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  1. I am looking for three people to play in the Halo 5 last chance qualifier with next Sunday. It is just for fun and isn't meant to be taken seriously. Really just for teh lulz. But hey, then you can say you played in an MLG tournament. And who knows? We could be the next EG and win it, go to regionals, and win the 2 million dollar tournament. I hope this was the right spot to post this. Must have a mic and positive K/D. If interested message me on here or Xbox. Gamertag is Maximum Clutch.
  2. Kinda like battlefield where you have your team and then the people in your squad were a different color then the rest of your teammates. That would be nice.
  3. You only get kicked after 3 betrayals and you only get banned after multiple kicks. And if it really were 5 hours it would be because you are a serious repeat offender. There has got to be something you are not saying here.
  4. Redundant post is redundant. 343 already said it is not possible to patch split screen into Halo 5 and they are trying their hardest to get it into Halo 6. There is no point in complaining about it any more.
  5. It's your Spartan Rank (SR). You rank that up from doing anything in multiplayer, arena or warzone by gaining xp and is completely separate from your CSR (bronze, silver, gold, etc). This doesn't reward you with anything except for req packs with every rank up. This number is like your rank from Halo 4, how you can rank up just simply by playing even if you loose. Hope this helps.
  6. I started a Spartan Community called The Alpha Squad in the hopes to get a group of Halo fans together and have a good time when Halo 5 launches. Everybody is encouraged to join. This is mainly to meet new Halo fans who would like to run matchmaking games and co-op campaign together. The link is https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/the%20alpha%20squad I hope to see you there!
  7. Most of what you said is true, but if you're complaining about the game mechanics, you've obviously never played the original Halo 2. H2A is supposed to play just like H2C.
  8. Maybe we like the grab bag type playlist? Maybe we don't want to play any objective and Halo 2/3 playlist have a lot of objective gametypes in them. Don't try and tell people what to play.
  9. The MCC doesn't go off any previous purchase that you may have made.I highly doubt they'll add more armor. It has all of Halo 4's other armor sets to choose from.
  10. They reset all ranks back to 1 because of the matchmaking issues,to give everyone a fair start since most people couldn't get in a game. they said that in one of their updates recently. it was an intentional reset, not a bug.
  11. Just throwing this out there, but if he isn't even in junior high yet, he really shouldn't be playing a rated M game. He's probably around the age of 10-12? Halo is meant for ages 17 and up. There is swearing in the game, and finding a group of players for him that do not swear is going to be very difficult. Good luck though.
  12. They already confirmed Destiny is going to be a trilogy with Major expansions coming out in between games. The whole series is going to last 10 years.
  13. I have an Xbox One an I love it. If you've got the money now, I say go for it.
  14. Just sent you a friend request. So far all I have is the free games and Infamous Second Son
  15. After being exclusive to Xbox for the last 13 years, I decided to get a PS4. I don't have any PSN friends since all of my friends have always also been exclusive to Xbox. So if anyone wants to plat on PSN sometime add me, it's Maximum__Clutch (2 underscores). I look forward to playing with some of you!
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