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Found 6 results

  1. At first it seems like this map takes place in some snowy mountains. but just like the map's name already hints: the core of this mountain is indeed melted. So you basically have to environments on this map which play completely different. The melted core is more an arena-area. Especially in slayer this is the place to be. The objective gameplay, or actual BTB-stuff is going on the outside-area that's circling this mountain. There is a Incineration Cannon in the map's center. On the left and right sight you find two lookouts - red and blue - each equipped with a Railgun-Weaponpad. And of course there are two bases embedded into the snow. Here you can restock you ammo, grab a BR or even better: Take the Mantis for a ride. I hope you'll enjoy this map. Also there is always space fore improvements. So you feedback is very welcome
  2. My hopes for Halo's story, as it would make for some epic FPS missions and one of the greatest science fiction stories ever made. What is known: FORERUNNER --the Didact is for certain the Ur-Didact --the Librarian is dead - Chant-to-Green took her place as Lifeshaper --the Iso-Didact was still alive after the firing of the Halos (Bornstellar) --343 Guilty Spark was Chakas --there was a forerunner colony in another galaxy far from the reaches of the Halos (the most probable place the forerunners fled too after reseeding the galaxy) --that 6 of the original 7 Halos remain (from the Lesser Ark) --that a city of nearly 2 million people had been composed (end of Halo 4) --the Ur-Didact's interest in Cortana (...."this evolved ancilla") HUMAN --Master Chief was/is the only Spartan 2 left alive --humanity has begun cataloging all the halos and forerunner artifacts in their galaxy --humanity has also begun to integrate their technology with forerunner technology --Dr. Halsey was kidnapped by the Storm Covenant, obtained the Janus Key. The key was split in two: half was kept by Dr. Halsey, the other was given to Spartan Gabriel Thorne --Cortana supposedly died/ended service after the destruction of the Ur-Didact's ship --Cortana was created/found by Dr. Halsey on Reach, in an ancient forerunner complex, housing a crystal FLOOD --even a single flood spore can house the memories and intellect of every flood being before it --originated from powdered Precursors --used as an act of vengeance upon the forerunner race --no cure - even though it is eluded that humanity had a cure, this was later discredited when it was revealed that the flood had simply receeded from human space, not infecting them --supposedly destroyed at the end of Halo 3 COVENANT --Arbiter has returned to rebuild his home world --Storm Covenant was/is a covenant fleet sent to Requiem after being founded in 2553 after Halo 3 --now in the possession of Dr. Halsey and part of the Janus Key MY STORY PREDICTIONS Halo 4 set the story: Master Chief, awakes the Ur-Didact, bent on the destruction of the human race to prove that they are unworthy to bear the Mantle of Responsibility. Ultimately, it would seem as though the Didact failed, his ship destroyed, and he himself is MIA. though there would be a darker plot afoot. What-ifs: The Ur-Didact mentioned on his ship, through voice overs, the "secret you have kept from me........this evolved ancilla". My question is, what is the only ancilla created after the Ur-Didact was put into stasis or the only ancilla the Ur-Didact may not have ever seen or come into contact with? There are 3 answers: Cortana who is made by Dr. Halsey, the ancilla the Librarian gave to Bornstellar or...... Offensive Bias. Offensive Bias was made between finding the Ur-Didact and the firing of the Halos. But it is never mentioned that he saw or interacted with this ancilla. Offensive Bias was more cold and calculating, but in the terminals seemed very..... human like or personable shall we say. Gender is never mentioned as it is an ancilla so gender is irrelevant. May extrapolation is that Cortana was/is Offensive Bias, merely re-written by Dr. Halsey. Which would still leave the canon that she was "made" by Dr. Halsey but alter Cortana's own backstory, making the plot I have devised even more intriguing. The Ur-Didact can clearly be heard speaking in the epilogue of Halo 4. His speech is directed at Forerunners, that much is made very clear. He seems to be addressing a collective. Knowing that forerunners survived and ultimately relocated to another galaxy. To which galaxy, I dare say the one that was discovered by the Librarian in the time before the last Forerunner-Flood War. It would make sense that they ultimately chose to relocate there because of the abundance of Forerunners, and because of the Organic Domain they had on that world. And further extrapolation would suggest the forerunners to have survived the halos firing would have also moved out to that galaxy, it would only be fair to suggest that forerunners are once again a powerful civilization (having been given 100,000 years and having the technology they had taken with them to those other forerunners in the other galaxy, it would only be fair to say they have become larger in scope). Which would mean that the Ur-Didact was sent, along with the raw data collected by the composer, to Requiem (as eluded to in Spartan Ops via the episodes) and then left for this galaxy (Or the speech he was giving