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Found 14 results

  1. Imagine if you have never played halo before, you've always been a CoD/Battlefield man, and you are about to delve into the world of halo, it can be quite scary, but also quite a fun experience as you will notice while obviously the game is very different, it always to seem to have a competitive aspect, something that both CoD and BF lack in that respect. So lets get started, so again, imagine you've just bought halo reach, and you have never played any other Halo's before, and you are worried about what its gonna be like, if your going to suck at it or not, or if you will do well. 1. Play the Campaign. You'll be surprised how many people don't actully play the campaign and just go straight into multiplayer, this is never a good idea as if you don't know the weapons and how to use them, you will get ****** over quite badly. Now i understand that the Campaign in Halo reach probably isn't the best campaign ever, but it is quite good at letting you use every weapon (Sniper, DMR, AR, Etc) and letting u get good with it at your own progress, the campaign is pretty good for a new halo player, & can certainly help you a lot and make you much a better player, by the time you finished the campaign, you will be surprised how much better you are at the game already. 2. Play with Friends! (Campaign/Multiplayer) You'll be surprised how much friends make a difference in a game, as they can guide you in the right direction and try to tell you mistakes you make, and can overall can just make the game more fun and exciting, as you know you can have fun while playing. Instead of finding some super-serious Kids who think winning is the be-all and end-all, you can play with friends & have a much more fun and enjoyable time because, they will kind of let you learn at your own pace as you won't have people screaming down their mic "YOU SUCK! QUIT THE *Insert Language* GAME!* Im now going to Imagine you have finished the Campaign and have played a few multiplayer matches, and you are kind of experienced. 3. Play Team Slayer and stick with it for a bit. In my opinion, Team slayer is a nice way of getting up in skill levels and skill in general, because, in team slayer, there are a LOT of people who don't know what they are doing, bit like the person who is going to read this (presuming they are new) and will be in the EXACT same position as you, new, just got out of the campaign, and are ready to try their luck at multiplayer, i will talk about winning/losing next, but for now, just stick with team slayer and play it for a bit, until you have a good idea of what you are doing and are enjoying the game mostly, if you aren't enjoying the game, you mighyt as well not play it, because the #1 reason you play any game, is because you enjoy it, hell, if you don't enjoy something, don't do it simple as. 4. Don't worry about winning/losing The one thing that makes me mad in ANY game, is people's Ego's and the fact they think winning and losing is the be all and end all, because, in reach anyway, Winning and losing means **** all, as long as you are enjoying yourself and want to keep playing, that is good enough. As Day[9] would say: "GET YOUR EGO OUT OF THE F****** GAME!" don't go into a game thinking your going to be the best instantly, because, lets be honest, unless you are naturally talented at gaming, you are not going to be great at it instantly, just keep playing and ignore all the hate people will give you 5. Move Onto Other Playlists Im going to presume now you are doing Ok in team slayer, getting about 8+ kills,and dying a lot less then you were, lets say when its your first game of Team slayer, you are a better player already, so now you should move onto different playlists, whether is Team Objective, BTB, or Swat, any of them are good, just, again, as long as you are learning and enjoying yourself, for now, that is all that matters. I wouldn't recommend the following playlists until you are really good (i will explain why not to pick them in the next entry i do.) 1. MLG. 2. Team Snipers In Entry #2, i will be explaining about the DMR in great detail, why not to go into MLG and Team Snipers, as well as Positioning in certain maps and how to use a sniper effeicentally, i hope you enjoyed reading this, and i hope you can't wait for entry #2 (Will Be Done Every Wednesday & Sunday Until Told Different) Have fun in halo reach!
  2. Hello this is KillerKorbin117 here with my new clan i am recruiting for my new clan on halo reach Requirements: -You must be a captain on halo reach Recommended: -You have an Xbox Mic Here is the application format: Your Xbox live gamertag: Your Halo:Reach Rank: What division you would like to be in: Divisions 5: ODST Army ODST Recon ODST Raider ODST Demolitions/Heavy Weapons ODST (i forget now) Have a nice day! -KillerKorbin117
  3. Hi! I've been a Halo player for about 7 years mostly Halo: CE and Halo 2 for the PC but I just recently got into the Xbox about a year ago. I would consider myself to be a decent player. My K/D in Halo 4 is 4074:4340 and I average at about 22-24 kills a match. I do have a mic and I'd like a clan that can help me continue to get better at Halo. I'm 14 but I'd like to play with more mature players.
