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Found 12 results

  1. Revolution of Gaming (RoG)- Apex Brigade Member count: 23 Website: rogcommunity.com Revolution of Gaming is a gaming community that has thousands of members that spans over many platforms and games. In regards to Halo, the Apex Brigade is made up of all the dedicated fans of the series and all of the Halo 5 newcomers. The only activity that is mandatory is to log on the website at least once a week or so. If you lead a busy life outside of video games and wish to still uphold the best gaming experience alongside many people then this is the community for you. We host game nights every Tuesday and Saturday at 5 PM EST (US) and play all of the features within Halo 5. We have many members from both North America and Europe. In fact, our commander, the leader of Apex is from Ireland . The community as a whole is unparalleled. You won't find a nicer, funnier, more understanding, and considerate group of people in any other clan or community. For example, my now good friend has a thread on the community forums that is dedicated to helping people with achievements in any game, He hosts these events every Thursday and spends a lot of time and effort helping these people. He has helped me and a few other members of Apex beat the campaign on legendary difficulty and continues to help every member of RoG. In Apex, we host a monthly 1v1 and 2v2 tournament called the Khan of Apex. The winner receives a 10$ Xbox Gift Card for winning and is bestowed the title "Khan of Apex" for the rest of the month. Also, there are brigade wide tournaments as well. For example, my brigade, Apex, is currently competing against the Gears of War brigade, Fenix, in order to see who is better at a variety of games. Many tournaments and events are hosted weekly in the RoG community. However, it is not mandatory to participate in any of these tournaments or events or even game nights. Of course it is highly encouraged to be active in the brigade but we would all understand if you are a busy person. If you have any questions you can contact me by replying to this thread or messaging me on Xbox One. My gamertag is thopkins32. In order to apply for the Halo 5 brigade, all you have to do is create an account on the website listed above and apply for the Apex Brigade. Don't forget to tell them I sent you!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I know this isn't an "official" 343i forum, just a fan made community (correct me if I'm wrong), but I was apparently banned from the official Waypoint forums, and I'm not sure why... I am unable to post anything and unable to make any topics on there, the buttons to create new posts aren't there anymore. When I look at my Waypoint profile (click here to see my profile), it says this: So I took a look at the Halo Waypoint Forum Ban FAQ topic (here) and it says when you get banned: I was never "greeted" with the message they're talking about, and I don't have a message from a moderator saying why I was banned. I also never got an email or anything from them so I really have no clue whatsoever why I was banned, and like I said above, on my Waypoint profile it says I was suspended due to "other" until the year 2552 (Wtf? lol). Anyone here have any experiences like this? Has anyone here ever been unbanned from Waypoint? I would appreciate any advice. I'll stick around here though (I just found this forum). This forum seems a bit more mature and level-headed compared to the people on Waypoint anyways lol. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I think it’s time to sit down at the dinner table, and let it out to everyone. Yes, that’s right guys and girls. I Fishy, have been part of the Forums for 4 years, and this is my first anniversary post. Surprise surprise. *Eats some shrimp* This year, last year, the last year before last year, and the last year before the last year that was before last year. We’re all fun, although memories from 2011 are hardly retainable. I do know I came to this site, not looking for the official site. I just came to this site, curious about who 343 Industries were. At the time, Twam had a list pinned up of everyone involved. Where that list is now? I dunno, do you? That’s literally all I came to the site for, but as you can see. I stuck around. I was hated during that time, and still am. I only stayed for events and for a few friends at the time. Which all of them are now non-existent, but you may have ran into them: Harbinger, Meta Knight, Fox McCloud, and Barack Obama. All of us a big gang of friends. Only I remain. *Takes AhhOldWoman’s chicken nuggets for myself* Well, now that we’re talking about friends. I do say I have made quite a few in return. Not very many, however such friends are: Yoshi1176. As you can see, there’s