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  1. Haha, thought it said "DEcreases your chance of death " lol
  2. Agreed with you on everything except for encouraging the use of Armor Lock. That's the one thing I think should have never been added to Halo. Totally broke the game.
  3. Um no, fastest doesn't necessarily always win. Take the Spire Banshee rush for example. Normally Red Team wins because they sprint to the ghost, and race over to Banshee. But if you have a good team of 8, you can all jetpack straight up and teamshot red team's ghost so they don't get Banshee.
  4. I've seen people go like 200+ in the banshee. All you need is a good team with good callouts, an objective map, and hope that no one quits out.
  5. Halo is all about map control. Least it used to be. In Reach, if your team uses power weapons and certain positions on the map effectively you will gain map control. And if you know how to do it right, you can "set up" on the enemy's side of the map and suppress them, quite often to the point of spawn killing. Of course, communication and callouts are key, and all of that combined wont get you anywhere without at least a small bit of skill. You must be new to Halo... All weapons and vehicles have a respawn timer to them.
  6. Nice! The most kills I've gotten was like 98. I have the clip somewhere on my Xbox. I'll upload it to YouTube eventually when I get my PC working.
  7. Heyyy, just noticed this a day ago by looking at my awards! Must've missed the post when it first came out. I know its a bit late, but thanks guys!!
  8. Go play SWAT if you dont like power weapons. DMR's for daysss. But seriously, you're complaining because people take the time to memorize power weapon location/spawn times? Thats called map control. At least its not like Halo 4 where you dont even have to work for your power weapon, you just wait for it to literally fall from the sky.
  9. Rank: Inheritor Color: UltraWhite If you don't know what UltraWhite is: http://imgur.com/AgYWXic,5JeZiNa#0 http://imgur.com/AgYWXic,5JeZiNa#1
  10. Fun Fact: once someone boots two people in one game, he can't boot anyone else. Me and my friends love to exploit this and betray people endlessly after they've already booted twice xD
  11. I don't think so... My friend gave me one in like 2011 or 12 and it worked.
  12. this sucks. they haven't had a good game in quite a while
  13. is this reach or h4? if its reach, put me down for the Old Team!
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