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Found 5 results

  1. Halo: Reach is a beloved entry in the Halo series, but in recent times it has had some neglect from it's publishers. Please help Microsoft realize that Reach deserves the Xbox one Ultimate treatment: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-please-bring-halo-reach-along-with-odst-s-firefight-to-xbox-one-with-all-of-reach-s-dlc-s
  2. I have just tried starting your game - after two hours play of the single player campaign, i cannot save. Game returns "There is not enough storage space on this device. Do you want to select another" as the message. I have 212GB free on my XBox 360??? What is the issue here? I have installed this game on my console, and retried several times at several separate stages. There is no support on the halo4 website for this, no-one replies.
  3. Hi, I am in the middle of going through Halo 4 solo on legendary. Made it as far as Shutdown so far, doing a mission a day to save my sanity. Anyway I wanted to play some more today when, upon logging in, it appeared my Halo 4 had done a hard reset. All my mp stuff was gone and I got all the intro messages as if I just bought the game. My rank was still there though and as soon as I leveled up somehow I unlocked everything again. However I did not have the same luck with the campaign. For some reason in the mission selection everything was gone, but my current mission (Midnight on easy) still had a saved checkpoint. I therefore decided to load it up and do a speedrun in the hope that completing the final mission would unlock everything again. That's when I found this: I have already considered a corrupted save, but nope everything's fine. I tried moving the save files between storage devices but no change. So I wanted to ask, has anyone else experience this? Is there anyway to fix it? Does this mean I have to replay the entire campaign on legendary again? Hoping someone on here can help.
  4. So I started playing the game made it to Requiem past bravo check point it did the auto save and I turned the system off. When I returned to play the game I had no weapons or camoflage and it started me at the begining of alpha so I played thru again got frustrated with the legendary elites so took a brake turned off the console and when I resumed I lost my active camo and was at alpha again. So is this a saving issue or is this just how Legendary going to play out? Rather then keeping the auto save should I just complete chapters at a time? Because if thats the case I will only be playing on weekends then........
  5. Ok, I am all kinds of pissed right now, so excuse any errors in my typing.... So just about 20 minutes ago I lost all of my co-op save file history and 3 library entries (essentially everything I have done since first playing co-op). I will lay out the steps that occurred prior to this glitch so that 343i or any foolish person can find if this is isolated or a problem with the game. [Prelude Info]: First off, my save file prior to playing co-op online (ie, how it now looks) had all levels completed 'Solo' on 'Normal' with 42/45 'Library' items analysed. I then proceeded to play 'Co-Op' 'Legendary' with a friend over the last week or so. We completed it several hours ago. I had 2 achievements left to complete, so I figured I would do them at this point "on my own". I wanted to get the "He's Unstoppable" achievement, so I was going to have my girlfriend sign in to play the first while I just hung back.... [steps] 1. Turned on Xbox 360, signed in, loaded game, selected HDD save location 2. Turned on 2nd controller, signed in 2nd profile, selected HDD save location 3. Selected Campaign, only saw my profile listed 4. Backed out to main menu, signed off 2nd profile. 5. Selected Campaign, was prompted to sign in, but only 1st controller was active to select the requested "sign in" button, oddly signed in again with same profile on same controller..., asked to select save location, selected HDD. At this point I instantly noticed something was wrong. My previous default level select was 'The Maw', 'Legendary', '4 Skulls On' and at this moment (and from then on) the default showed 'The Pillar of Autumn', 'Normal', '1 Skull On' Mission Select now shows that I have never played 'Co-Op' on any levels, and my library no longer displays the 3 missing entries I analysed while playing Co-Op with my friend. EDIT: Deleted alot of ranting to repost elsewhere...left steps to warn others/allow for people to try to repeat
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