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    I'd just like to say this map greatly benefits from the recent TU. The ability to instantly respawn was never intended or accounted for and with that glitch patched, the flow of the map is greatly improved. As for other edits I smoothed the stairs a bit, impossible to get caught on them. Added the download link to the OP thanks to the file share being live.
  2. Thank you! An updated version is available with a few small tweaks and a second teleporter in glass hallway (every gametype except CTF). This allows greater movement around the map without the ability to camp an exit.
  3. Name: Collection Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (2v2, 1v1, x4 FFA), CTF Collection is a different type of challenge than my other forge works in that I'm working around pre-determined areas to allow them to work outside of their intended element. The result is a small competitive map that has official visual standards not possible within the forge templates, yet forge is put to work in order to allow the intended competitive play. The other challenge in doing so comes from the lack of any forge pieces to work with and forcing these substitutes to work in a manner not to be detrimental to visual fidelity. Please watch the video for a full explanation and walk around: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2JoVbnifF4 Update: An updated version is available with a few small tweaks and a second teleporter in glass hallway (every gametype except CTF). This allows greater movement around the map without the ability to camp an exit.
  4. Yama


    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone, glad you're enjoying it. Thanks, appreciate that. Hope you have some fun 1v1's.
  5. YamaMX, always down for customs and willing to do 1v1's.
  6. Yama


    Name: Dusk Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (1v1, 2v2, x4 FFA) File: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/5b4f085c-009c-4a4e-9b07-38e8181b3ca3 Please watch the video in full to understand the mindset behind the map and it's many intricacies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El8Edz4m6B4 Dusk is a smaller competitive map focused on 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay. Aesthetically pleasing set pieces and competitive fundamentals are unified to form an overall enjoyable map. This project started as a sketch on notepad paper and has since evolved into what you now see. Through multiple rebuilds and refinement, it has came into it's own as a successful smaller map. Different from most of my other creations, Dusk is highly centered around structure. If my other maps gained any inspiration from Lockout, this one gained it from Ivory Tower. All tiers are accessible through various routes with both basic paths and trick jumps available. Like most competitive maps, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. There is much trickery to be had, yet enough open space and vivid lines of sight to end it with precision.
  7. Update: The map is undergoing major changes and is being redone from the ground up. The beta version has received a ton of positive feedback, along with legitimate input that I took very seriously and will act upon. Looking at it with a different set of eyes, well respected forger MickRaider will be helping with the final version of Lockout. He is known for his amazing Halo 3 remake, Blockout. This version will be refined in just about every manner and is striving to retain every possible aspect. Expect a final release soon. When this occurs the thread will be updated to reflect the changes of the final release. In the meantime, feel free to add me for older versions.
  8. I'm all for it, especially with the deletion of the Slayer Pro playlist. At this point add a playlist with circuit play settings, can be called AGL, GB, etc. the name doesn't matter. Just allow us to play competitive Halo without setting up customs, please.
  9. CGN is a thread and movement dedicated towards bringing the community together through custom games. Many times players want to play a few customs, but without the hassle of setting up an event and such. This thread is to be used as a one stop solution to on the fly matchmaking. We will also feature main events in which you can PM me to add. Next main event: Saturday February 1st, 2013 9:30 EST Gamertag: YamaMX Event: Throwback Night | Various forms of gameplay on classic maps! Customs can be found through two different methods: Using this thread to matchmake for on the fly customs Scheduled events / game nights When attempting to matchmake, please post in the following manner: Gamertag: Your Gamertag Time: Now, 5:00pm EST, etc. Preference: Anything, 1v1, 2v2, FFA, CTF, etc. In an attempt to keep this thread both active and current, please do no post days in advance. Only events should be planned ahead of time, other forms of matchmaking should be the day of. Other uses of this thread can consist of summarizing your experiences. Please do share stories, player feedback, videos and anything else!
