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  1. I have always thought of gameplay mechanics for games, and things to break particular problems to make games better, and because I love halo so much... I have decided to write out a LONG suggestion paper on all the things that I THINK would improve halo in future generations. note: sorry for my horrid spelling/grammar.. try as hard as you can to read this please ===================================================================================== SPARTAN IV ARMOR SYSTEMS ===================================================================================== one of the most frustrating things to me about multiplayer in any halo game is loosing battles purely because of being outnumbered, this made me think about something that could solve this problem. as some of you might know, in the real world there are materials and liquids that resist more and harden more when more force is applied. My thought is, if more then 1 player is shooting at you at once, your armor should harden causing more resistance when multiple players are shooting you at once. also players should slow down more by the amount of players shooting at them. It would not be a significant resistance, obviously players should die faster when they are shot at by multiple players at once, but still as an example: a player would normally take x1 damage by 1 player shooting at them, and move 80% normal speed a player would resist x1.5 damage when being shot at by 2 players, and move 60% normal speed a player would resist x2 damage when being shot at by 3 players, and move 40% normal speed a player would resist x2.5 damage when being shot at by 4 players or more players, and move 20% normal speed. also maybe have a perk or specialization to make it so you move less slowly when being shot by multiple players at once. this could also maybe tie into the story sense Dr.Halsey is back, maybe she helped with the improvement of the UNSC SPARTAN IV project ===================================================================================== NEW WEAPON IDEAS: ===================================================================================== I also had a few other ideas for weapons that could be added to give more options. - Scoped SMG: would take the place of a secondary and would be similar to the scoped SMG from halo:ODST - needle rifle: bring this back from halo reach, could basically be a more long range version of the carbine. - classic plasma rifle: yes, I am aware that there is the storm rifle in halo4, but this would be similar to halo:reach's plasma rifle, and would serve as a secondary weapon. - new forerunner rifle: this would take the place as a weapon that would do less damage then any other primary weapon, but would slightly break through the armor idea I came up with above, making it a great team player weapon. ===================================================================================== NEW AI IDEAS: ===================================================================================== I have far too many ideas for AI, so, Im just going to cram all this together...sorry for my crappy organization skills. the AI have a lack of human intelligence, or adaptability. if one covenant is being singled out, the others should defend that one and that one should move toward cover. all AI should shoot at a MUCH faster pace and be less accurate when the player is closer, and be more accurate and shoot much slower when the player is further away. some AI have been seen walking into walls in place, so they need to detect the environment around them a bit more. grunts are far to accurate and run away to much, jackals should be the most accurate due to the fact that they are covenant snipers. jackals and grunts should also back up when the player gets near them, sense they are much smaller. hunters should shoot players at a much further range, because you can just stand back and shoot at them from afar on halo 4. hunters should also be sensitive about their backs because thats were they are exposed, when the player is behind them they should rotate. they also should go berserk when they see another hunter die, like in halo 3, 2, and 1. watchers should shoot a bit more when they are shot at, knights should move to cover or closer depending on the players range, and should be almost impossible to sneak up on unless they are distracted. knights should also teleport behind cover, and not just teleport in the middle of the field. crawlers should rush from as many angles as possible, and see and hear you very easily. elites need to be much more sneaky when they have a sword, because when they are running in front of all their team with a giant glowing sword they are basically saying "hey look at me!" and then die very quickly. in fact, I have yet to even been killed by a sword elite. I also know the AI has the ability to not only see the enemy, they can hear the enemy as well, they should hear the player less when there is lots of gunfire, and even less when gunfire is closer (for example one player could sneak while the other shoots at them to break hearing.) ===================================================================================== Thanks 343 for halo 4, keep making great games and I will be a guaranteed customer. -PS I am 17 and unemployed, would gladly take a job.
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