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Found 13 results

  1. Known Issues: - When building the nav mesh with grass on the ground the bots don't know how to navigate (this is the most annoying one for forest maps, bots should just ignore blocks with no collision. - Sometimes working with the budget for light cache too close to the limit will not save the built light cache (this happened with a vegetation map I had to lower even more the light budget I had). - Initial camera will shake when a match starts unless you script it to move around. - Sometimes scripts don’t get properly loaded in a custom game even if they work at Forge mode (or the opposite). - Some particular blocks are glitchy (example: Structures > Cover > UNSC Half Cover), they may not scale properly and several copies of it can break the map. Make sure to check the budget at Map Settings and see if the static objects budget makes sense with the map you are working on. - Quickly saving the map twice right before leaving a Forge session may not save your progress at all, a workaround for it is going to version history and open the third last version of it. - Sometimes you just can’t publish a map, transferring the admin seems to solve the issue but the map will still be glitched with the original owner if he gets admin back (this may have something to do with a copy protection glitch). - Forge robot sometimes pick up weapons, if a weapon disappears or if you see your reticle changing then be aware of it, that weapon will respawn after some time. - Placing blocks too far away from origin or very big ones may cause serious performance issues to your session. - Some blocks that have applied normal physics to them may get duplicated when they get moved around (specially vehicles, weapons and fusion coils), it turns out that the object in the original position is just a ghost block and eventually it will disappear (I hope). - Some blocks that have applied normal physics to them may get duplicated when they get moved around (specially vehicles, weapons and fusion coils), it turns out that the object in the original position is just a ghost block and eventually it will disappear (I hope). - Some objects glitch out and can’t be selected nor deleted, sometimes they just act as the ghost blocks mentioned above but also they may stay there for a long period of time and even linger around after a couple of forge sessions. There is no easy workaround but after a couple of forge lobbies they may disappear. Sometimes you manage to delete them when placing another same block and going into object settings and selecting all similar blocks then deleting it (do it outside the map since instead of being able to delete the second block it also becomes a ghost block sometimes). - Placing glass blocks in front of each other will cause performance issues. - Having too many reflective objects will cause delays when placing and moving blocks while in forge mode. - You can’t undo when scaling objects or with other people at your forge lobby. - Some rocks if scaled too big can cause problems with collision and weird textures, make sure to place smaller ones near areas where the players are to patch it. - Prefabing several blocks together may cause different issues, if you duplicate it or undo the rotation or movement will cause the prefab to explode the smaller blocks into different rotation, scale and position, a work around for this is having the original prefab in a corner and trying to duplicating it a couple of times until you can get it right (there is a small delay when duplicating it), also remember to never ever undo anything you made with a big prefab (saving the original one may be a good idea). - Randomly some blocks may get weird collisions (even if they are flat), try to place invisible blockers to work around it.
  2. some footage of the first hacker i've ran into...have some cod ptsd flashbacks to warzone. he starts off pretty subtle then it gets pretty apparent
  3. Halo Infinite Here we'll be discussing all things Halo Infinite, and there's a lot to discuss. Now besides the first three quarters looking like a stunning nature documentary, Halo Infinite's announcement at Microsoft's 2018 E3 conference has left us with a lot of questions. Ok so lets start by assuming that this indeed is after the events Halo 5, because that's what 343 have implied so far. Does that make this game Halo 6? I was expecting two games to be revealed, Halo 6 and another (most likely FPS) Halo title. We got one short announcement, that has left us filled with awe, and confusion. I'm sure we're all really interested to hear more about Infinite, because so far things aren't clear at all, and all we can do is speculate. We're also assuming the Spartan seen at the end is John-117. Now, two things that stand out about John are that 1) he's in Mk VI MJOLNIR armour and 2) he slots in an AI chip. Another interesting things to note, is that they're clearly on a Halo ring, with pulsing structures that resemble those seen on Installation 04 in Halo: Combat Evolved. The way I see it, there are three possibilities: 1) This is not canon footage. This is just a way to demo the new 'Slipspace' gaming engine for future Halo games. Halo Infinite is to be the first Halo title utilising this engine, and this announcement is basically a hype/flex by 343. A very good one, it is. There may be no canon story in that footage, none of what we say may actually be happening. John putting the AI in, might just be shown to induce hype and because it looks good. 2) This is actually GEN2 Mark VI armour, as seen in 5, but 343 are scrapping that visually modified version completely. This isn't ridiculous, because it's what they did from Halo 3 to 4, and people don't riot over it. I think the Halo 4 Mk VI helmet looks good as well, and it's not an artistic change, the helmet does actually look that way after Cortana used nanobot technology to repair and reform parts of the armour after Halo 3's ending. Maybe it now is an artistic change, and 343 are suggesting that the Halo 3's armour design was canonically the one seen in Halo 4 and 5, but they just displayed it differently for those two games. He could be wearing armour seen in Halo 5, with a repaired/new helmet, but 343 chose to go back to the previous art style (if this case is true, then they would be art styles and not actually different designs). 