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  1. Will just throw these in because why not. I'm aware I look fresh from the womb. Will just link two more here: http://imgur.com/73Ngzkd,y9UQJuL,77c8Pa6#1 http://imgur.com/73Ngzkd,y9UQJuL,77c8Pa6#2
  2. GT: GryffinGuy007 Subclass/Level: Lv29 Warlock Sunsinger. Weapons: Last Word, Plug One.1, Hannibal-E. Availability: Whole session. Preferred Raid: Don't mind, though I may be a liability on higher difficulties.
  3. So, what did YOU receive for Christmas? I got: -Xbox One (+5 games) -Cards Against Humanity pack -New sunglasses -New earphones -New WiFi router -Bioshock Infinite (Steam) -The Elder Scrolls Online (Steam, shout out to Connor Kenway) -$150 in cash -More clothes Had a great Christmas this year, so what did you guys receive on Christmas?
  4. Ask Zag, he has plenty of screenshots of my embarrassing moments that I can't remember. xD Truth or dare?
  5. I'm offering the following Steam Game codes: -Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure -Always Sometimes Monsters -Full Mojo Rampage -The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Complete Pack -Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition -Cave Story+ -Dustforce DX -Puzzle Bots -Thomas Was Alone -VVVVVV -Alpha Protocol + Rome: Total War + Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit + Company of Heroes -Full Profile Makeover -Social Media Makeover (YouTube, Facebook, etc) I'd like 3 months of Gold membership (from either Twam or Vitamin). Also the $20 of Steam from Connor, if nobody else takes it
  6. PC - AMD Radeon HD 7770 (GPU), AMD FX-8320 (CPU), 8GB RAM. Can play Witcher 3 on High, as well as BF4 and Hitman: Absolution on High with a solid 30+ FPS. Warframe can also be played at MAX settings, with far beyond 60 FPS. Steam Games: +Dota 2 (FTP) +Arma 3 +Garry's Mod +DayZ +Dead Island: Riptide +Nether +Warframe (FTP) +The Secret World +Star Conflict (FTP) >Natural Selection 2 >No More Room In Hell (FTP) >Planetside 2 (FTP) >Counter Strike: Global Offensive >Chivalry: Medieval Warfare >Payday 2 >Primal Carnage >Loadout (FTP) >War Thunder Other Games: +Guild Wars 2 +Battlefield 4 >DC Universe Online (FTP) >Maplestory (FTP) >World of Warcraft (FTP-ish) -League of Legends (FTP but PAY TO WIN) Availability: Pretty much every day, 4:30pm-9pm AEST, given that I'm not working. Favourite genre: MMORPG. Internet speed: Standard Australian internet speed so... it's meh.
  7. The lovely Siberian Husky, or Czechoslovakian Vlcak
  8. Everyone's doing unboxing videos, but I decided to do something more useful and *kinda* show you all how to make your very own Halo helmet for cosplay! Enjoy.
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