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Found 10 results

  1. I love barbie dolls. You can comb their hair, play pretend, and have lots of fun with them. They're really cool and pretty. I love barbie dolls, they're great. (This is the most uncomfortable I've been Melody, I'll get you back)
  2. So, here's the deal. Recently, I've had the hankering to start a new run-through of XCOM: Enemy Within. BUT! I want to go about it differently. Previously I have Written what was refered to as XCOM: Declassified Debriefs; a story told through Files I wrote based on the events which occur in the game. Now, here's the situation: I need YOU guys to cast yourself as the characters for this playthrough; BEARING IN MIND, that some of your characters may die. But, I'll make one, AND ONLY ONE! Clone. Let's call this, the Bnus rule. But, rest assured I am trying my hardest to keep your little soldiers alive. Anyway, here's a little format for you: Name: (First and last. give your real name, a fake one, or call yourself Harry Balzanya. IDC.) Codename: (When you reach Sergeant, you get one of these. by default, it will be your account name, unless you tell me otherwise) Hair: Skin: Armor color: Later on, when Research gets done, and things get unlocked, I'll ask some people about more things, but for now, this should do. Come on people! Those Sectoids won't blow themselves up! (Also, later on you will have the option to become M.E.C.'s and Bio-soldiers, but not yet. ) Space available: Regular troops: Infinite M.E.C.s: 2 Bio-Soldiers: 3 Current Roster: Bnus: Anthony Buneuro - Heavy Zaguroth: Michael Patrick - M.E.C. Yang Xiao Long: Yang Xiaolong - Heavy JXZAW: Jack Hart - Assault Fishy: Fishy Fish - Sniper BeckoningZebra1: Bee "BZ1" Zeewun - Assault D-38 Boss: Colin Gervasi - Sniper
  3. This is the tale of the little Grunt that could. Once upon a time on a planet far, far away lived a little Grunt. That grunt was named Oscar. So if you put his full name together he was Oscar the Grunt. Oscar lived alone for you see, he was a grunt that could never do what he wanted to do, as the Elites said. Oscar lived in the Elite part of the neighborhood. So when ever he would ask to play in the Elite games, they told him he was a too different than the rest of them and to go away. Everyday felt like it was time for Oscar the Grunt to just go suicidal. He thought about what it would be like to just run up to those Elites and just stick them with a grenade, but Oscar knew that was not the smartest thing to do. So Oscar quickly gave up on that idea..... Hundreds upon Thousands upon Millions of Ideas Later........( Yes my friends some time has passed by ) Oscar thought about what he could do. Since Oscar was old enough to drive one of the coolest vehicles on the block, a Ghost, he decided that he COULD try to drive his neighbors Banshee from the Halo Wars. So one night Oscar ran over to his neighbors house, assassinated his neighbor sleeping getting an achievement of some kind, and then took the banshee out for a joyride. You see, Oscar knew where each Elite that had made fun of him was, because Oscar was smart, because Oscar did not take no BULLS*** from any stupid Elite. So he spent the night Massacring Elite after Elite. In the early hours of the morning not a noise was made and not a sound was stirred. Oscar awoke from his bed to find himself pleased with what he had done. Oscar said to himself that he could do something one day. And He did. He killed a lot of people. Good job Oscar. Good Job. (This is where everyone should start crying for joy.)
  4. So I was moving my Xbox from one room to another, and I began to set it up, but when I turned the TV on, nothing. So I pulled the Hdmi cable out of the back of my Xbox, and plugged it into my Bluray player, and it worked. Since it's not my cable, I'm wondering if there's any way I can fix this problem. Any help is appreciated, Thanks, -BZ1
  5. Hello everyone. For about 14 days I havent been able to play matchmaking because of the servers not being online. The message when entering wargames lobby is as follows: The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using the default playlist So, I get to choose from Infinity slayer, big, regicide, CfT, KoTH and slayer pro, but with no people online. When google'ing the fail massage, i get hits, but none of them solves anything :/ I have tried the standard things like restarting everything. And I am connected to xbox live. Sincerely
  6. Lately a rumor has popped up about Halo coming to Steam...Microsoft has announced that this is not happening. The folowing is from an article on Kotaku.com Source This weekend, many noticed something curious: some Halo titles were listed in the Steam registry. Some assumed this meant that these titles were coming to Steam. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, that’s not the case. “We currently do not have plans to release any ‘Halo‘ titles on Steam,” said a Microsoft spokesperson to Kotaku. Sceptical? I wouldn’t blame you. When folks say there aren’t any plans, it sometimes actually means “not yet.” It’s worth noting that, unlike other titles which have now been confirmed — like Dyad — Halo 2 and Halo 3 pages were almost immediately taken down and can no longer be accessed. Maybe that means something. Maybe not.