3) That is Mark VI GEN1 MJOLNIR, and there's a reason Chief is back in it. Better be a good one. There's also a reason for the AI being slotted into his helmet, either it's Cortana or another one he's using. Now, 3) is probably the most popular belief, as people are already trying to find explanations. I think 2), despite being possible, is unlikely, because it'll cause a lot of disagreement in the community. People will get confused, though it may work in the long run. Possibility 1) is kind of likely, this announcement may just be another E3 2013 teaser (see Site Poll 80). If I had to pick one, I'd say they'll go with case 3), but I'm really curious about explanations. We also have no idea about the nature of the game. What Installation is that? Where are they? Is this an FPS? Is it Halo 6? When's it set? Share your thoughts and questions, let me know which possibility you think is most likely, and if you're aware of any other likely possibility. Watch the footage here: 343ICF, lets discuss Halo Infinite. Edit: Had to replace a) and b ) with 1) and 2) because 'b' with a ')' directly after is a smiley.
  4. The multiplayer progression system is still a brutal grind. Yes they made a small fix by each game only granting 50 points, but I feel like that's a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn't provide incentive to win because you get the points regardless. I've play multiple games in quickplay and 1/4 games there was someone afk the whole game. If 343 implements a system to just kick them out then players will just rubber band their controllers. Also a whole progression system base around a battle pass is a terrible idea when coupled with the only real way to level it up is through challenges. That brings up another issue. People working on the challenges won't care about winning, just the challenges. Challenges should be a bonus to the main progression of playing well like how Halo Reach was designed. I finished all my weekly's for the first week and lost interest playing because there is no incentive to keep going until the next week. 343 if you see this please take all of this into great consideration and if any Halo fans noticed I missed anything feel free to add on.
  5. Why does nobody play game modes properly? e.g. CTF I get the flag to our base literally a foot away from the scoring post and my team decide to run away from the flag to the other side of the map. Same with oddball, either my team or the other don't bother collecting the ball when its right in front of them and its safe, is there some sort of easy progression when you just go for kills or something? Just seems pointless playing at all, never had this problem anywhere near as bad in previous halo's, just curious if there is a valid reason e.g. high score multipliers for longer games?
  6. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 105...yes, I'm really back for it. Please, contain your excitement. Hold your applause. Keep your underwear on. Unfortunately both Yoshi and Maestro failed to uphold my legacy with the Site Polls that I greatly invested in, thanks guys (love ya really ). Honestly wanna thank them both for producing five more polls after I stepped down, it was much appreciated. I can't say for sure whether I'll be doing these weekly like I used to, but you can expect one every now and then. This community had and will always have a special place in my heart, and it's all of you, the people, that make it. Speaking of this awesome community, let's dive into Poll 105. Will Halo: Infinite reignite the 343ICF? I joined in 2013, just over over 6 years ago now. When I joined, the place was starting to buzz with life. It was warming up again after a previous period of inactivity. I can't speak too much for the 2011 to early-2013 state of the site, but from what I made out, 2013/2014 was the peak of this community's activity. Members were like family with each other, I'd come back home everyday to join my new-found friends here. We all had something in common, various things in common in many cases. Remember the days of forum games? Now we can't even get a flowing convo in the shoutbox. I'm guilty of inactivity as well, the already-present growing lack of activity here didn't give me anymore reason to return and stay for long. I always end up coming back though, because there's truly no place like home. Now Infinite is shaping up to be impressive, and we're getting a sick port of Reach to Xbox One and PC soon (hopefully). The Halo community is still very active, and will only get more hyped as time progresses. But what about our community? Waypoint's a nice house, but it's not home. Do any of you think the upcoming Halo content, namely Infinite, will bring the community back to life? Will it potentially bring new members that'll be here to stay, or have older members return for good? A familiar face is always nice, and a fresh one with passion is just as good. Or do you think the community has had it's time, and will begin fossilising soon enough? There's always potential for life to be breathed into this old dog. If Infinite won't do it, Reach and the MCC port to PC may. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. As always, Spartan out.
