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  1. I'm going to start off by saying right off the bat I LOVE the Halo universe and personally see it as more thrilling and entertaining than most other popular xbox games including Activision's Call of Duty cash cow. I own all the games, Halo 3 being my favorite, and the Limited Edition of Halo 4. While I do have a lot of issues with Halo 4, I still do respect 343i's hard work, just not as much as Bungie's. And note this is MY OWN OPINION, respect mine and I will respect YOURS. To be honest I do no know where to start. I guess i'll tackle the problems in order of the main menu. Campaign: SPOILERS! While the sounds of Master Chief's armor scraping against rocks and the skulls of elites were fantastic and the visuals were over the top, it was overall kinda of weak. Though 343i did do a fantastic job with the soundtrack. (While it truly isn't quite what were used to, I personally enjoyed it all.) Anyways, the campaign was full of flaws. Within the first few hours of owning the game and playing through the campaign I was frustrated at how I had no idea what was going on. I had to turn on subtitles and totally restart to catch any clue. I also found the Didact's ship being a ball to be totally lame and not something to fear. I remember in a later mission ( i'm not sure which) that a Pelican was sent to pick up Chief. Upon walking up the ramp it just cuts to black and a second later I'm under the crashed Infinity? I just don't get that. And then that ending. You detonate a nuclear bomb with your fist and live? I know that Cortana is one heck of an AI, but how on Earth, did she save you from a point-blank nuclear explosion!? She's code just like the game! If code stopped nukes then..well....i don't know, but it doesn't. I just had trouble getting into this whole thing. I remember sitting in awe as I saw the amazing sights of the first 3 Halos, but I only got that feeling when once in Halo 4 when Chief saw whatever Halo was outside the Composers base. All in all though i just felt that 343i put too much effort into making epic CGI cutscenes and music than story development and it's not even a continuing story. That's just lame. The enemies don't speak English....Moving on... Infinity - Matchmaking: Overall it is a little enjoyable. The first thing i'm going to stab at is the Custom Loadouts. I don't get why every game has to be like Call of Duty? These are totally unnecessary. We don't need perks and the weapons should be scattered about the map as usual. The ordnance is okay i guess. It just hands everyone a power weapon after five kills, but since there are no weapons lying about it is better than nothing. Next comes the armors. Personally I do like a lot of them and am glad that 343i chose to give some armors a sense of accomplishment by making them unlockable through commendations, but all most are is a bunch of skins which only the trained eye can even tell the difference. I loved earning the katana and other armors in Halo 3 through achievements. I think I would have honestly rather seen a return to the CR system so I can show off of my hardwork. As for the maps I think there are maybe a handful of them I enjoy. Haven is cool, kinda like guardian or blackout. Longbow is my favorite with its snowiness and vehicles. Complex is good too. My main problem with these maps is all the freaking symmetry. I know the maps have to be fair to both teams but half of them are just totally mirrored. Solace especially. With my limited edition I also received all three map packs which are all okay. Though have hardly played them since the current Castle DLC playlist only holds about 100 active players. Although I already expressed myself about weapons I forgot to mention the skins.... Ok, the skins are cool but theres like 1 or 2 for each weapon. And you can only get them though maybe mastery (haven't done it yet so i don't know) and specialization. If there was more and they were varied on how to get them I would love to work for them. Almost at the end here now but why did you have to take away the Falcon? It was the most fun vehicle ever! I throughly, honestly enjoyed getting shot down in it in Reach with all my buddies on the guns. It was great!.. Also my rank is a number now? Im level SR68 as of today and thats just boring. I'm a General Grade 4 in reach and thats cool. The moral of the story is Halo was* in itself a unique game. You don't have to suck ideas from Call of Duty for it to be good. Seeing as there is only about 10,000-20,000 players now from the 400,000 at day one hopefully that is obvious. Infinity - Custom Games: I'm going to be frank Halo's Custom Games are my favorite part of the entire series. I love playing fun mini-games and competitive matches with my friends. However, 343i you smothered this one in the crib. I know how cool it is to change Infection into your own Flood and I love the zombie skins, but come on! You trashed almost every custom game ever made! Say goodbye to hours of non-stop action and enjoyment. It's like you found a successful man named Custom Games, took him out in the back alley behind the 343i studio, and then beat him relentlessly with a metal pole just because. Quit using the Ghost on Snowbound and fix this already! Infinity - Spartan Ops: Personally these are pretty cool and I like the story to them, but they are a bit repetitive. I was unaware every sensor array on requiem was located in the same spot. Im sorry, but use different maps including the multiplayer ones to mix it up a little and throw in some new interesting enemies and objectives. Like for instance the shootout in Vallaha (thats right. thats what it is called.) with the mantises was awesome and the covenant cruiser actually worried me a little. Whether firefight is better than Spartan ops I'm not really sure, but i've had more good times surviving the waves of helpless grunts in the end. Infinity - Forge: I do NOT have a single bad thing to say