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Found 9 results

  1. The paint I used felt too sticky. I was a bit unhappy with the texture. But I was happy when the figure dried. Needler round XD
  2. Many members on this forum wish to have purple, and with the new member promotion system, I thought this an opportune time to make a poll. This'll benefit those who lost their beloved purple to a dull, humdrum gray. Many members don't actively post in this community (Outside of Offbeat) because they want to keep their post count low. This is not how a promotion system should work: people should not be punished for impacting this community. I love this community, and that's why I breached the pitiful 500 post mark; It pains me to admit it. Everyone, share their stories of purple, their loss and woes, and how we can regain what is rightfully ours: THE GLORIOUS PURPLE.
  3. Do you know who played the lovable Barney the Dinosaur in your childhood? Head to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/09/barney-the-dinosaur-real-life-actor_n_3569273.html ,to find out where your childhood 'hero' really is in this segment of YOUR CHILDHOOD UNVEILED!
  4. I just want to say goodbye to everyone from my name being Green, soon I will join the ranks of the Purple names and it certainly has been a privilege to green, but all good things must come to an end yes? As God closes the door, a window opens. I wish all of those good luck to being green and I say hello to all of those who are purple. Thank you.
  5. Well guys! I'm purple now! And I would like to thank everyone on this website.. EVERYONE!! For motivating me to become Trusted. I thank the Admins and Mods for the awesome color, And I thank all the members for just being a good group of nice and pretty cool people. And I want to thank Bob because... Why not? I'm not going to pick favorite members, No. I really want to thank my very nice mom 343iBot for helping me achieve my goal. By being the best mommy ever. And Mommy Bnus. I thank people for having a lot of threads that interest me and other people, And I want to thank you, The person reading this for actually taking the time to read something that in the real world no one will care about. But this is my victory speech, For completing one of my goals. And now... I must become GRAY!!! YOU HEAR THAT OMEGA!? I'M GONNA CATCH UP TO YOU MISTER!! Oh yeah, And my other goal other than becoming Gray is also being the... Member of The Month!! I will have that title one day!! But seriously guys, Thank you for helping me reach 200 posts. It really means a lot to me. -Love, Your very dumb but awesome friend to all. -The Dumb Marine. Here lies the color Green 04/17/13 - 11/3/13 "I love the color green" -The Dumb Marine So lets party! To what music you may be asking? Well, Its pretty obvious. I thank Megalorganiste for the amazing remix. Ps... Thank you Uncle Church for the new title! Forum Weasel really fits me!
  6. So the problem I'm having is every time I go to play I put the halo 4 disc 1 in. Halo logo pops up and then screen turns purple. It started after I downloaded an update about two weeks ago. Was working fine till that update. I have deleted everything off my harddrive, reinstalled, tried to play with out updating but still get the purple screen. Tried to update same thing. Has anyone else had this problem or have any clue how to fix it. Had the game for over 30 days so I can't return it. I need my halo fix please help. Thank you
  7. GT: Temporal Enigma (Map by Temporal Enigma and God of Fate GOF) Map: [PB] The Heist Gametype: Purple Bunker Same rules as in Reach. Pick any team but no yellow-v-red or blue-v-green.Sometimes the defender's second tier teleporter doesnt work. Dont know why. Unfortunately, i cannot change the player's color so there is no Purple in the Purple Bunker. Sorry about the voice quality in the video, I am still trying to figure out how to work the audio capture part of my capture card. I hope you can understand me and my friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhA71_i6Nf0&feature=g-u
  8. Hey everyone! So looks like I'm purple now eh? I just want to say I really have enjoyed my time in the forums so far, and I've met so many of you that I like. Here's to many more memories on the forum! Cheers
  9. iTz Vplus2

    Fishy Sig

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Most colorful sig i ever made
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