  7. Hello everybody! It's Maestro here with Site Poll 104! To recap the previous poll, not the one and only sight pole, everyone concluded that hype reached critical mass when 343 said the MCC would be ported to PC. Now that E3 is upon us once again and Microsoft finished the Xbox presentation, we got a new teaser for Halo Infinite showing off the new engine and setting the tone for the game, which can be watched here. It looks like it picks up a little while after the point Halo 5 left off, but I'm not supposed to theory craft in the opening post. So my questions for you are: What did you think of the teaser? What do you think will happen in Halo Infinite? And where do you think the series will go from here? I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this! You can also answer on our Twitter page. Maestro out! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 88. Last week we talked about the likelihood of Blue Team being in Halo Infinite. On the whole, the community thinks we will see Blue Team, but whether they'll be playable or not isn't clear to us. Click here to view the last poll, 87. What alien races will be in Halo Infinite? Despite all the talk about Halo Infinite, I am yet to hear discussion about which species will show up. It's almost certain we'll see Sangheili (Elites), but how about the Yanme'e (Drones) or even the Huragok (Engineers)? Cortana broadcasted to pretty much the whole Galaxy, right? We know the Unggoy (Grunts) are siding with her. In this case, where there's no order, all species of Jackal will go to piracy, as they have always done. We shouldn't see them ally themselves with Cortana, but it's not surprising for there to be a few individuals who would join a mercenary group. The Jiralhanae (Brutes) would most likely not be seen, unless some join Cortana. Issue with them is they really are scattered all over the place, so it's unlikely we'll find some major Brute faction, the Banished were the best there'll ever be unless they all unite. Then there are some other minority species, such as the Yonhet and Sharquoi. With Cortana trying to get all buddy-buddy with every race, and many others opposing her, what alien races do you think we'll be seeing in Halo Infinite? A few familiar faces from previous games/media, or even something entirely new? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  9. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #87. Last week I asked which armour unlock system you'd like to see in Halo Infinite, and the consensus came to Reach's system, with aspects of Halo 3/4's unlcok requirements. There were many great posts, and what made them even better was the suggestion of bringing back the Vidmaster challenges. Click here to view the last poll, #86. Will we see Blue Team again in Halo Infinite? To be honest, there's actually no confirmation (yet) that Blue Team will be in Halo Infinite. Did 343 saying that Infinite will focus on Chief, mean Blue Team will also be cut out the picture? Having them in Halo 5 was great, and needed at one point or another, but was that just a one time thing? Blue Team will be essential in the fight against Cortana, whether we see them in the game or they head back to the books is yet to be confirmed. Do you think we'll see them again, or not? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  10. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #86. Last week we compared our favourite matchmaking playlists, and the thread will give you one hell of a throwback. Click here to view the last poll, #85. How do you want the armour-unlock system to work in Halo Infinite? We talked about the REQ system a couple of weeks ago, and one strong point for criticism is how it has completely flawed the armour-unlock system. I personally see Halo 3 as having the best armour-unlock system out of all games. Halo Infinite needs to not only consider realistic designs (no idea what they were thinking in Halo 5 with some helmets), but the means of unlocking each armour piece needs to be seriously reconsidered. What armour-unlock system do you want to see in Halo Infinite? One of the older ones, or something completely new? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  11. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #84. Last week we discussed whether Halo Infinite will be open-world or not, and there were some great points made by community members. Click here to view the last poll, #83. Do you want the REQ system to return? Halo 5's REQ system is controversial, that's for sure. Some love it, some hate it. Frank O'Connor said in an interview at the start of this year that the REQ system is "well-liked", which caused quite a stir considering how many people in the Halo community are opposed to it. The REQ system is something very new to Halo, who could have seen it coming? It's not a very unique idea, but it's something I would have never imagined coming to Halo. The main issue people have is that it can benefit users who have more money to spend on the game. Sure, there's no direct impact on your performance in Arena, but there can be in Warzone. I think the "unbalance" argument for the REQ system isn't a good one, because 343 integrated it really well and fairly. My problem is that it's boring, like really boring. Think Halo Reach's credit system, but you don't necessarily get what you want. I personally believe Halo 5's armour "unlocking" is the worst way in any Halo game out there. What if you just want this one set of armour, but the chances of you getting it depend on an RNG, and how many REQ points (or how much cash) you have to burn. What's your stance on the REQ system? Stances, those are something else you can only get randomly by an "RNG pack"... Let me know whether you want the REQ system to return or not, and why. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  12. I don't know if I missed a major piece of the story or something, but if Booker and Comstock are the same person, how are the two of them able to be in the same room together, and how is Booker able to kill him?