barely any. My profile shows different, but these are members who I talk to and play with on Xbox the most. There’s much more of you, but those are the ones that stand out. The others know who they are, and listing everyone would discriminate. I am a Ninja, for those who do not know. Onsokumaru being the glorious leader. I was around when Total Mayh3m was in, and now I’m left beside with Rue. Who really isn’t that active, to be honest. I am part of the founders of Halo Team Assemble. Which is an on-going “improvised” event, that’s basically a playdate without a thread. It’s more of a just “show up when you’re on so we can play Halo” kind of thing. The founders are Drizzy_Dan, Yoshi1176, Fishy, Edward Kenway. Now to get to wrapping this up really quick. I love you guys, thanks for those of you who read or signed up for UNSC Warlord, and I hope you all enjoy your time on the forums. Leave or stay, you’ll be remembered. Spreading the love: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/40711-my-heart-has-a-problem/ http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/39755-thank-you-all-of-you/ Oh, and for those of you who question why I go by the name Fishy. Here’s the simple answer. I used to go by the Gamertag: Xokerfish321. Which was originally a self-made parody of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. 321 was added, because well... Why would it be? Even though later on I found out just Xokerfish was a free GT. *Takes Yoshi1176’s honeydew.* Anyways, on to the explanation, I started going by Fishy because everyone ignored my gamertag and just called me “Fish” or “Fishy”, because it was easier for them. Only two people called me “Xoker” and that didn’t sound right. (One of those two is famous on the forums, and still around today. You all know who he is.) This is the end of my show and tell. Thanks guys, enjoy.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm officially back. You may have seen me in the shoutbox or on here day-to-day. But that's more of just a drop in. I have been writing my Warlord series for those who like to read them, I'm still going to do that. Except, now that I'm back. I can partake in this community and their events. For those of you that didn't know. If I change my name to something other than Fishy. It usually means I'm in "Inactive" state. However, if my name is "Fishy" I'm in my "Active" state. The activity refers to forum involvement. I have plans already for you guys. Who's up for a Titanfall Playdate on Xbox One? I noticed discussions about everyone playing the game, but the question is. Do you want a Playdate? Or what's the new "Official" name they use today... Event? Anyways, I will contact staff about hosting a Titanfall Event on Friday 13th, this month of February. I will hopefully be able to attend more Friday Night Game Nights. Or do those no longer exist? If so, hopefully we can get those going again. If not, maybe more Community Events? I know how this Community has been lately with Events. Maybe we can get up and get gatherings going again. It's the best way to make friends on here. Also the year's coming around for discussion of last year. I have started a few major events on this forum. First one, New Year's Event. Second, Old vs New Event. Guess which one's next? That's right! I will be hosting the Old vs New member Event again this year on Halo The Master Chief Collection. Time and Date will be setup with Event Management. New Team won last year, how about Old Team delivers a comeback? Thanks everyone who read this! Glad to be officially back and not just writing chapters. Credits: Game Night Photo, Made by Absolute Dog. Titanfall Photo, From IGN.com
  5. Alright, guy's it's been decided. We are making a forum band. So everyone, grab your instrument and get ready to play! I am personally playing the Didgeridoo. How about you?
  6. Hey guys! I'm super excited, one year ago from today I created an account and met all of you awesome people! Thank you so much for the support when I asked questions, and making me feel welcome into an awesome community! I'm so blessed to have made such great friends here and hope I will stay for even longer to make new ones. You guys have been so amazing, every last one of you Members/Staff. Keep the forums a thriving lovely community for people to come back to and notice such a professional forum grow bigger and stronger. ^-^ So yeah that's pretty much it, happy 1 year to me. I hope I will have many awesome years to come on this forum. ~Katelyn
  7. Been on the waypoint forums for the past few weeks only to find that the admins on there banned me then banned my second account! talk about being power hungry one banned me for talking down upon halo 4 other wouldnt even give me a reason .. that forum blows anyone else have trouble on there ?
