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  1. Halo 5 isnt broken?? How does it need fixing? Edit: whoops i get it now
  2. Halo: Reach is a beloved entry in the Halo series, but in recent times it has had some neglect from it's publishers. Please help Microsoft realize that Reach deserves the Xbox one Ultimate treatment: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-please-bring-halo-reach-along-with-odst-s-firefight-to-xbox-one-with-all-of-reach-s-dlc-s
  3. So I noticed (between lots of gameplay videos) that people were still confused about some stuff in H5g. Here is my attempt at making a FAQ for it Q: Why does the armor look bad? A: They are currently not fully textured, if the overall style irks you then provide feedback to 343i and perhaps they'll change it. Q: What is the maximum resolution/frame rate of the game? A: The beta will run at 720p-60FPS (Why? Because it's a beta). The full game will run at 1080p-60FPS. Q: Why can't we fully customize armor? A: Because it's a beta. Reach's beta didn't have full customization either. Q: Why am I experiencing such-and-such matchmaking issues? A: Again it's only a beta version of the game's matchmaking. Q: Why is (insert weapon here) so overpowered? A: They tuned the weapons the best that they could in the short time they had before releasing the beta. If a weapon truly is OP then let them know of this and they'll more than likely fix it in the full game. Q: Are there armor abilities? A: No, armor abilities are reusable equipment items that you pick up or spawn with one at a time. Halo 5 has new Spartan abilities which every player can use at any time. (Halo 2 did a similar thing when it implemented duel wielding and vehicle boarding.) Q: Are there assassinations? A: Yep! Q: Are there killcams? A: Yes. Hopefully it isn't as broken as it was in Halo 4 at times but if it is, let them know. Q: Is there a spectator mode? A: Yes, and it cannot be used for cheating as it will be delayed by about 30s. Q: Are there loadouts/ordinance? A: No, the whole game is based on equal starts and power weapon control. Q: Is that ADS? A: Yes and no. The animation itself is your Spartan aiming down his/her sights, BUT there is no penalty to hip fire, you are still descoped when shot, and your movement while scoping isn't hindered. In other words, it's just a fancy scope animation which is why 343i refers to it as "Smart Scope" and not ADS. Q: But isn't the answer to the previous question incorrect because automatic weapons become more accurate when scoping? A: Not necessarily. The scope has always increased the precision of a given weapon, the only difference now is that automatic weapons now have a scope (and therefore the same ability). If you feel this is game breaking then once again, feel free to complain about such to 343i. Q: I know I keep asking about Smart Scope, but I need to know: do you have to hold down the left trigger to scope? A: In default controls? Yes. However, there are a few control schemes that scope using the thumb stick like in previous games. Q: What is going on with those awful pinging noises? A: Well originally that noise was meant for every single shot, but 343i reduced it such that (for the full beta) it's now only heard after you make the kill. If it still annoys you then once more, provide that feedback. Q: Can we have the old announcer back? A: It's the SAME person! Jeff Steitzer has been doing the announcer voices since the beginning. The only difference now is his delivery and there are some edits to his voice to sound more announcer-like (to enhance the idea that the multiplayer is a narrated war simulation). Q: Why do the Spartans talk and why do we have that 'bro-ish' ending to the matches? A1: They're both for extra emersion. You are playing as a Spartan IV (that is, a regular person who has normal attitudes; not a Spartan II or III super soldier) who is competing against others in a war games simulation. It makes sense that your Spartan tries to convey information to teammates and that they celebrate their victories after winning. A2: In terms of gameplay, the chatter serves to give callout information to players if they don't have a mic, if you feel that this interferes with your own talking, you can turn it off. Q: Where's BTB? A: As of now, the beta appears to be focusing only on the Arena mp. This doesn't mean that BTB is going to disappear. 343i just wants to show that arena is their main focus (and BTB will more than likely follow up at least in the full game). Q: Where are my elites? D': A: As you can see, they are obviously not in the beta. They MAY (not confirmed) not be in the full game for the same reason why they weren't in Halo 4. If this bothers you (WHICH I THINK IT SHOULD) prove to 343i that you want them back by asking them for it a lot. Q: Do you like the FAQ and was it helpful? A: (Insert answer below)
  4. Hey! I'm going to be hosting Halo 3 Gamenights every Friday and Saturday leading up to TMCC. EVERYONE! JOINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! (post your gamertag down below and send a message on xbox to me saying either "-3-" , "BELIEVE" or "HALO" and i will invite you...) The first gamenight will by October 3rd, 2014 starting at 7:30 Eastern Standard Time. I will be recording this using an Eleganto HD 60 game capture and I will try to get voices in to. I will be uploading to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuQzsBgCEeA6p7KRKGQTnQ Also I am also looking for people experienced with Youtube. See you on! -Forge My gamertag is XGN FiReBaLl
  5. Dont listen to caboose, Map packs are great, they keep the game fresh with new experience and awesome fun. Just play the DLC within 1-50 days of the map pack realsing, then the population % of people with the map packs is around 20-75%. Or you can go to the temporary dlc playlist...
  6. Got 4 questions for you Which map will you first play? Which campaign mission will you first play? Which Spartan Ops mission will you first play?
  7. Last time their credit cards were stolen, that killed sony. They said they would fix that with the PS4, looks like they got hacked once again... MS will never let Xbox get Hacked, they'll buy 2,000,000 deticated server if they have too.
  8. Yeah, they did that in Reach with invasion for like Spire, Breakpoint, and Boneyard there was lore objective multiplayer. With a unique announcer (most likely their commander) for both the elites and spartans before they spawn. This is like a massive super upgraded Invasion with lore based objectives except they aren't only on Reach.
  9. Remember that one Halo 2 mission where a Scarab goes around the city and you must hijack it and blow it up? Imagine this: There are 64 players in this game, the map is in New Mombasa. It's Spartans vs. Elites. Spartans: Your primary objective is to to stop the Elite task force from entering the facility. Punch a hole into their attack, board the enemy Scarab and disable it, then arm a bomb onto the Scarab and detonate it. Elites: Defend the Scarab until it gets to the facility, then infiltrate the facility and retrieve the relic. Bring the relic to platform where phantoms will be waiting to pick you and the relic up. The scarab is driven by an AI elite around the city. This would kind of be like invasion because it is elite vs spartan and kind of like assault, just really huge epic and awesome. The elites can use some of the secondary turrets on the scarab but the can be destroyed by heavy human weapons. The main turret would be scripted to fire at some destructible environment blocking the Scarab's way. The map would allow you to go on the ledges and in the buildings including the ones around and under the Scarab's walkway along with the ground and roofs of buildings, and yes there will be water. This is something that I would personally play for hours on end in matchmaking, include a forge possibility for it too.
  10. Sure, I'm XGN FiReBaLl, I have it for Xbox one, every so often i hope on the coop for spartan assault on x1 version and i just press x to get random people and i find some, same for 360 version, just pop on there and press x to find people and bam! there's one.
  11. I do not like the new Bungie, I do not like their Activision scam; I do not like their their new game Destiny, I do not like it in a tree; I do not like here or there, I do not like it in your mom's underwhere; The gameplay is the same, as their funder's rip off game; (ahem ahem, call of duty aka **** in the booty) The storyline and lore is just a bore, a copy of the better games; I'm sorry to say but Destiny will fail, its fan base will die; Halo will win the franchise war, and so there it is... THE END!!!
  12. for coop on halo 1 and 2 it will be 2 people spit screen but on mutiplayer it will be 4
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