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Found 8 results

  1. *Important Notice* U.S.C is a Halo: Reach clan! What is the U.S.C about? The U.S.C is a clan that mainly worries about 'dictator clans' or (In easier terms) clans that claim and try to own all of the community and clans that simply want to be a arshole. <-- Keeping it clean In the U.S.C there is 13 ranks, all having a purpose to help the clan. For example an E1's description is: "Congradulations, you have just been added to the clan. Your a Private, you are the people that will be going around in cars and lighting up the battlefield." but an E2's description is: "You've ranked up! Now you will be the ones worrying about the air. You will be on the ground keeping our airspace clean or in the air keeping our groundspace clean." as you can tell there is a diffrence between what people do. What is the requirements to join the U.S.C? First things first, we make NO ACCEPTIONS. If you do not qualify on one of these then you may not join. Must be 11 or older. Must have a matchmakeing K/D of 0.5 or higher. Must be mature (dont run around screeming into the headset) Must have some strategy... even if it is unnatural. Must be active. Must be respectful. What if our K/D was .5 when joined but droped sence? Well in this case you will be placed as a reserve. You will mostly be trying to bump it back up in matchmakeing but other than that you will not really be involved in the clan. What is the point of this page? The main point is to get people to join. We really need some members as currently (Counting me) we only have 7 and most are unactive. What about other stuff I want to know? Well you can find it on the website or on our youtube channel. Clan Website: http://unnaturalstrategy.wix.com/uscwebsite Clan Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwN4UlBLFOM
  2. I think 343 should include a RTS/FPS hybrid game mode. When I play Halo wars I always look at my three Spartans in the field and think "Wow, I really wish I could choose to play that character in first person." Imagine playing Halo wars and having a team of six spartans on the field which are all human players and when you select them and give them a command, it appears as a waypoint or an objective marker on their screen, giving them the distance to their objective and the details of the objective JUST LIKE IN A CAMPAIGN MISSION! If done properly, this game mode would seem like an entire unique campaign each match. I think the best way to do this would be to treat the firebase as a vehicle that the commander can operate from within or exit and fight as a spartan in first-person view; this allows even the person commanding armies to still have their personalized character in the match. If you want to get carried away allow players to be the captains of ships and make the map the size of whole galaxy with landmarks such as planets Earth, Harvest, Reach as well as High charity and all of the locations visited in all of the Halo Games prior.
  3. Would you like to join a gaming clan based on trust and teamwork? Do you like strategy and fun custom games? Well if you answered yes to any of the above, forerunner conflict is the place for you. Choose which army you want to be apart of, red or blue, the choice is yours. for more information PM me and I'll send you a link. Help your army in this never ending war. If you decide to join the blue army tell em darkwhip sent ya .
  4. I think the perfect sequel is a real-time strategy first-person shooter hybrid game, using the Halo Wars mechanics for the commander and the classic first-person shooter and vehicle mechanics of the other halo games, in which the commander would build bases and armies and command those armies, exactly like Halo Wars, while a team of players allied to the commander function as special operations units on the ground, existing independently from the commander. When matchmaking, there are two main categories to choose from, though others may web off this initial choice, being Commander or Player; this will ensure that when a game commences, everybody will be playing the role they wish to play and that these roles will be consistent throughout the whole game, which solves the many problems of changing positions as player and commander and prevents the ineffectiveness of inconsistently playing either role. A side note on the matchmaking process: perhaps flood and Promethean Races should be added to the Leader choice options, though I fear this may sacrifice the games simplicity. Though any unit should be able to be played in First-person, for understanding and imagery purposes, assume that all players are Spartans. Plus, “players” will refer to the people playing fist person characters while “commanders” will refer to the base and army building position, even though it would also be played by a real, human, player. A player has an economy system exactly like that of the commander in Halo Wars, one resource that increases in income rate as resources area acquires, except that the players will not have the authority to build supply pads. Instead, the commander can dedicate supply pads to supplying all or some of his allied players or simply give his players a lump sum of resources, like the “give supplies to friendly” ability in Halo Wars that the commander has when one of his supply pads is activated. With this system alone, the players would be very dependent on the commander, which would rob players of the potential to have significant impact on their teams performance if the commander is not performing well, so the players should have other means to acquire resources. Other means for players to acquire resources should be gathering resource crates and utilizing map relics that provide resources, both of which are seen in Halo Wars. Finally the last and most prevalent means for players to acquire resources would be the combat reward system, a system that rewards players with resources for all combat oriented accomplishments, such as enemy kills, vehicles captured, bases captured or destroyed etc, which functions almost exactly like the point reward system of Halo 4, to which the players are able to receive ordinance; in this case, the ordinance would be delivered or fire-dropped in from the Spirit of Fire, the UNSC ship responsible for delivering airstrikes for the humans in Halo Wars, and may include ordinance of any weapon or unit