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Found 10 results

  1. I wish there was a playlist in firefight where you could fight both covanent and flood. A three-way battle between us, the covanent, and the flood would be epic. Having some of the covanent get turned into flood while fighting. Who here agrees with me? What are your opinions on what I think?
  2. I am very curious. I can't imagine why 343 wouldn't upgrade Halo CEA to instant swich unless it is somehow not possible, or if it went completely over their heads. (Instant switch, of course, meaning the graphical switching ability from new to original instantly; featuring in Halo 2A) If you have an answer, please inform me. Thank you.
  3. Many people, myself included had a huge hype for the release of Halo 4. If only then I knew what I had known now I could have saved myself $60 and a trip to a midnight release. Before flaming immediately after seeing the title, please, at least here me out. Flashback to November, 15, 2011. Microsoft and 343i had just released its first Halo game (with 343i being a separate company, respectively). Halo: CEA was released in North America and was sold on the shelves for a mere $40. But the price had nothing on game itself, right? The original Halo, just with better graphics and sound quality. Sounded great to me. But as a gamer, I wouldn't be doing my job if I hadn't poked out the flaws. And please, let me take a minute to explain. Hating and nitpicking flaws are COMPLETELY different. Don't know the difference? Google it. Back to the matter at hand. I remember playing the first Halo as a kid, I only played at my cousins place, because my parents had refused to buy me an Xbox (they thought the games were too violent, so I showed them Madhouse on the Wii when it came out years later). Nonetheless, I went from Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, and the LoZ series (which are GREAT games, by the way) to shooting my way through any situation I saw fit. Halo ALONE stood above as the mighty grandeur of most of my gaming experiences. This led on to me playing Halo 3, CoD 4 and WaW (I did play Halo 2, just not online). All of which I highly regard to as great games to a modern era. You know what all of these games have in common? If you guessed 'A player progression system' then step up to get your prize. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could compare to the feeling that I got once I hit General in Halo 3 or when I prestiged in CoD 4. I just had this sense of accomplishment where I knew that I had something that few people had. I don't really remember CE having any online capabilities (I may be wrong), but I do know it had Custom Games. CEA; however, failed to deliver an online experience, let alone Custom Games. To save myself a few words, I'll say this: The same can be said for Halo 4. Like I previously stated, I enjoy ranking up and proving my worth, which would explain why I love games like WoW and GW2. I'm getting sidetracked. Now onto Halo 4, or should I say the burden of my Halo experience. Flashforward to November 6, 2012. I'm standing in a line at Gamestop waiting to get my copy of Halo 4. Line number, 122. Not too bad I guess. After driving home and changing my pants, I popped Halo 4 into the disc tray of my 360 and ran it from the dashboard. Let's start with the Campaign. I played this first as it is simply my tradition to experience the story line before anything else. Let me be the first to say, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this was purely amazing! Campaign was probably my favorite aspect, I beat it twice. Once to test the waters and a second time for Legendary Solo. Only I have a few problems. 343, to my dismay had lied in saying that Halo 4's legendary mode would be the hardest yet. I beat it; solo, mind you, in less than a day. I'm not that great at Campaign, especially Halo. I expected this to make me break a controller, not sit through in boredom as the derpy AI wandered around like nothing happened after I clearly assassinated a Promethean Knight. On the plus side, being able to see a little bit of Master Chief's face was MORE than promising. The game felt like a Sci-Fi shooter, like it should. However, this shouldn't give 343 the right to take the humor out of Halo. Even playing through the entire Campaign with IWHBYD on, I found no humorous remarks from the Covenant (I expected no real humor out of the Prometheans, mind you). Just growling most of the time. I also find myself running out of ammunition when it's most needed. Anyway, enough with Campaign (I gave it a 9/10). Onto the prominent Spartan Ops. A replacement for the classic Firefight experience, you play as the infamous Crimson team while playing through multiple missions, each with their own chapters and objectives. It's an interesting change; however, I would like to have seen a separate custom loadouts for Spartan Ops. Having to change constantly for Spartan Ops and War Games is a chore that should never have to be done. Here's an idea, have different roles for Spartan Ops. Each loadout would express a different role that could be fulfilled be the player. Heavy Weapons, Assault, Sniper, etc. Just a suggestion, of course. Now, herein lies the problem with Spartan Ops. The connectivity between players feels like the Ethernet cords were replaced with licorice. I can connect (with full bars, err, green bar, rather) to people when in Custom Games or Forge, and still lag like crazy when in Spartan Ops. It's like I'm being forced to play on LAN to enjoy the experience. With about