  8. I have always been a fan of Halo so here is what I want to see. New Hijacks: Players have the occasional "Punch and throw" kind of Hijack animation throughout halo. In halo Spartan assault I really like the way they Hijacked the wraiths. For some of the bigger vehicles (Mentioned Later) you should have to mash buttons to fight over control of the vehicle. Since you have to try so hard to get into a vehicle this large, and im not saying there will be any that big, they should kill the driver instead of just throwing him out. New Graphics: When you get shot you should have dents in your armor or at least bullet holes. Maybe when you get shot with plasma/energy weapons, when you get shot it should leave a burn mark. But to make it more believable, only allow this kind of armor damage to happen after the shields are down. Headshots- Headshots should be realistic. The visor on your helmet is occasionally broken throughout Halo. This happening in Reach and the Halo 5 teaser trailer. When you get shot in the head (Depending on where your shot) your visor should brake, or at least crack a little. It makes halo look even more unreal when someone gets shot in the head and you take a close look and say "Well did he get hit by a bus? Doesn't look like I hit him". Spartan Upgrades- In halo wars you have a Research Center, which you can see one of the main characters (A female Scientist) working in. You should code the game where every game you win gives you an amount of cash that you can use on upgrades. Including the helpful "Neural Implant" that allows you to more effectively hijack vehicles. Possibly adding a 2% advantage over who wins the button mashing I talked about in the Hijacking Section. Flood- You had amazing flood graphics which stunned the players in many ways. But what you should do is add a (And I've seen that this is mentioned a lot on YouTube) a Firefight mode. You can add different modes, like where you choose which race to go against. Elites, Brutes, Covenant, Flood, and the Prometheans. If you complete the 30-50 waves allotted, you will unlock armor parts. And if you decide to let us play as these other races, when you defeat one you get to unlock that race and his/her default armor. Vehicles- Megabloks introduced two new veicles, one being the VTOL and one being the Bike. Honestly they don't belong in this game, but would be a fun easteregg or Forge-only item to play with. Phantom- This vehicle would be really fun to drive around. It should be able to hold your whole team, and should be a Literal moving battleground. Where players can jump into the Phantom and shoot the passengers out. You guys are the professionals... It shouldn't take a 14 year old to point out good suggestions. Pelican- It would be freakin awesome to drive this around, dropping troops into battle. far Fetched but a very good idea, and now that you have the Engine and platform to hold this, you should add the long requested Pelican and Phantom. Dynamic Respawns- Instead of spawning in on the map, poofing out of nowhere andeasily spawn camped you should have players dynamically shot into the map in ODST drop pods. The pods will kill anything in a 3ft. Radius. Therefore killing anything underneath it. The pods should be like in the ODST game. Where you can pull a lever and get out. So you can stay inside and be safe from any spawn campers. Weapons- Here are some weapons that should be re-added with some upgrades. Flamethrower- it should be mobile. So the player doesn't just drag it around like a dismounted turret. Give it ammo clips, where you can have a fuel core in the gun so you can reload. Firebomb Grenades- Have these re-added with the upgrade options I mentioned above. Have it so you can upgrade it to "Sticky Napalm". This way making it the ultimate Vehicle-Eater. Image driving your warthog when some guy comes out from behind a rock and hits the car with this. The flames will keep burning for 15 seconds after its attached to the warthog. Making it deadly. The katana- The mythical Hyabusa Spartans carried this weapon around on their back. The energy sword is allowed, so why not a human version? Duel wielding SMG's- These have been in many halos... why did you cut them out in halo reach? It made me sad. Duel wielding energy swords- One sword can destroy you in a single hit. If you add a second one, add a buff so it does 1.5 more damage. This would help the swords tear apart vehicles. And everyone has been requesting this since Halo 3. Vehicles you should bring back- Halo is about air superiority. The hornets were the scorpion tanks worst nightmare. The mobility was amazing, and im sure if you added a bit of Halo 5 swag to it, it will become a very cool addition. Banshee- I know this will be in halo 5, but you should add a hover mode to it. So you can get around those annoying twists and turns. PLEASE add this. The banshee's constantly moving trait makes it hard to aim, and easy to crash with. Once again... PLEASE ADD THIS. hawk- I think this is what it was called from halo wars. The vehicle was epic. Just take out the gause cannon and replace it with a Light machine Gun. The Vampire- This was the pinnacle of anti-air defense as it looked amazing in Halo wars. Make it so it fires plasma cannons at ground forces, and heat seeking 2x Damage needles at aircraft. Just make it in short bursts so it doesn't give WAY too much of an air advantage. Im not sure what this vehicle was called, but in Halo 2 it held 2 elites in the back. It also had a mounted plasma cannon on the back of the vehicle. It was on a flood mission where you play as the Arbiter. Hunter armor genetics and Traits- Hunters armor should fall apart as you attack it, making it vulnerable to assassination or critical hits. The shield should deflect bullets in every direction, giving you a small chance for a richochet kill. Other suggestions- When hit by an energy sword, a smoldering cut will be in the place the sword hit. If you add the katana make it for that too... just not a smoldering cut. Hijacking should be faster for small vehicles, and fatal. It should be longer for larger vehicles. And for huge vehicles it should be long, and require you to mash buttons to fight for dominance over the vehicle. Those creepy flys should be re-added. I think they were called drones in halo reach? Assassinations should be new, awesome, and are different depending on what weapon your holding Sword, rifle, bruteshot, etc. If you run people over in warthogs, the body shouldn't just go undere the vehicle, it should be able to fly over the vehicles also. And be able to break the windshield/influence the vehicles movement (Gets bumpy when you make roadkill.) If you have any ideas you would like to share, post it here. Great thanks to 343 Industries for making this amazing Trilogy, and all their hard work. I hope to see great ideas in the future, keep up the good work. My Xbox tag is DHG Rebokz. Add me if you like. (Plays Halo 4, and Spartan assault.)
