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  1. I'm not sure about everyone else but in my experience before the patch, even though it said 16 was the max I never saw a full 8v8 BTB match. Before the patch it would always find 14 players, search for maybe another 30 seconds, give up on finding a full match, and just start the game as either a 6v6 or 7v7. I've probably played a bit more than 100 BTB games on the MCC, and as I said, not a single one has been an 8v8 since the game launched. I don't think 343i lowered the max to shorten search times, but maybe 343i was just never able to make 8v8 games work properly in the first place, so they might have given up (temporarily) and changed it to 14 players max without telling anyone. For the whole 5 months the game has been out, BTB in particular has never worked 100% the way it should. Not just the max players issue, but numerous others as well. Search times in BTB are much longer than they should be, it seems like BTB games crash at the loading screen more than in other playlists, players in countries outside the US have a very hard time finding any players in BTB at all (I've heard this mostly with Australian gamers. Some Aussies still have yet to play any BTB. It just never finds players for a lot of them). Overall BTB has quite a number of problems which are unique to the BTB playlist specifically. I'm hoping one of the next few patches is more focused on BTB in particular, the big team playlist is my favorite and most played playlist by far, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Just speculation I guess... I really hope they get BTB working properly eventually.
  2. I miss all the trash talking idiots who took rank too seriously though. The pre and post game trash talking to the other team was one of my favorite things about Halo 2 and 3. For the most part, everyone knew it was all in good fun, but sometimes there would be that guy who takes it too seriously and rages hard (which was always hilarious) That, and I miss the proximity chat. When you got a kill you could hear the kid on the receiving end scream and freak out over the mic, only to get cut off as he respawns XD. Those were two of the most satisfying things about the original Halo 2 and 3 communities. Now a days on the MCC its rare to find even one person who talks on the mic at all, and I have yet to play a single match where we trash talk eachother. If somehow that aspect of the community made a return, the MCC multiplayer would be so much more fun. I just wish 343i would live up to their original promise of the multiplayer being "just how we remember it in the original games" on the MCC. Its a far cry from the original experience, but I think with a bit more work (maybe a few months), they might be able to live up to that promise. At least I hope so.
  3. The non-existence of ranks/levels in the MCC is a huge problem. I do agree however that every playlist shouldn't have "hardcore" ranks that actually reflect skill and whatnot. That's what ranked playlists are for in Halo. Bungie originally had separate ranked and social playlists for a reason. For non-ranked social playlists, the MCC should still have some kind of "level" or a military-style ranking system similar to Halo 3 with the rank symbol (captain, lieutenant, sergeant, etc.) instead of a numbered rank. The Halo 3 system with separate ranked and social playlists which had their own separate ranks and rank-styles, was my favorite rank system out of any Halo game. I don't think every playlist should be hardcore ranked, but every playlist should have some kind of level/progress system. All the other Halos had something at least. Not only do ranks and levels let you see a player's skill or progress, but they make it so the teams can be more even and balanced. With some kind of level system 343i could more evenly distribute the higher skilled and less skilled players to make the teams more even, more competitive, and thus more fun. At least that's how I see it. Think about how many games you've played on the MCC where either the other team completely obliterated your team by a huge margin, or your team creamed them by a huge margin. Neither one of these scenarios are fun honestly, its pretty boring when my team is winning 35 to 12 (or the other way around) whether I'm at the giving or receiving end of the good team. I like playing close games which keep you on the edge of your seat. When one team is dominating, its just boring whether I'm winning or losing. Now think back to when you used to play Halo 2 or Halo 3 on Xbox and Xbox 360 (if you played them that is ). The original games didn't have nearly as many of these one sided/one team dominating matches, and the most likely reason is because they had ranking systems to balance the teams. Without a rank or level system, Halo gets extremely one sided very easily, and that's what a lot of people are seeing in the MCC. I really hope they add some form of ranking/level system for all playlists soon... Halo multiplayer is just not the same like this.
