2. More maps and fix the stupid same map in matchmaking like 10 times in a row 3. Maybe a ranking system where you unlock items (make it more competative) These are just a few suggestions I'm sure you have heard others. Just atleast consider it I know I would buy the game along with many others.
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