  9. Hey every one, spartan_j03 here. Im still just warming up to the forums here, so i know i still dont have much of a rep, but im warming up quick. Anyways i just want to mention that i had thanked our own Bnus for his cancer awerness banner on my own behalf, as I myself have been diagnosed with, treated for, and free of cancer when i was younger. However, he was very modest in bringing up the fact that he is not the only member here that has shown their support. Cancer was a terrible encounter that i dont wish upon anyone, so with copious amounts of gratitude I thank you all! members, mods, site owners, and all the rest, thanks . hopefully soon we can all GAIN THE LEAD on cancer, and FINISH THE FIGHT to end its KILLING SPREE. XD
  10. Hello Everybody! I was new to this forum in April, lol. Finally found my way around to the PM box and of course it had a message stating I should probably try posting an introduction as it may help for people getting to know me. So figured I would post about me, or at least a little bit about me, and why I decided to join. Me -- I love and currently dream all things Halo related (books, games, online stories, fan fiction, personal fiction, canon, etc) probably wouldn't find someone as intensely interested in the Halo universe as me (though I know those people exist lol) -- From Canada, Newmarket more specifically, and not a fan. Its cold and hot, never an in between, and for some reason I find myself wishing it would rain more (though that may be my British background doing its job) -- New to forums and online discussions - never been on or taken part in anything online and figured I would try it, see how it goes (no better way to start out than talking about the things you love I suppose) Why I joined -- I love Halo - almost every aspect and detail intrigues me. And so, to broaden my already diverse intellect on Halo, I joined to share my ideas, thoughts, opinions on the Halo universe, and to hear, share, and read other peoples ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Halo will always be a part of my life that I would never want to change, and so, I would rather add to my already intense obsession, simply because it is one of the few things in my life that I enjoy. Feel free to reply or message me. I don`t bite, am open to discussion for most things, and am a generally nice guy. *****I want to post this emoticon even though I don`t know its purpose but the sight of a smiley spanking another smiley make me smile.
  11. Everybody I am new to these forums, so I wanna start by asking about a Forge map I uploaded before getting an account here. I want people to see and test it. How do I get to it? How can I share it so people may see?
  12. Some call us a community, others call us a clan, but any way you put it, we’re looking for mature gamers to join us. We are a fast-growing social group that likes to win, but we value having fun over everything else. We all have jobs, families and/or lives outside of xbox and understand that you do too. Many of us are on daily, and many (like myself) are only on for a few hours a week, but everyone is Fonzie. There are opportunities for those who enjoy competitive gaming, customs, and tons of laid back people who will pretty much play anything. We do hold our own tournaments and will occasionally play other clans as well. We do have a few minor criteria if you would like to consider membership (and you can learn more on the site): Treat everyone with respect Have a mic - we value communication during play Don't rage when you lose Participate in our forums so we can get to know you (we're very social) Don't make fun of my driving skills (optional) Accept invites to gaming parties regularly when you're on XBL Feel free to stop by, check out our forums, send FR’s and apply for membership… we want to make sure you are the right fit for our community just as much as you need to feel like we’re the right fit for you. Hope to see you soon! Tell 'em CoffeeAddikshun sent you! http://www.xfactor-gaming.com
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