about Forge. It is spectacular! The magnets are a gift from the gods! And all the aesthetics and scenery! I LOVE it all, especially Forge Island. However it is stifled by weak Custom Games. Fix those and then your in business. Infinity - Theater: It's theater. How can you mess that up or make it any better? Infinity - THE FREAKING MENUS!: I apologize for ranting about the game thus far, but here comes more. I'm sorry but the menus are just lazy. Don't deny it. The only valid excuse is that you were too busy sacking Custom Games' house and dragging him out into the street and beating him again, relentlessly with a metal pole. Compared to Halo 2, 3, 3:ODST, and Reach these are the plainest yet. It's just a blue card. Everything is blue. It makes me want to stab my eyes out with the fuzzy end of my mic. What happened to the imagination? Couldn't you at least have put in a background like the main menu? AND THE MUSIC OH GOD! The constant thu-doom-doom is the worst part of it all. You composed epic music! USE IT! So that's pretty much all I have to say about that. I'm sorry for possibly offending anyone, but I felt it was necessary to give a little "constructive" criticism. If your planning on pumping out Halo 5 I would think long and hard about how its going to turn out first. If I made any mistakes on something besides grammar feel free to correct me. And now let any ranting or comments about how inconsiderate I am as a person commence, because frankly I don't care anymore. Sincerely, PopDeer
  2. Ok, one second in I stopped. Walking through a public mall holding what appear to be real handguns, wearing all black and a mask is a horrible idea. When I press play I expect to see some security guards.
  3. They just need to bring back Infection.
  4. I mainly just want the old Infection style gametype back, but a map thats FLAT like Sandbox and not out in space or in a hole would be great.
  5. Yeah I agree with almost everything you said. Forge World or just a flat map that isn't down in a dark hole or in space (Halo 3's Sandbox) is a necessity. They killed Custom Games by removing mainly the Infection game type and a few lesser options such as regenerating grenades. I personally did buy the Limited Edition and am only level 45 right now, but I understand your frustration. The armor isn't horrible, but the commendations for them are and I miss the days when you could just look at someone's armor whether it be Security or the prestigious Recon and know that this player is a fan, plays the game often, and more importantly is good at it. I enjoyed the campaign, but am disappointed with the fact that my favorite video game franchise's campaign is becoming like a silly cartoon like SpongeBob where the main character does something in one episode then they come out with the next which acts almost as if nothing ever happened before. Yeah MC fought the Didact in this game, but next game is going to be about something entirely different. Thanks for not leaving us with an awesome cliffhanger and/or continuing storyline. Also the music in the Infinity Lobby just makes me want to just go play Halo 3. I mean play some of that epic music that lies in wait in the campaign, not this repetitive background beat. It's just irritating and I hate how my rank is just 45. Why can't I be a first lieutenant? A captain? A freaking apprentice?! This just annoys me, don't make Halo just another first person shooter. It's such a small thing, but I don't want to be just a number that anyone can get by just sitting behind their TV. We need more things that truly show off your skill, not simply your dedication. Anyways yeah this is kinda my rant, still a good game, but needs improvements.
  6. As you all know Flood has replaced the former Infection game type. Now don't get me wrong Flood is cool, however it is so strict when it comes to changing its rules via Custom Games. We lack the ability to change the weapons the Flood uses, what abilities they use, and how they look. All vital to the survival of our favorite Custom Games such as Teacher, Jenga, and Duck Hunt. Please vote YES if you wish to play these awesome Custom Games again.
  7. I'm not sure that you can do this. I see what your trying to do by trying to keep the zombie in your Jenga map in play, however I do not think it can be done. Perhaps if you having a problem with the zombie accidentally flying off the edge of the map via a man cannon then perhaps you could try setting up one way shields in front of the lifts.
  8. Well your spawns depend on what game type your playing on. Tell us what game type/types the map is going to be using and we can help.
  9. We need a map themed like ravine but is shaped like Halo 3's Sandbox. Nice, flat, and big.
  10. First off I'd like to thank 343 for a job well done. Halo 4 is a fantastic game period, however I feel there are some improvements that need to be made. The thing that bothers me and seemingly a lot of my fellow players is that in the new Flood gametype you cannot change the loadouts and appearance for the flood. I was hoping it would be you could make it more like Infection from Halo 3 and Reach, where we have the ability to change everything about the infected players. I really hope you will update this because it REALLY hurts custom games. Another issue is the ability while forging to slow the speed of the objects you move by using RS and LS. This ability was given to us in Reach and it really helped line up objects, but don't get me wrong magnets are fantastic, but they have their limitations. Lastly, if a map like Halo 3's Sandbox could be included in future DLC that would be awesome. Impact, Erosion, and Ravine are great for forging, but they all lack a really big natural flat area which I and i'm sure many others enjoy. If anyone else can think of anything that was seemingly left out of Halo 4 feel free to post them below and hopefully 343 will update these issues.
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