was a foretelling of the story for Halo 5). Master Chief is a human Spartan 2 soldier. That much we understand. However, it was noted that, when humanity was reseeded on the world Erde-Tyrene, the geas left by the Librarian was removed from humanity. Everybody was screened before departing from the forerunner ships, and all traces of the Librarian were removed. Though, the Librarian herself mentions the "gene plans" she had placed in "you". As well, the line "1000 lifetimes of planning", which would mean the Librarian has an active knowledge of Living Time, meaning she could not have been just a "recording". I would venture a guess as to say the Librarian survived the firing of the Halos. To what extent I do not know but I can speculate that she may not be forerunner anymore (AI/digital or perhaps even.......flood). Back to the Master Chief; he was spoken to by above mentioned Librarian. She apparently activated the gene plan she had implemented in humanity years before hand. Now there are two explanations: (1) it really was a gene plan enacted by the Librarian after the firing of the Halos and the reseeding of humanity or (2)......it was brevet mutation. The chamber the chief was in when this occurred was observed to have a view of the outside (direct view of the stars and space, as required for any mutation). Something else that is interesting is that when you see Master Chief's face in the Legendary epilogue of Halo 4, he has no eyebrows. Curious. The game developers make a point of ensuring all of the other human characters have eyebrows except the MC. Now, please enlighten me as to who has no eyebrows and is a member of another species? Answers: the Arbiter and ....the Ur-Didact. Every forerunner seen has had no eyebrows, which is interesting. Now, to be more clear as to why I believe the MC underwent a brevet mutation: the Ur-Didact underwent a brevet mutation before composing his army, and became immune to the Composer, which is exactly what happened when MC was "accelerated" by the Librarian. The flood are not done, never will be. Halo's story line is dripping with Flood everywhere, to eliminate the possibility of the Flood returning to the franchise would be dismissive as they are crucial to the story. Now in which manor they come back, I am not sure, though I guess as to a few ways. MY PREDICTIONS TO SUMMARIZE AND CLARIFY: I believe Cortana is Offensive Bias in one form or another. --she will be found alive and well, though ashamed and upset that she never told MC --she will also be the most controversial character in this trilogy of games, my reasons are below in the MC section The Ur-Didact will assemble the forerunner race in force to strip humanity of the Mantle, as the Ur-Didact wishes to prove the Precursors wrong that Humanity was meant to inherit the Mantle --he may or may not become infected by the flood (would be cool to see) --I do not believe that he will die (or if he does, he will have made peace with the MC) --I think the ending to this trilogy will see him and humanity 'together' in some form or another The Librarian is alive, though she may be flood infected, helping humanity to inherit the Mantle through 'alternative ways' --she and Cortana have a plot afoot involving the MC --has a vested interest in the MC and humanity (more than a forerunner would) Now for a plot twist: I believe that the Master Chief is actually Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting. Now I have many reasons to believe as such. --the Librarian had prior knowledge of him, his suit, and his ancilla --refers to him as 'You' and addresses him a less than formal manner different to how she addressed Dr. Halsey in Requiem --preformed what I believe was a brevet mutation on him - which if you watch all the Halo 4 cut scenes you would notice MC's height difference from start to finish, Commander Palmer is dwarfed by him in the epilogue, yet is only a few inches shorter than him when they first meet. --and he has no real back story, that he refers to that is known as fact --Dr. Halsey has a vested interest in him, more than any other Spartan --yes I know, he is supposed to have 6 fingers, but that could easily be explained. --it was mentioned that Bornstellar could return to being a maniplar if he so desired, and so I believe he did, so he could live the way he intended to It is my belief that the Master Chief is Bornstellar because I believe there to be more in depth back story as to the departure of the Forerunner's from the galaxy. MY VERSION OF HALO BACK STORY: I believe Bornstellar had himself put into stasis with Offensive Bias. When he went into stasis, he said the lines: "Wake me when you need me." to Offensive Bias, and so humanity found them some years later. Dr. Halsey being assigned to the project, interacted with Offensive Bias first, and having done so, integrated her own mind with its, thereby making Cortana. Halsey explained that a living forerunner, especially one that was a warrior-servant (knowledge gained through their time conversing) would be a valuable asset to humanity. Though, Halsey explained further, it would be a liability if he were to remember who he was, and what he did. So, Cortana rewrote his memory, giving him made up memories of a life he would have lived as a human. The Spartan 2 program started, with new technology garnered from Cortana and Master Chief (suit, interface, etc.) (1) Librarian: She survived the firing of the Halos on earth, and watched over humanity. Currently lives on earth, and has yet to found. (2) Librarian: Survived the firing of the halos, though was infected by the flood. Made a pact with the flood to eradicate the forerunner civilization, and to give humanity the Mantle. GAME PLOTS - FUTURE MEDIA I believe Halo 5 will focus mostly on the retrieval of the Janus Key and Dr. Halsey. Halsey will then at some point during the course of her rescue reveal a partial truth to MC about Cortana and him, and what they really are. She will say more about Cortana's origins rather than his, as she feels it is Cortana's responsibility to tell MC the truth. She then reveals that with the Janus Key, it is possible to find Cortana (Offensive Bias) using it (the All Record). Further along in the story it is revealed that the flood is alive, and has infected the Storm Covenants forces, and that an inner war between the flood and the Covenant ensues - near the All Record. The Ur-Didact towards the end of the game, jumps out of slip space with an army of forerunners and prometheans - near earth, in the epilogue. I believe Halo 6 will focus more on the retrieval of Cortana from the All Record, and the information she has in regards to MC and humanity. I think this is when the Flood will reveal its true nature, in and that it wanted humanity to attain the Mantle, not forerunners, and in order to make this a reality, it had to draw out the remaining forerunners using MC and humanity (this is probably when the Librarian will reveal her pact with the flood to ensure humanity's survival). In order to save humanity, MC rushes through slip space with the help of the Flood to Earth, and confronts the Ur-Didact. Upon realizing his inevitable defeat, he makes peace with the MC, revealing to him that he is Bornstellar, whilst Cortana confirms it. The Didact then realizes what he must do in order to stop the flood........ too many hypotheses to list, suffice to say, it will be a grande finale. CONCLUSIONS Though I may be completely wrong, and many of my ideas have there fair share of holes in terms of explanation. I believe at least some of what I posted is true. More so the idea that Master Chief is not John the Spartan 2 test subject. He may not be Bornstellar, but he most definitely is not the man he thinks he is. Also I believe the portion involving Cortana is true, that she is either Offensive Bias or the Librarian's ancilla that was given to Bornstellar. I believe she will play a vital role in further games and will always be part of the Halo universe. Those are my thoughts. If you agree, disagree, have further information regarding the above mentioned, feel free to post. I always love hearing hypotheses regarding Halo story lines and back stories. ***Sorry that it is so long, I have just been wanting to voice my hopes for so long, I figured I would give as much information and evidence as to my predictions as possible.*** *** I am aware there is a thread about halo plot lines already, however being a new member, I can't seem to find it. ***
  3. "Aesthetics - Forunner" Brought to you by GryffinGuy007. Link: http://halo.xbox.com/en-au/haloreach/GryffinGuy007/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30644090 An array of various forunner pieces and objects. Please feel free to modify each any of the objects to suit your maps' needs. List of Forunner Objects: 1. Barricades 2. Crate 3. Propane tank 4. Generator 5. Radio/Receiver 6. Holographic Projector/Screen 7. Tower 8. Sentinel 9. Watcher Prototype (Halo 4) Screenshots: Hope you enjoy my aesthetics maps and once again, thanks THFE.
  4. Creator-ShadowFalcon777 Map-Reactor Game types-Team slayer, FFA, Multiteam, CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball, Territories, KOTH, Headhunter. Recommendations- 8-10 players for -FFA,Team Slayer, CTF, Assault, Territories, Stockpile Discription- This is a Slayer+Objective map made in the Quarry area of Forge World. The aesthetical feel to the map makes you feel like your at a forerunner power plant of any kind, hence the name "Reactor". 4v4 or 5v5 is best played on this map for the CQC and long range combat on the map. As far as objectives, CTF and Assault are best played on this map, again with 4v4 or 5v5. Weapon placement is quite balance and very good. no team is over powered at all unless they are lucky to obtain all power weapons. The map is ofcourse completely symmetrical, other than the occasional terrain. I hope you all enjoy this map and have blast....... literally. Download link- http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30730948 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wTi8Cvm8JI&feature=youtu.be Screenshot
  5. "Aesthetics - Forunner Gunshow" Brought to you by GryffinGuy007. Link: http://halo.xbox.com/en-au/haloreach/GryffinGuy007/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30688810 Yes folks, I have yet another submission. Due to the coming of Halo 4, I decided to create two forunner aesthetics maps (See "Aesthetics - Forunner"). This aesthetics map features a variety of forunner guns ranging from small to massive. Note that these guns do cost a bit, but various pieces can be removed from them in order to save budget. Screenshots: Thanks again, THFE. I'v had alot of time on my hands to create these...
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