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Found 13 results

  1. I download the game on console after about 80 percent I got error message saying that Can't download this game I did trouble shooting with support team and still doesn't resolve. Help
  2. Will MCC have a digital download version? Or will it be a physical disk version only? It would be nice to just say "Xbox Go To Halo" rather than having to get up to put the disk in every time.
  3. I have just spent easily an hour on this 2gb download only to find that I can play just one episode. One hour of downloading for ten minutes of gameplay. That's like deciding to play chess but realising you have accidentally left half the pieces in France and will need to catch a ferry to retrieve them... I understood staggering the releases of the first five that were included but this is just silly. I wouldn't have minded the ludicrously long download (seriously are the servers on fire today or something) if I got to play all of them.
  4. 343 industries / gamers My Xboxlive account ‘Darthbobo ICU2’ cannot access Halo waypoint on the xbox 360 console. Halo waypoint requires me to download an update, which I’ve previously downloaded before. After accepting to the download, the percentage bar jumps from 62 %to 0 % repeatedly and eventually results in “Cannot download Halo waypoint.” Due to this I am not receiving in game content such as armour unlocks and terminals, which I should have been awarded already and cannot, access Halo waypoint on the Xbox 360 console. In attempt to fix this I deleted Halo waypoint from my hard drive in the attempt to re-download it later, it failed and now I can’t even re-download Halo waypoint itself. I deleted the system cache, also didn’t work. ..(as some forums suggested) For some reason my system remembers the failed download (even after deleting Waypoint.)..returning to the 62% download mark but not progressing. Please can you advise how I can remedy this issue? My hard drive has plenty of space.
  5. Why is it that the Most Downloaded and Most Recommended still isn't working? I have not been able to look at any cool maps and it is kinda depressing because then I can't find any good custom stuff to do with friends unless I look them up on Youtube or something.
  6. I read that the next 6 Specilizations will only be able to be downloaded through a code sent to your e-mail adress associated with your gametag. the email adress associated with mine is so old that i do not remember the password or anything about it... i have tried to change it to my actual e-mail but have had no sucess. is there any other way i can get that code or something, i pre-ordered from gamestop, but it was not the legendayr edition so essentially all i can figure is that i am screwed royally
  7. I am trying to find user made maps to download but cannot seem to locate where/how to do it. I have played every single halo and never had problems before. Plz help me to not be a noon anymore
  8. Hi. I need some advice on which route to take to be able to play the future map packs because I don't want to waste money of course. I have two options....I am in the UK on an NTSC console and I have both an xbox live gamertag set up in Canada and one in the UK, however I play mainly on the Canadian one because I am moving back soon. Should I buy points for the UK account , download the maps, and then transfer to the Canadian account? Would that even work? Or vice versa can I just buy the maps on the Canadian account using a points card? Does anybody have experience with this? I would love to know which way works if any, thanks.
  9. Dear 434 industries, thank you for all your handwork and everything that you guys did to make Halo as successful as it is now. However, I have a request that me and a few 10 others and maybe even more people really would like to have. We were all extremely excited last year from hearing that Halo 4 was going to come out this year after Halo Reach and the anniversary came out. We are all veteran players who owned and played Halo since it came out in 2001. All of us pre ordered Halo 4 in limited edition, and two of us bought the Halo 4 Xbox. However despite all the excitement and expectations, our positive feeling fell to rock bottom when we realized that our games came in Chinese voices. Including all the books and special stuff that came along with it. Halo Reach at-least had the book in English! We are international students living in Taiwan from the U.S. We tried to preorder that game in completely English, but apparently it came in English text and Chinese voices. Which SUCKS!! We are making a request for all the gamers and Halo fans out there who would like to enjoy the game in the ORIGINAL VOICE. Even multiplier is not in English! Please try and make a downloadable English language voice pack for people who needs them. WE WILL BE WILLING TO PAY MICROSOFT POINTS IF IT TAKES! Please help our wish to come true, we can't resist the game in Chinese, it's torture. Master Chief sounds like a robot and Cortana sounds like a little girl. Worse, the War Games voices are extremely lame! Running Riot got translated into, KILL KILL KILL in Chinese For all gamers and Halo fans out there, please help me let 343 hear our voice and help us make this request come true! Please Sincerely, ~ Lolb4udie Edit: I have created a Halo Waypoint page, please support us! https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm1756781_English-Language-Pack-Request.aspx#post1756781
  10. Can some1 please help I bought the limited addition halo 4 just 2 get this armor and I downloaded it and its not in my spartan armor selection. Every time I rank up it says I unlock my deadeye helmet and all my raptor armor but when I check its not ther. SOME1 PLEASE HELP!!!!
  11. I've searched all over and have found other people reporting the same issue, but no answer or feedback has been given by 343. When I try to load the second mission it loads to 46% on normal, 4% on legendary and then reverts back to 0 and tells me there was a failure to load and I may be missing downloadable content. Does anyone know what may be wrong? so far I have -deleted the second disks content and cleared cache, then updated the first disk and reinstall the second -tried to play without patching
  12. I participated in the Beta back last summer, but I never got a email with a download version of the game. What do I do?
  13. Hey guys! I opened this topic for you. Just tell me what is your favourite racetrack on Halo: Reach. You can also post your own racetrack!
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