a year in Computer Networking and mostly logical thinking, it can only be 343's servers that fail to support anything. Replaying the same map for missions can be a bit annoying too, unless it's like Mission 4 (or 5, I can't really remember) where you're on Ragnarok for 2-3 chapters and it actually follows a decent story pattern to it. War Games. Matchmaking for any fellow Halo vets. I could go on about this for ages, but to sum it up, I hate it. I hate the fact that I HAVE to hate it. This shouldn't exist, and I feel like it's a monstrosity to the competitiveness Halo used to bring. Whine and cry about Reach as it may be, but at least Reach could support an MLG playlist. Or any playlist for that matter. Halo 2, from what I've collected, had a Clan Battle playlist. That's perfect for clans who want to warm up before a GB match or something. For weapons, one precision weapon for UNSC is fine enough, thank you. Not two, is that concept so difficult to understand? Was 343 even thinking about the competitive community? Probably not. Reach brought about the concept of Armor Abilities, which most people hated. Any hate was usually directed for only one reason in particular, Armor Lock. Personally, I always used Sprint. I like to get to objectives and places around the map quickly. AA's were the only thing that really put someone at an edge over the other player (not including weapons, of course. I'm just talking about the traits at spawn). Now, in response to this, Halo 4 added not only Armor Abilities (which I find myself almost never using,) but perks as well. Perks? PERKS? Are you serious 343? If War Games had a CoD label on it, it would be the most balanced CoD out on the market (certainly better than BO:II). But why put a Halo label on this? Spawning with the same thing as everyone else had was just fine. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy change as much as the next guy. Repeating a similar multiplayer pattern gets old and boring. But this is not the way to do it 343! If you want some change that's fine, but don't change the game mechanics! Team Slayer Pro has little to no player base, and changing loadouts simply shouldn't be in Halo. Look at Reach's response to Armor Abilities, it was horrible. And the addition of having everyone have sprint is absolutely fine, I in fact welcome it with open arms. This doesn't give 343 the right to add perks. If they wanted a perk system, they could have made slight, minuscule differences that had a slight impact on the game. Like maybe 105% movement speed, or maybe a slight increase in the duration of sprint, not unlimited. 2 primary weapons in a loadout? No. Get rid of it. Awareness? Leave this game. More grenades? Kill yourself. Increased Explosives radius and less damage received? (Insert sarcastic smile, obviously indicating anger here) Better yet, let's throw in a carbon copy of a CoD perk! Oh, what's it called? Sleight of Hand maybe? Yeah that's the one. 343, grow some originality, or at least fire your multiplayer development team, and make a multiplayer system that makes me not want to throw up. Finally, Forge (I'm not dealing with Theater, that failed after Halo 3 due to no multiplayer viewing options). Forge seems much worse than compared to in Reach. Dynamic lighting and magnets were all that 343 brought to the table as major changes to Forge. That's great, but provide no decent maps to forge on and the whole system falls apart. Not only is the Magnet system feel uncomfortable, but the Coordinate system feels odd too! And precision editing? Nope! Zooming in while in monitor mode? Ha! Nope! In terms of maps, Ravine is horrible. I can't find a place to put anything anywhere. The Promethean structure half shouldn't be there. The moon base is equally full of stupid-syndrome. I just want Forge World back. I'd rather have one large map to forge on rather than 3 dysfunctional maps with no real purpose. Custom Games just feels dull since 343 copied most of what made Reach's custom games a bit derpy. Like the Camo system. That ruined Ghostbusters, my favorite custom game in H3. The jump scares were really fun! Now it's just like "Oh, you're there.." I tried making a paintball-esque Custom Game in Halo 4. It was okay, but there were no good maps to play it on. Why take away the freedom, fun, and creativity from Halo? I forged quite a bit on both H3 and Reach. Both were decent in their own respects. Foundry. Am I right, or am I right? Sandbox was pretty cool, along with the other maps that had skulls on them. Nice touch, Bungie. Above all, I feel like Halo 4 fixed a few of the big mistakes but made a LOT of smaller ones in its path. Graphics only add to the overall atmosphere of a game. And I feel like 343 focused on only that. The appeal to the atmosphere, rather the gameplay. Reach had a sort of grunge look/feel to it. The dirty armor truly made me feel like a war torn Spartan. And that's what Halo is about, right? Hate on me if you will, I've come to accept that my opinion isn't very welcome. At least think of this: Are you defending this game so much because you like it, or because it simply says "Halo" on the cover? I am actually enthralled to hear someone else's opinion on this. I never really addressed my concern with Halo 4's ranking system. After hitting 50 and passing into your first specialization, it's easy to rank up until rank 5-6 of your specialization. It then follows a repeated pattern after hitting 60. Choose the specialization, it's easy then it gets really difficult. There's no sense in that at all. Just wanted to point that out.
