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Found 3 results

  1. Halo: Reach is a beloved entry in the Halo series, but in recent times it has had some neglect from it's publishers. Please help Microsoft realize that Reach deserves the Xbox one Ultimate treatment: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-please-bring-halo-reach-along-with-odst-s-firefight-to-xbox-one-with-all-of-reach-s-dlc-s
  2. Author: Jernst Reborn with help from TurbTastic Gametype: Ultimate Frisbee Map: Ultimate Frisbee Ravine Arena (more coming very soon!!!) Players: 8-16 Teams of 4-7 each work best. Just run around, jump, and use your grenade button to throw! When thinking of new mini-games a few months back, I tried to make an ultimate frisbee gametype because I played in college and still play in PADA and other tournaments around the country. I noticed someone else had created this gametype but it really didn't feel like Ultimate because the ball carrier could move, people could die, the scoring zone was only 1 point, etc... We have created a much more realistic version of Ultimate Frisbee using different feature in Halo 4! Teams start at either side and run to the middle where the frisbee(Grifball) will spawn. There is a soft kill zone in the very middle so people cannot camp this area. In this version the ball carrier cannot move. The ball carrier also gets a trait that lets him jump about 25% higher than everyone else. The object of the game is to pass it to your teammates until you make it to the scoring zone on the other side. The other team tries to intercept it and do the same. If you throw the ball too far and miss your target when no one is near, it will automatically reset to the starting point. The key for letting the ball carrier score at any point in the endzone is that he can jump higher than everyone else. Once you make it to the endzone with the ball, all you have to do is jump and then you teleport to the scoring point above the rest of the court! The new round will then begin with everyone in starting positions. Also the endzones are clearly marked by either red or blue light, so remember you are trying to score in the other teams goal If you do accidentally have the ball and happen to jump in YOUR OWN ENDZONE, fear not, we have a soft kill zone there so you will die and be spawned back on the court. Also if you try to throw the ball from up in this position it will reset. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Hope you all enjoy the map and gametype! DISC!!!! The Stadium Players rush to the middle to pick up the frisbee The ball carrier can jump slightly higher than everyone else, so time your throws right and aim a little higher than usual! Try to intercept when you can! Blue team scores in the red zone Red ream scores in the blue zone When you jump in the endzone, you teleport here and it automatically scores! If someone gets too close when you have the disc, you can punch them away. Also it will move you a little closer to where they are, which discourages camping the carrier near the endzone. Have fun! Use communication! Be Competitive! Let me know your feedback and I will also be posting more maps for the gametype soon!
  3. Borderlands 2: Unboxing the Ultimate Loot Chest Borderlands 2 limited edition Loot Chest has been revealed, but what comes inside. The box is full to the brim with brand new collectors item goodies. This limited edition box set costs $150 but you definitely get what you pay for. Here is the video with all of the details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kwMS7jS-jA Video by: IGN Hosted by: Anthony Gallegos This limited edition loot chest offers the game Borderlands 2, tons of original Borderlands 2 artwork, an actual loot chest, and more! You could even do this and put your dog in it. This box has a lot to offer to it's die hard fans but is it something that you would buy? Let me hear your thoughts below. If you are not getting the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Loot Chest don't forget to rush to stores September 18, 2012 to buy your copy.
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