  7. THE BR RECOIL DOES NOT EQUAL DMR BLOOM. It is useless to make both rifles 5-shots and then try to compensate for it by making shooting variables that aren't equal or at least very similar. DMR's bloom still is not fixed. Even at max bloom the bullets can still hit the player's hitbox 80% of the time. Thus making the gun SPAMMABLE. Recoil is not that much but think logically here on where the advantage lies: Vertical upward rising shots (Forces you to reposition crosshairs twice one against the upward direction and one for the player's direction) VS. Shots within a radius (Forces you to wait but only reposition once for player position) DMR Bloom requires less coordination and actual work than BR, making it a handicapped, OP, weapon. Ways to fix: Increase BR damage (since you already get recoil anyways) or Increase DMR bloom radius or Decrease DMR shot interval length or Make BR as equally efficient at long rage
  8. "I used to make comments like yours, but then I took an arrow to the knee..." "I used to play Halo like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee" "I used to make arrow to the knee jokes, but then I took an arrow to the knee" Arrow to the knee. A reference well-known by Skyrim fans which has now spread like a virus and infected half of the internet. Sadly, no number of 500 mile walks or commercials will give us a cure. I get how sometimes it would be funny. I've killed Alduin 7 TIMES thus "beating" the game. Like everyone else I'm a huge Skyrim fan (though not as much as Halo) and understand how the joke would be funny. But, when it appears in Youtube comments or other gaming threads, it makes me want to reach through the computer and choke that person. AND NO, I AM NOT A SOCIOPATH. The worst part is, I SEE IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I have taken THOUSANDS OF ARROWS TO THE KNEE. WHAT MAKES YOUR KNEE SO SPECIAL? So, as a message to you "arrow to the knee" commenters, KNOCK. IT. OFF. I'm sick of it. What? Still not convinced? Still think this post has been a waste of time? WELL.... well, maybe it has. Just one last little thing before you get sick of me and go read something else. For those of you who have played Dead Space 2 or are at least aware of what goes on in it, before you type in those 4 little words, remember when Isaac Clarke took that needle to the eye.
  9. Alright. I'm sure most of you are sick of me posting crap. WELL TOO BAD. FREEDOM OF SPEECH or whatever.... Anyway, unlike most girls, I love video games. It's like interactive T.V. So, since I am a girl gamer, you have NO IDEA on how much I'm judged. "Do you cry when you get killed?" "Do you spend half the time in the armory buying stuff?" NO. So let's get some things straight. 1. I don't get the deal with shoes. But, I love tacos. 2. I don't freak out if I see blood. 3. I know how to use a gun. 4. I don't hide during a match. I actually try to win. 5. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE MOA THAT GET CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE.
  10. Hillo well, it seems i had a pleasant surprise while i was in Chemistry at school today....i am the new MoM! hooray As May's Member of the Month, I have to give shout-outs, and i quick brief about the site, and me i think...or something like that lol. Well back in the day, when the site was still growing, a young Mudkip was born here, and did nothing...expect post like three things....then the mudkip grew up and evolved into an Azaxx. He then became active and gained friends, from the highest mods, to his beloved awards. He then posted quality posts, and shared some of his art work, because he loved the amazing forums that much. He then went on a mission, no become mod! He then gave up,...kinda lazy lol. He made the Official Halo 4 News Board, and still updates it with confirmed news! He then decided he could help more with the forums, and made a drawing request page, for members to post pictures, and get them hand drawn by him. This is going well, with it a 'hot' topic! He then...bored in chemistry, went on these very forums, to go afk whenever Fire said for me to stay on lol. Then he came back, then afk, then he finally came back...and he was minus green! So then he created this topic and realised that he is speaking in third person, but doesn't want to edit the entire post so continues.... He would like to give a very selected shout-outs to regular members. (not moderators) ZB-85 ~ One of the kindest members of the forums. He is a great member to talk to, because he will take his time to listen to peoples troubles. He is a great forum poster azwell and help members, without wanting anything in return. Archangel Tyrael ~ Though i like his other name better, because he killed kings lol, he is such a dedicated member and news reporter. On the field whenever possible, he goes out of is way to make sure the important news, gets to you! Theorix ~ My art God, I know the signature shop gets a bit heck-tick at times, but he makes sure all requests are done, to the highest level of ossimness. One day i hope I can be by your side. Ms. Mystic ~ One of my personal favourite members. She is always kind and caring towards other members. She makes the best comebacks I've ever seen on a forum, and her knowledge and fact giving in her posts shows a top quality poster. Glad she came back to the forums Le Derp King ~ This month and a bit before, he is always there when I'm on to break the silence ..or my spamming in the shout-box lol. He has a excellent eye for Forge, and has help me on a few occasions. Thanks again Derp. Now to the Moderators, former ones and the Admin; Twam, thank you in supporting me in what I have done this past month and beforehand, also thanks for the votes lol, and four cheers for our Moderators, they do a fantastic job keeping things ordered on this forum. Well I have one last thing to add, as the new MoM, i have been told i get a request that gets considered by the Moderators/Admin, and it hard to think so here this goes.... I suggest you have a few members with a rank called 'awards' or something and they can be PM'd about missing awards ect? That would take a lot of stress off of mods, they wouldn't even need to worry about them. And get constant private messages about the awards. So that raps up this post, hopefully I will be seen as a excellent member, even when this Honour expires. Thanks for this wonderful month. -Azaxx. ps. I leave you with, my best PC art lol, dont judge Theorix...
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