  4. Okay, so I was helping some friends with some achievements for ODST, and started to reminisce the times I had playing all the other games when I remembered something quite terrible. I Played every game, beat every single aspect, achievements, rank, several times, then had to do it all over again in the next game with nothing to show for it. The closest Any of the games came to satisfying this was Halo Reach, but the three armor components didn't seem enough. So I propose a rather interesting Idea for the avid player; what if your progress made a difference; what if in Halo 4 you got gear for playing the other games. Not just one piece of armor or a special emblem, but a whole separate set for each. For Example, you would gain the following for each game: > Halo 3 - Type-25 Carbine - Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade - Type-52 Pistol - M7/Caseless Submachine Gun - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI - Legendary > Halo 3:ODST - M6C/SOCOM - M7S Caseless Submachine Gun - Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle/Jiralhanae Variant - Type-3 Antipersonnel/Anti-materiel Incendiary Grenade - ODST battle armor - VISR mode from ODST - Eternal > Halo Wars - Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer - Type-25 Grenade Launcher - Type-50 Sniper Rifle System - TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine - Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor/Katana - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV - Legacy > Halo Reach - Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved - Type-52 Special Applications Rifle - M319 Individual Grenade Launcher - Radar Jammer - Bubble Shield - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V - Noble > Halo CE: Anniversary - M7057/Defoliant Projector - Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle - Sentinel Beam - Energy Disruptor - Flashbang grenade - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V - Mythic I think that players would prefer to be awarded the above rather then have to unlock them by spending more hours if not days when they already went on the journey to earn them. Anyone should be able to unlock them, but only by playing the other games. This may prove to anger the players who never played the other games, didn't complete the requirements, or had to switch profiles due to reasons unknown. However, they should still be usable in game, but through this method only would they be able to be unlocked for use in Personal Loadouts. They would not effect combat any more then any other of equal ability already within the game. I also recommend the return of the other two factions of the covenant; the Zealots commanded by Avu Med 'Telcam will make very interesting foes, and their armor matches their religious commitment, but to see how the Separatists, under the Honorable Warrior's command of the Arbiter, and the Loyalists, the once servants of the Prophets, now ruled by the Tribal order of the Jiralhanae, free of the chains that suppressed their ancient barbaric nature, they now fight amongst themselves; vying to rule the other tribes. All three of these factions have much to gain from Requiem, and are likely to galvanize under the threat of the other factions or the UNSC gaining the secrets of the Shield world. Seeing the three fight would make quite a sight; the Wild Jackals running about with almost random weapons that they scavenged from lord only knows, against the Storm Jackals and their vicious nature. Not to mention the countless possibilities of new and old Brute weapons and vehicles. Like a Spike turret, a fusion of Super heated metal and rapid succession. An Assault rifle version of the Spike riffle would seems to be in order. A new cocktail of death from the mind of a twisted soul, the Harpoon gun will leave your mangled corpse stuck to the wall, floor, ceiling, or whatever is behind you when they release the trigger. Working like a fusion of the Spiker and the Light Rifle, it can fire by simply tapping the trigger, firing metal barbs with great precision, or you hold the shot, then release to twine three barbs together and staple the target to whatever might be behind it. That Metal on Metal would not only punch holes through you, but sear the flesh just the way they like it. Sound like a party?
  5. I'm looking for someone to play Halo CEA over Xbox Live. I know where most of the skulls and terminals are. My gamer tag is Wolfspartan360.
  6. Starting a video series on Halo CEA called the Halo Campaign Experience. I try to everyday upload a video of my campaign of Halo CEA up to Halo 4's release! Check out the series below! This post will be updated as more videos come out. Halo CEA Pillar of Autumn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l5D_3GJe1w&feature=plcp
  7. I mashed up images of the main weapons used in all Halo games from Halo: CE to Halo 4. It's a big image so I'll just put a link. http://i760.photobuc...olutioncopy.png
  8. remember in the original halo ce on the level truth and reconciliation where MC, cpt keyes and others board a covenant dropship (spirit) and then 2 hunters run out and keyes rams the ship into them, well from what i seen 343i left that bit out in the anniversary game, anyone know why?, and also i wanna add, i remember seeing a video that showed we could access a feature from the main menu which showed pictures of all the different covenant species and their description, thats not there either, anyone know anything about that as well?, other than that the game is great
  9. Don't you guys hate when some Halo fans comments "why did u remake Halo CE". Well for the people who liked it that way ,why won't you guys stick to classic mode. 343 made the campaign look better and we got other maps then before,and there will be forge and theater so we can watch fails of the week from Jack and Geoff.Thats my thought,what yours?
  10. i started playing halo when i was young but i do not recall playing halo CE campaign ever. the earliest halo game i recall playing was halo 2. that being said ive heard that The Library on legendary is the hardest level within the campaign. id this true (if not what is in your opinion)? is this true? and also will the campaign have the same glitches, easter eggs, etc. inside of it? last comment. Weekly Challenge: LASO The Library Legendary 12 skulls. Who would dare? first post btw.
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