  10. For myself, the lack of 2v2 from the get go was appalling More so paying ten extra dollars for three big maps that I'd rather not play on. What happened to the Halo 2/3 days where packs were both hefty and balanced with different sizes, etc,
  11. They're usually one for one, negative Nancy's. It's not an effective way to play the game at high level, so with that, they usually never succeed in changing a games outcome. Very few people can utilize the skill effectively seeing as it radar jams, aka radar alerts so you know they're there. Really don't have trouble with them, but with that it really makes me miss the Slayer Pro playlist...
  12. 1v1 is not an ego boost of any sort, what a silly comment. In a competitive game like Halo, it is to be looked at like a fighting game in a sense. Less variables, more emphasis on trickery and best shot. Think of it like chess with high level execution tied to it. Any 'worry' that could be had in regards to a 1v1 or "camping" can be easily erased by good map design, particular weapon placement and overall balance. 1v1's on Halo 2's Lockout was a staple. If you were too young to have played the Lone Wolves playlist on Halo 2, then you simply wouldn't understand and I can't blame you for that. But with the right set up, something like Lockout, it works and amazingly at that. Like someone else mentioned above, it definitely helps you grow as a player. Much more goes into on the whim decision making and trickery than it does in clustered and overly messy matches. If anyone wants to 1v1, I'm always down to do so. YamaMX. Chill, willing to learn or teach and approachable. Any skill level welcome.
  13. With the 2v2 playlist penciled in for early February, this is a good time for the community to discuss what would work best. Source of news: http://mltiplyr.com/...ate-january-28/ Also releasing in February is the Majestic Map Pack which is confirmed to feature two smaller maps. This should help buff 2v2's worth in matchmaking. - - - As we know, 2v2's are a staple within competitive Halo play. Being a competitive player myself, I also understand the balance of simplicity and complexity necessary to allow such maps to work within a 2v2 environment. In this thread we will discuss why a map could or could not work for 2v2's. Please list pro's and con's for each map presented and we will collectively add them to the OP in hopes of achieving a near perfect experience in Halo 4's future 2v2 playlist. If there is a community map presented, please share the corresponding gamertag and as much info/media as you can. A link to a post with media would be best. Below are a few to get started, please share your input and we'll amend the list in a unified manner based on community feedback. I will list various maps below and a consensus category next to each, showing how we collectively feel about each one. The range will be Positive | Neutral | Negative. - - - Maps for Double Team Map: Lockout Consensus: Positive File: http://www.343indust...perfect-remake/ Pros: Lockout is a staple within Halo's 2v2 lore. If features the perfect balance between mix up and execution, meaning players are able to outsmart, outmaneuver and out shoot the opponent equally. Halo 4's Lockout in a 2v2 playlist would have to be 1:1 scale. While the game is marginally faster than it's predecessors, the size is perfectly fitting in a 2v2 environment and all of the jumps, line of sight, etc. would need to be retained. Cons: _____ Map: Haven Consensus: Positive File: Standard Halo 4 Map Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. Tried and true. Cons: _____ Map: Relay Consensus: Neutral File: Standard Halo 4 Forge Map Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. Cons: Slightly large, corridor based. Open space. _____ Map: Simplex Consensus: Positive File: Halo 4 Community Forge Playlist Pros: Symmetrical, balanced competitive map. MLG ready. Cons: _____ Map: Adrift Consensus: Neutral File: Halo 4 Standard Map Pros: Tried and true. Cons: Fairly large. _____ Map: Abandon Consensus: Neutral File: Halo 4 Standard Map Pros: Size is appropriate for 2v2. Cons: Potential spawn imbalance.
  14. Thank you everyone, again, I sincerely appreciate it. From what I gather, it is likely that we'll see a Double Team (2v2) playlist sometime in February. That is the sole purpose of this map and what it works incredibly well with. I'd be saddened not to see it utilized in that manner. Perhaps we could push for it to happen, collectively. I feel the results would be more than positive.
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