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Found 10 results

  1. For me it was several things, sister's marriage, Halo 5 release, and a bunch of awesome new friends! What did 2016 mean to you? Any super awesome memorable moments?
  2. New Years Day-ish Extravaganza To welcome in the new year, we will be holding a Warzone event! What better way to get ready for another year then to whoop some butt on Halo 5? I can't think of a better way I'd like to spend my day then with you guys. "But i'll be hungover from the night before, I can't come and play, although I really want to" - Azaxx Have no fear because this event will be on JANUARY 2ND, just enough time for you to relax and recover from one to many drinks, or for the youngins one to many apple ciders. Place: Halo 5 Date: January 2nd Time: 3 EST - whenever we want to stop EST Sign up below!
  3. That's right, I have the same birthday as the purvey R. Kelly Kim Jong Un and Drug addict Elvis. I am 19, born in Virginia Beach city. Do you guys do things for b-days? It'd be nice to just wish me a good day. I am having coffee cake, and having Japanese for dinner. I am so happy ~Sniper0092 How I feel.
  4. Hello and welcome all to the 15th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's question asked you if you preferred the massive beautiful Forge World, or the three flat topped islands that make up Forge Island. I actually thought it would be much closer than this, but here is our winner: On to this week's poll, which stems all the way from Halo 2 and can become an integral piece in the future of Halo: Do you think Arbiter will make his return in Halo 5? Now, don't be too quick to type up your opinion on this, because there's going to be a little bit of a break in the poll for the month of December with Christmas and everything so near. So if you want your vote to count this time, the voting deadline will be set at 10:00AM EST 01/03/14 Wow, it's almost 2014! Just another month and 2013 will be behind us... Thank you all for participating, Merry Christmas, and see ya' right here next month! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message me
  5. How are you guys? I am spending my first Halloween on here. Are you dressing up? I recorded my costume.
  6. Happy Valentine's Day guys! Hope y'all have tons of fun and lovin'. However, don't get intoxicated with chocolate... seriously, don't. <3 Image not mine...
  7. This is my happiest day EVA!!! Twam says hi to me after i took a break when getting my new PC :3 (Azaxx gun be jealous)
  8. I am afraid I have bad news. My laptop's rental is expiring, and all of the other computers in my house are always in use. I'm afraid will not be able get on at home. But, I'm sure I'll be able get on. just only 1/4 as much. You should remember me as a friend and as a humorous person, not as a jerk, or a spammer or a perv, maybe a troll, but I will always return to this glorious place, using the computers at my school liberry ( ). So, for now, I must pay your respects for asking for your GT's, so we can still be friends...goodbye.
  9. Happy, Happy Hey everybody you may know me, you may not. But I'm a guy that lives inside of these forums. If you have not met me, you will eventually. So let's get down to the nitty gritty. For 3 and a half months I have been rigorously looking for a job. I just graduated college and was about to die (not literally) out of lack for money. I have seriously been looking for a job non stop. The economy in America is not the best, so places weren't really hiring. I was slowly but surely becoming "poor" (literally) I know these are forums about video games and the such but it is also a place to support others. So I just wanted everybody on this forum to know that today I am the Happiest Guy in the world. I GOT A JOB!!! THIS IS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PapG53eIM1M Video By FORtheGLORY Now I will be able to make money and all that good stuff. I just wanted to scream it off a mountain top and since 343i Community Forums doesn't have a mountain I thought I'd yell it from the offbeat topics thread. Anyways that is all. So I will finally be able to renew my Gold Membership and everything. So I will be able to happily game with you all now.
  10. Can someone make me a good Youtube channel intro based on Halo and Minecraft. I am a nub at animation and stuff and am reaching out to the 343i community for help. If you would like to submit an intro just post a youtube video and I'll look at it.
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