  13. BioShock Infinite Achievement List Source Written in the Clouds Completed Lighthouse. 5 G Welcome to Monument Island Reached Monument Island. 10 G Shock Tactics Retrieved Shock Jockey. 10 G First Class Ticket Boarded The First Lady. 10 G Armed Revolt Assisted the Gunsmith. 10 G Working Class Hero Completed Factory. 25 G Blood in the Streets Completed Emporia. 25 G Higher Learning Completed Comstock House. 25 G Tin Soldier Completed the game on Easy difficulty or above. 10 G Saw the Elephant Completed the game on Normal difficulty or above. 25 G Stone Cold Pinkerton Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above. 50 G Auld Lang Syne Completed the game on 1999 mode. 75 G Should Auld Acquaintance... Unlocked 1999 mode. 10 G Industrial Accident Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Hook Execution. 5 G Aerial Assassin Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike. 5 G A Real Pistol Killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol. 5 G Passionately Reciprocated Killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun or Vox Repeater. 5 G Street Sweeper Killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun or Vox Heater. 5 G Big Game Hunter Killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or Vox Burstgun. 5 G Loose Cannon Killed 25 enemies with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon. 5 G On a Clear Day... Killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle. 5 G Here Little Piggy Killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox Hail Fire. 5 G Master of Pyrotechnics Killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG. 5 G Seasoned to Taste Killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun. 5 G Well Rounded Used all 8 Vigors against enemies. 10 G Vigorous Opposition Killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects of a Vigor. 50 G More for Your Money Lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times 25 G Combination Shock Performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations. 50 G Mind Over Matter Killed 20 enemies using Possessed machines. 10 G Tear 'em a New One Opened 30 Tears. 25 G Strange Bedfellows Killed 20 enemies using allies brought in through a Tear. 10 G On the Fly Killed 30 enemies while riding a Sky-Line. 10 G Bolt From the Blue Killed 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a Sky-Line. 25 G Hazard Pay Killed 10 enemies by utilizing environmental hazards. 25 G Bon Voyage Killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia. 25 G ***** Shoot Killed 5 enemies while they are falling. 25 G Lost Weekend Killed 5 enemies while you are drunk. 10 G David & Goliath Killed 20 "Heavy Hitter" enemies. 10 G Heartbreaker Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart. 50 G Dress for Success Equipped a piece of Gear in all four slots. 5 G Kitted Out Fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor. 10 G Raising the Bar Upgraded one attribute (Health, Shield, or Salts) to its maximum level. 10 G Infused with Greatness Collected every Infusion upgrade in a single game. 25 G Sightseer Used all telescopes and Kinetoscopes in the game. 50 G The Roguish Type Used Elizabeth to pick 30 locks. 25 G Eavesdropper Collected every Voxophone. 50 G Grand Largesse Spent $10,000 at the vending machines of Columbia. 10 G Coins in the Cushion Looted 200 containers. 10 G Scavenger Hunt Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine. 75 G The Bird or The Cage Completed The Hand of the Prophet. 25 G
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