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  1. Hello, I've builded a map and played it a lot the last days with some friends. People like fabE Speed, fabE Ace, fabE Coco and other competitive german Halo players. I got a lot of good feedback and I thought this might be a chance to show it more people! So the map is based on Sanctuary and a bit of The Pit and its a symmetrical 4v4 map. The main bases are like in Sanc. Both have a shotgun, DMR, BR and a MP, then there is the rocket field right next to the bases. in the middle there is a house with basement and a top room with a rocket spawning there. The basement has a lift up to the rocket room. In the middle also is a battlefield and right across the middle from the rocket house is a hill with a sniper balcony. In the back of the balcony is a hole where you can walk through. Under the sniper balcony is a room where you'll find a light rifle. The is made for Slayer, Stronghold, CTF and also Breakout. Its a moon base right next to a Halo ring. Thanks for your attention. iMAX VI
  2. Hey guys, so i was building a map the whole day and it was pretty much finished. I have everything on the map but no weapons. thats all whats missed on it. So now Iam trying to start the map again in forge and all what happens is that i'm stuck. I can't move bit i'am in the forger perspective. does anybody have the same issue or what could it be? Same happens if a friend is trying to forge the map. But I can start the map in slayer and every other mode without any problems. thanks for you're help.
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