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  1. So I've recently discovered that 343 has rendered the Halo franchise FUBAR and I'm not allowed to voice my opinion on the matter. Oh well. I came to these forums awhile back expecting to be able to talk about and share things without constantly being warned by the admins over nothing. Well today I received a message about a post I made speaking about my opinion on how alot of the halo community is treating this. The warning was for "foal language" a custom warning. I had thought that the forums were mature enough to be able to handle words that weren't even insults because they are just words. This was started on a topic made to attract pissed off fanboys called "Why all the hate on 343?". I voiced my reason as to why I was pissed at 343 and I got a couple warnings from 2 admins about it. One suggested that I speak in a better tone, which doesn't make sense because my demeanor through text is how anyone wants to take it. Anyways, the forums are turning into Bungie.net, where you can't post anything without having an admin up your ass like Mr. Garrison. The only friend I have here is "Twin Reaper", which is a joyful part of the community, probably the only joyful part. Anyways, I don't expect to go out with a bang, because most likely an admin will lock this or delete this, just proving that they've become strict over anything. Watch, I'll probably get a custom warning "No comparing 343 to bungie.net" Haha XD But just because I'm leaving anyways, here.
  2. Who me? Or the guy in the video? Guys, the thing about it is, If you began playing before the release of Halo Reach, then you'd understand that playing as an elite is a BIG DEAL. We all hated elites in because of what Bungie did to them. Halo 3 was smooth gameplay, and Spartan and elite players could play together, and fight the other team as a squad. Now they want to intermingle multiplayer and canon, it's just stupid.
  3. That's not what I said obviously. Why should I have faith in a company that is ruining the beloved Halo series? The fact that they removed playable elites from Halo is just evidence to support my theory that some of their newer employees like Kiki Wolfkill are the reason that this game is going to be horrible. I've been a fanboy too long, always turning my cheek to their stupid decisions, but they have the nerve to say that they listen to the fans....and turn around and remove something that I've never even seen a complaint about! People bitched constantly about AAs, like I gave a **** about that, but come on! They're hopeless! They've conformed to the generic shooter of 2012 and they don't deserve my faith. Obviously if they had an IQ above 60, they'd know they would get a negative reaction from limiting the possibilities and preference options. I mean, they talk about a new game mode called "Spartan OPs" which is going to have the same objective as "Spec OPs" from CoD, and I'm glad that it will have a new game mode, but that just supports the fact that they've conformed to 2012's generic fps. It's like they think that everyone wants a "realistic" game. What the **** is realistic about a video game? Halo was the different shooter, and when people rated video games, they usually compared it to Halo...but now...I just couldn't see that happening anymore. Honestly, if you have been in love with Halo since it's original release, then you'd probably understand that just because things evolve, doesn't mean we should have to follow it when it starts rolling down hill.
  4. You know why 343 is not like by me? Because their decisions. YES! 343 is comprised of older bungie employees including some newer employees, but that DOESN'T matter. They scrapped all the music, they have gotten RID of the playable ELITES. And if you've been a die-hard Halo fan for a long time, then you should be pissed off too, considering that the elites have been playable in most of the series. It's like 343 took a large dump on us and said, " Here, try this guys" and you guys are just eating it up. Being hit with a a significant warning! I missed this post initially. Absolute Dog
  5. I'm sorry but just because some of you didn't like to play as elites or play elite slayer does not mean it was a smart move on their part. I've been a huge halo fan since halo 1, and yes halo 1 was fun but giving us the abilities to play as elites in halo 2 was what made it even more fun. I'm sorry but as much as I loved bungie (pretty much 343 now) before, I'm not gonna give this game a chance. The fact that they made it FUBAR is the reason why. Probably 30% of the players in Halo 3 were Elites, they got pissed in Reach, and now I don't see a reason as to why they'd even play Halo 4. This isn't halo 1, not everyone wants to be a Spartan. The game is supposed to have MORE choices, not less and less.
  6. In this video, they say "infinite mode" will not have elites. Please clarify this or something, I mean for 343 to take elites out of multiplayer matches is the STUPIDEST thing you could possibly do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuE3cl9wSV8&feature=g-all-u&context=G2d67de8FAAAAAAAAMAA
  7. Contact the people at the end of the video, you should be able to get info from them.
  8. Well, I'm never sure of the information that I gather, but it to me, seems like a very detailed description of the beginning of the first level. Thankyou guys for the reply comments though, I appreciate them, really.
  9. Like I said in the video description, I do not take credit at all for the information. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvXj9mp79Kg&feature=youtu.be
  10. There most likely won't be a health system considering Mjolnir armor is suppose to UPgrade and as for invisible health systems in halo 2-3, it didn't appear because there wasn't really a need for it to appear considering the health regenerated so fast after the shields were taken down and what not. As for quake style gameplay, I couldn't ever wish for something like that. Fast paced gameplay is for quake, and call of duty. Halo is what it is, maybe it could give us more of a rush, but fast paced gameplay isn't really fun for your typical halo player, hence the reason you see halo vs cod fanboys go at it all the time.
  11. Okay, talking to my friend TwinReaper a while ago about the modding community, it's understood that they want in on Halo games without having to deal with the trouble of being banned and what not. I have just figured out a way for 343 to have mods be used in their game without bothering matchmaking, and it will obviously increase the replay value of the game. Since the beginning of gaming history, video games with a modding community seems to last a very long time, just look at halo CE or the elder scrolls games, or even Garrys mod. I think, like the "most downloaded" list, there should be a "most downloaded mods" list. That can only be used for custom games aslong as they do not have copyrighted content AND cannot affect MM and they have to be approved by officials at 343, which means there will not be thousands of mods in the first day, but hey, it's better than nothing. The way players would contact 343 officials to get their personal mod out there and free to download is that they must go to this website, go to something like a drop box where their file is examined and after a few weeks, it can be uploaded to halo 4 by 343I. To activated these mods, players must be in their own custom games lobby, and go to a list in the options menu, where they must check the boxes of which mods they do or don't want to use. Plus, players will not be able to use their own mods in other people's custom games lobbies.. Modders will finally be able to have some effect in Halo 4 and players will always have something new. And if a player is found using content that hasn't been approved by 343, by the power of grey skull, ban his ass. Thus giving the game more replay value, besides, everyone wants to do crazy things in Halo 4.
  12. I think Halo 4's armor customization should have multiple color schemes. Don't you? Maybe someone else wants their shoulder pieces to be different colors. I just thought about it, figured they should do it anyways, I mean, what could it hurt?
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