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Found 12 results

  1. I wish there was a playlist in firefight where you could fight both covanent and flood. A three-way battle between us, the covanent, and the flood would be epic. Having some of the covanent get turned into flood while fighting. Who here agrees with me? What are your opinions on what I think?
  2. Latest blog post from the Archive...enjoy! Halo Combat Evolved released all the way back in 2001 in the U.S. and some time after for the rest of the world. We all know the giant tale behind this release and what it caused in the gaming industry. You don’t need me to tell you that. This is about the Soundtrack and the Sheet Music for it available here on the Halo Archive. Read more below... Halo Sheet Music: Scores of Halo – Halo: Combat Evolved Original Soundtrack Sheet Music
  3. Can you shoot the grenades and traps in this target practice map? See just how good you really are with the battle rifle ! Video Walkthrough here- https://youtu.be/eIRSlHl_Mf4
  4. That's right! Ghosts of Razgriz, the famous Ace Combat/Halo 4 clan, is back on the scene and recruiting once more. We also have a new set of requirements! 1. No longer will positive k/d be a requirement. We now accept all k/d's and will help you train to become better then you were! 2. Mic's are still required. We understand if it brakes but please do try to replace it soon. 3. We lowered are age requirement from +17 to +15! If you are 14 and turn 15 in less than 6 months then WE WILL ACCEPT YOU. *Note: You don't need to know anything about Ace Combat to be in the clan.* We have many active members and leaders ready to assist and we have both USA and UK members so there's always someone on! Come and play! To be recruited contact one of the following members: RAZGRIZ GIRL LiamFuzzyBear MCLELLAND 96 *Or you could just reply to this topic!* Website: http://ghostsofrazgrizclan.weebly.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GhostsOfRazgriz?bookmark_t=page
  5. So halo 3 wrapped up with a nice little ending with the covenant alliance falling apart, truth was silenced, and the flood threat was eliminated... right? I say wrong. And here is my evidence "Knowing that it faced its own complete extinction, what remained of the uninfected, stable specimens fled the galaxy aboard a commandeered vessel, destination unknown and remained dormant for thousands of years, biding it's time." http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Flood As we all know, the flood are ruthless. The scary thing about the flood is not necessarily their combat abilities... a single combat form alone really stands no threat against an agile warrior. But what about 7 billion? Thats when things get a bit scary. The flood retreated to 'god knows where' for literally thousands of years. Who knows what planets they came across, what civilazations they conquered and the sheer mass that they eventually required. When you really start to look at the cosmos as a whole, an infection like the flood NEEDS to be stopped early. And the flood was not. So i say that no matter what happy ending halo shows or bungie or 343 wraps up with, eventually more flood will come... and they will suceed.
  6. This is ECHO squads leader TaS x HeKTIKZZ, I run a clan based on skill with numerous ways of training you to be a Better soldier and team member, if you're interested in joining the ranks of echo check our website for more info at www.echo-squad-hq.weebly.co.uk, thanks for looking echo..... Always outnumbered never outgunned Also remember that rank doesn't matter its how you think ie A member called flyguy he first joined us getting 2-3 kills here and there he joined us and now hes getting 15-20kills per game! Remember that.
  7. Hello Halo world! i am here from the clan "Beyond The Reach" we need new members and we need them ASAP. If you can help us with this clan we would really appreciate it. If you want to join add Dr MuffGarbage or SlothKing16. we are looking for competitive players that want to be put in the MLG ranks. if you are interested message or add us on Xbox live. Also like us on Facebook!! @ http://www.facebook.com/...he-Reach/161738440607219
  8. Halo Games Problems We all love the halo games, but we also all know that games can't be perfect. If you have a glitch or bug that's been annoying you then post it here. I personally have one and couldn't find a place to post it. You don't have to read this next part because it is my personal expierience but feel free to leave a post. So, on saturday night-sunday morning (12/3-12/4), i was in the Reach forge working my butt off to make a Pillar of Autumn map. I finished the map at around 2:00. The next day while I was in a forge game looking at another person's map (also in forge) i clicked on save map instead of save as new map and apparently it 'overwrote' my previous save of the POA. Now, whenever i go to Pillar of Autumn in the menu of maps it changes to ODST DROPSHIP FRIGATE ( the name of the other map). So, in short my Pillar of Autumn map is lost. Also, whenever i go over to it, the description has changed to 'A blank canvas recommended for forge editing only' from the description i made which is 'This legendary ship manned by Cpt. Keyes is re-created. Map by RC1207RC'. One other weird thing is that when i look at it in the menu it says 'created by RC1207RC' but when i go to file options it says created by (person who created ODST DROPSHIP FRIGATE's gamertag). Please help me 343i! You may comment now people of the world.
  9. ive recently been playing the anniversary map pack for reach. ive experienced each map. some of them were, of course, better than others. the new anniversary slayer brings back bleedthrough, the CE pistol as well as other modifiers. i rate the map pack at 8/10. although most of the maps are great fun to play, a few of them dont really work with reach. below, im going to list my favourite maps in order from least favourite to most favourite breakneck hang em high solitary timberland battle canyon penance breakneck is too big a map for my liking and the vehicles make it a bit one sided(if one team gets the gauss hog, theyve pretty much won). hang em high is too open, if you respawn in the middle area, your pretty much dead. people just cross map. solitary is ok, but it feels too much like sword base. the multiple levels make it slightly confusing timberland is quite big, however, since there are numerous vehicles and outposts, there is plenty to do on this map. battle canyon is a bit too small, especially with a sniper rifle on the map. however, it is still great fun due to the enclosed spaces as well as the wide open spaces. the teleporters offer strategic routes if your playing capture the flag. penance is medium sized, with lots of enclosed spaces as well as wide open spaces. the weapons and their placements are perfect for the size of the map. the layout offers strategic options for objective games, due to its multiple levels. and, whilst there are closed in paces, nobody really camps on this map. below, im including a link to my first ever game on penance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbndHtK_DoU
  10. I have an idea that could be used to bring back a majority of the Halo fanbase! Some Halo fans don't like the Halo: Reach multiplayer, its is to Different for them, So I'm proposing an idea that can be used in either Halo CEA or Halo 4, for the Multiplayer I say there should be two main playlists, "Halo 3" and "Halo:Reach", in the Halo 3 playlists it should have multiplayer that is similar or almost exactly the same as Halo 3 also out of the box that playlist should have all the playlists Halo 3 has right now , for the Halo: Reach playlist it should have all the Reach playlists and should play just like Halo: Reach multiplayer multiplayer is already. This can gain back all the Halo fans that didn't like Reach for its different play stlye and at the same time it pleases the people that still want Halo: Reach Game stlye. If you agree with this please spread the word on any thing where 343 Industries can hopefully read. So if any of 343 is Reading this Please consider this idea this may bring back the Halo Fan base to where it belongs In addition, if you do actually put this in Halo CEA or Halo 4, Talk about it in any Review videos of those games, I'm sure a lot of fans will be happy to hear you can play a more Halo 3 stlye of Multiplayer
  11. The title says it all. But I'll say it again. What's your all time favourite Halo CE quote? I'll start off with a few: I woulda been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence! Wort wort wort! (It's funny to me) The Corp issued me a rifle, not wings! Halo. It's finished. No, I think we're just getting started.
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