  4. After the last MCC content update (the big one that was supposed to fix everything) I noticed the faster search times, more stable games/lobbies, etc. But one big problem (for me anyways) I found was that 343i changed the max players on the Big Team Battle playlist. Before the patch it was 16 players 8v8 max, but after the patch its now 14 players 7v7 max. They didn't mention this in the patch notes at all, and every time someone brings it up it just gets ignored, from what I've seen. It might seem like a small minute problem to some of you, and I can understand that. For me though (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), Big Team is my favorite playlist, and in every single Halo game, Big Team Battle has always been 16 players 8v8. Always. For 343i to just all the sudden bring the max players down to 14 and not explain why, or even mention it at all, is a bit wrong honestly. I really hope 343i gets better at communicating with the community, and works on their public relations as a whole. The small things like this actually matter and add up. I'm totally not trying to be one of those "SCREW 343i, BURN BONNIE ROSS AT THE STAKE" type people XD (you all know the type of people I'm talking about. Just check /r/HaloCircleJerk on reddit hahaha), but I'm just saying how 343i should work on a number of things.
  5. I may have tried to get around their profanity filter a few times, but I never got any kind of warning or message about it. That, and I don't really think a permanent ban is really necessary for just swearing a few times especially without warning. Lets say hypothetically, they sent me a message warning be about it, and lets say I still didn't stop after a warning, then a ban would be in order. My situation is a huge overreaction in my opinion. I never got any warning, and I never got a 24 hour ban or a 7 day ban, it was just BAM! All the sudden perma-banned ( or banned until the year 2552 at least XD ). Meh, I don't really care much anyways. This community is much better in many aspects. The power hungry/ban happy mod who banned me can suck it. Hope his ban-hammer disappears one day when the admins realize he's an idiot.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stick around here lol. If this same thread was on Waypoint it would have already somehow turned into an argument over whether the MCC launch problems were 343i's or Microsoft's fault. Then I would be flamed ( and possibly banned XD ) for being the neutral party saying it was both hahaha. Seems like almost every thread on waypoint turns into an argument like that, or the classic sprint argument. It gets really old after all of my topics get so incredibly derailed every time.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone, especially the ones saying I'm the chosen one for knowing this community isn't "official" I do have one question about this community though. Does this forum allow swearing/cursing? The profanity filter on waypoint always annoyed me to no end lol.
  8. Yeah, like I said before I'll probably stick around here even if I do get unbanned on Waypoint. People here seem a lot more mature and level headed. The people on Waypoint just argue with eachother over literally everything, and if you don't agree with the popular opinion they just call you stupid and kick you to the curb (not just the moderators, but the Waypoint forums community as a whole). I know the 2552 is just a Halo reference, but its just kinda odd that it doesn't just say its permanent. Instead they banned be for 500 years lol. Do the moderators on Waypoint just ban people for disagreeing with their opinion? Because I could easily see that happening.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I know this isn't an "official" 343i forum, just a fan made community (correct me if I'm wrong), but I was apparently banned from the official Waypoint forums, and I'm not sure why... I am unable to post anything and unable to make any topics on there, the buttons to create new posts aren't there anymore. When I look at my Waypoint profile (click here to see my profile), it says this: So I took a look at the Halo Waypoint Forum Ban FAQ topic (here) and it says when you get banned: I was never "greeted" with the message they're talking about, and I don't have a message from a moderator saying why I was banned. I also never got an email or anything from them so I really have no clue whatsoever why I was banned, and like I said above, on my Waypoint profile it says I was suspended due to "other" until the year 2552 (Wtf? lol). Anyone here have any experiences like this? Has anyone here ever been unbanned from Waypoint? I would appreciate any advice. I'll stick around here though (I just found this forum). This forum seems a bit more mature and level-headed compared to the people on Waypoint anyways lol. Thanks!
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