which may then be under the player's command, be it giving orders like a Ghost Recon game or commandeering a vehicle, like the other Halo games. I think the players, with the sufficient resources of course should be able to call in, at least, basic airstrikes, similar to the human leader powers of Halo wars, which would not activate the cool down for the commander; the player should also be able to upgrade his airstrike capabilities using his own resources as well. Lastly, just like the commander is able to give resources to the players, the players should also be able to give resources to the commander. Every time a player dies he will need to summoned by the Spirit of Fire or one of the commanders buildings. The player, if wishing to respawn as a spartan, will need to pay the resource cost of a spartan from his own resources to be deployed again. If the player has sufficient resources, before being deployed, the player may equip him or her self with desired weapons, equipment, armor and vehicles. The deployment process would be fire-dropped as an infantry unit from the Spirit of Fire, pelican-dropped from the spirit of Fire in a vehicle, or simply deployed from an allied commanders base if they have the sufficient buildings. Stepping outside the imagery of the human faction, players of the covenant faction should be able to play and upgrade covenant leaders and their leader powers as seen in Halo Wars. The scarab should also be able to be utilized but the player will not be controlling the scarab directly. Instead, he would be controlling an infantry unit that is driving the scarab, which allows for enemies to commandeer the scarab or dispose of the scarab by infiltration and self-destruction, rather than destroying it wit overwhelming firepower, like in Halo Wars. Overall, what I want in a game is the perfect balance of simplicity, to allow for easy operation, and complexity, to allow for varied strategy, which Halo Wars and the classic Halo games have mastered; so, to bring these two games together would be truly and literally fantastic. To all the readers, please give feedback and criticism to both the idea and concepts and my writing skills so I can refine them and, if Possible, keep your reply messages concise for my reading convenience but certainly not at the cost of quality contribution. Hopefully, if this is refined and becomes renowned enough, it will become something that a game studio, be it 343 industries, Ensemble Studios, Bungie etc., will find worthy and interesting enough to create. Call me crazy but it may just work. Thank You, very much.
  5. It seems to me that more and more players are camping in the Halo matches. Sitting in a corner with a shotgun waiting for someone to walk by. Whenever this happens to me and I get killed I get pretty upset. It seems like a "cheap" thing to do, or something that is just flat out annoying. But I started thinking. Is it really cheap, is it really a novice move, or is it an actual strategy? In past games it was always considered a novice move (newb, noob) move. In other gaming franchises it's also considered a noob move. However in this Halo, with the upgraded armor mods, can it be called a strategy? You can have the active camo armor ability so you're invisible to passerby, which certainly aids in camping. Also it does take a certain amount of patience to sit in one spot and wait for people. I'll admit, I've tried to camp, and I just can't seem to do it. I get to impatient. So I'm not sure what to think about camping. Is it becoming a strategy in online shooters, or is it something that is truly a noob tool? I'm interested to see what others think.
  6. Hello everyone! Over on my YouTube channel I am posting LOADS of Halo 4 content, starting with my First Impressions of the game + my plans for future content, while commentating over a Team Infinity Slayer match on Solace! Check it out if you're interested in seeing how different guns work, and comment on the video letting me know what YOU think of the game as well as what you'd like to see posted on the channel! Subscribe for DAILY Halo 4 videos, including weapon tips, map strategies, game type play-styles, and more! Giveaways are coming in the NEAR future to show appreciation for your support! Halo 4 : First Impressions + Content Plan | 23-7 Solace - Team Infinity Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-C91DdSe0 Thanks! Maqboul @MaqboulArts Youtube.com/MaqboulArts
  7. Get The Edge On The Competition With These MLG Strategy Guides Bravo came out with a Dominion Strategy Video a couple of weeks ago. That video got taken down for using video footage that 343 didn't want to be on the internet. But I bring to you today that same video done again. This video has some language but it is :Bleeped out: Enjoy the video and tell me what you think of these strategies. Here is the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJJYtqqsiqs&amp;list=UUq7AJTe2LVeTN_vanfZ5bkw&amp;index=2&amp;feature=plcp Video by BravoMLG In all dominion game types there will be 3 capture points one near each teams spawn and the other in the middle. This being noted there needs to be high emphasis on the middle base. Also focus on back routes and the vehicles that you are given These things are key to the success of this game type.
  8. I think the idea of making an assassination a drawn out animation, makes the idea of a one hit melee kill, more realistic. Its great. the problems are, 1) it takes so long to finish, that the victim has gotten his call out to his team mates in time for them to put grenades on his "X", so perhaps taking away the victims "X" sign after the kill would make the assassination more valuable. I would also suggest killing the victims microphone feed until respawn, but then players would just enter private chat pregame 2) what if I am standing behind an enemy, and I don't want to assassinate them? what if I would rather drop their sheilds with a melee and finish the kill with a head shot... because I feel the time spent in the assassination animation will eliminate my advantage over multiple players of the enemy team, since I have gotten behind their front line... food for thought. I play at the highest levels in match making, and strategical considerations are more important than visual entertainment for me at that level... does anyone else care about that?
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