  4. If your looking to play fun maps or are tired of matchmaking then our custom lobbys are for you. We host lobbys almost every day and night in halo 4 and freqently change to halo reach to play some good old custom games there. We host 12 player lobbys so they fill up fast although with all the ones we have you are bound to play with us soon.we do ask for mics to be used if possibe to explian rules and make the gameplay best for everyone. You are free to add me incase you need more players for your own games. To play with me and other players just leave in a comment your gamertag,country,and which of the two games(Halo 4 and Halo reach) you want to play and we will make sure to let you know when our next lobby is in a messege. If you have maps to play make sure to leave me the name of creator and map/gametype name.Thank you for considering to play and i cant wait to play with you. MY GAMERTAG:Worldkiller91 Country:USA time pacific Games: Halo 4 and Halo Reach Map recomendation(if you got one): [gamertag of creator here] - [map name and gametype name here] Example: (this is one of my friends map he agreed to let me use his map as a example) Gamertag:Relicifyze, Map Name: Platform, Gametype: -[PLATFORM]-
  5. Hello! I made a map called "Sideus" that I really need to be tested. Here's how I plan on it working: I'll just put the link down below for you to download (if your interested) and whenever you have the time just play on the map with some friends and give me some feedback (Over 343industries.org). It's a small-medium size map that can handle 8 players at the most (I can't get a party going because my friends don't play Halo:Reach that much). It is a competitive map with 4-5 floors that can handle the following gametypes:Team/FFA Slayer HeadHunter, Juggernaut, King of the Hill and Oddball. Please try to test the map with all of the gametypes so if there is some thing wrong with any of the gametypes I will know. For feedback, go ahead and either post your feedback in the comments below or send me a message over 343industries.org. (Please make it Constructive Criticism) Map Download Link
  6. Hey guys and gals I am RedSniper243 or NFG_Sniper. I am NFG_Fallout right hand man and were recruiting once again. We play Halo 4, Reach, Battlefield 3, and even minecraft...there are also other games we play and you can learn about that by replying or messaging me. We compete in contests and just regular matches. We can be competitive and also have fun like building in the forge or playing custom game types. If you want more information about us please reply with gamertag or look us up on Xbox live and request a party or private chat. Our gamer tags are DryerJeremiah (Leader) and RedSniper243 (Me). Please get in contact with us if interested. GO ORANGE TEAM!
  7. Hello there! My clan i would like to have others recruited is called Mythic, a little information is going to be provided for you below. I am the only current Member unfortantly Hoping for new members of course And thats all the information i can previde As you can see its going to be a slow process to bring the clan up to a respectable level but thats why this post is here! Just message me if you want to join the clan And friend my Gamertag (Snyde Hyde) I'd appreciate it if you are mature and over-react about things, Thank you for your time and i anticipate that your going to join me
  8. Hey guys our clan is recruiting we are Nuclear Fallout Gaming (NFG) we are a halo reach clan but you can talk to the leader his gamertag is DryerJermiah talk to him if your interested. Go Orange Team!!!
  9. Can someone confirm this? Just got back on reach, and have "quit" 3(?) games because of this weird glitch/bug. Preferably someone with good int. connection, because I can't trust my Xbox with this bug, it sucks connecting to my router. But, every time the glitch has occurred, I did exactly what the title implies. I unmute-ban(?) someone, because I really do wonder if most people deserve it... Then check their record to see their game history. If they end up being a good teammate, I submit a positive review... But recently, I get d/c immediately after doing this! Help? Just happy I don't quit often...
  10. We have 6 people going right now. need 6 more(or just 6 controllers/spots) in order to get it easily. we will get it for every1 in party. must have defiant map pack. GT: BacJohn32
  11. I hop on Halo:Reach today to get a message saying i have been permanently banned from Matchmaking. For what reason have i been banned. I was playing with my friend earlier today then I take a break, decide to play some Halo 3 for a bit. I come back on to play Reach and i am banned from matchmaking. I have done nothing wrong (to my knowledge) and i request either help or a reason for being banned. plz someone help me.
  12. Hey everyone my GT is Roso132 and I've started an MLG Team called "Origin". I'm having trouble finding people who are good enough to join, although anyone who does want to join just thinks its a silly team they can get on with any skill level...WRONG! I'm looking for the best of the best to tryout for my team! REQUIREMENTS: Microphone Knowledge of where you are at anytime on the map Every weapon spawn location Calling out And dedicated player. You do "not" need to change your GT, colors, service tag, or emblem Rank does not matter. Just skill and sportsmanship (I don't mind a little trash talk though ) Remember: WE ARE THE ORIGIN!!
  13. Hey everybody! Clan H F T is will be holding tournaments most Saturdays and Sundays. All clans and players are welcome to enter just be sure to sign up by PM or send me a message via Xbox live at : HFT Chaos and tell me which Game-Type(s) you want to participate in. Game-types will be: (1 FFA (2 4v4 Slayer (3 8v8 Slayer (4 Team MLG v7 (5 Team SWAT Each team must have a leader. MS points will be given out to the winner and will get H F T clan help for match-made achievements and Daily/Weekly challenges. Good luck Spartans!
  14. Hello, Recon here. Ive got some forge tips for you guys! :guitar: Tips for cool effects: SPINNING DICE: Take four Vehicle grav-lifts and put them in an intersecting cross, then place a dye in the middle. Make sure its set on Normal physics. MANUAL-MOON-CANNON: Make a holster, with whatever can hold a propane tank. put a small barricade as the end of the moon cannon. Nect, you place a propane canister under the barricade, and then you can shoot the end of the tank and make it fire out. MANNED-ELEVATOR: Simply make a shaft, and fill it with One-Way shields, facing up. Congrats theres your elevator. Do the opposite to go down. AVALANCHE OF ROCKS: Make a Box, and an opening that empties onto a slant, and make rocks that respawn every 3 seconds in the box, and have them empty out and fall down the ramp, theres your avalanche. Vehicle Cannons 1. Make a box, place a Scorpian or a Warthog rocket turret inside and then make a canopy, there you go! [MORE TO COME, Still working on some. MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE SOME, AND THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!]
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