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  1. I guess if you kill 2 teammates in one match, you get booted and banned for a timed period.
  2. I try, but it's not my fault right when I pull the trigger, a teammate just walks right into my bullet.
  3. I've gotten banned TWICE for accidentally team-killing because people run in front of me. TURN TEAM-KILL OFF IN SWAT. It's stupid as hell that you would put team-killing on a game mode where headshots are instakill. ******* bull****.
  4. TheTallmidgeT24


    The guy that played Lasky in "Forward Unto Dawn"; is he the same guy that voiced Lasky in the game?
  5. i like the meem face in halo anniversary. its funny lol
  6. i got recon but all i rly ever use are the shoulders (sometimes the helmet) because i use the katana as my chest and either the rogue, or security as my helmet.
  7. halo 3 was the best! but it will be taken down soon regardless so lets make the most of halo 3's multiplayer before it happens!!!!
  8. i miss bungie so much! they deserve the greatest honor for creating halo and i will always remember them for that! *cries a little* i love you bungie!
  9. i would like to see a hawk in halo 4. maybe even a cyclops! that would be sweet!!!
  10. mine would be the level in halo 2 where the arbiter is teleported by gravemind to find the index.
  11. magnums in order from best to worst: halo CE magnum, halo 2 magnum, halo 3 odst magnum, halo reach magnum, halo 3 magnum.
  12. dont quit on halo 3 man! keep playing it until they take it down! honor halo 3 as much as you can!
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