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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome one and all to the SoJ recruitment page. We take our teachings from the UNSC but we use them in our own way. We welcome human and elites alike (we arent racist hue hue).So thats the introduction lets get down to business. Branches (Divisions, teams) Army, the army are your average foot soldiers, but with a bad attitude and kick ass trigger finger. In the army we have three sub-classes, MP, EoD and vehicular specialist. Mp is the military police when you are needed you use your shotgun and DMR to protect the games highest rank (unless you guys are having fun in custom games). EoD is the Eplosixes expert using heavy weapons to thier advantage to turn the tides of battle in our favour. Vehicular specialist or VS squad is a group very self explanatory they use vehicles to pick up troops, splatter enemies and help fortify bases Marines, these men are raid specialists eight man teams form in this branch these teams are used to raid and help allies. Rangers, the ranger subclass need to know how to climb mountains to get a good eye on the battlefield these soldiers use precision weapons to thier advantage. Brachers, these men fight thier way to the entrance of bases using shotguns and energy swords to dispatch their foes these men also breach bases in advance so the leaders can enter safely. Leadership, these men are leaders in training use thier whit to make plans to take bases or to help the RIDA (you will find out about RIDA once you join) these men also take over training sessions when the trainers have to go. Airforce, airforce use flight to thier advantage, taking control of the sky is a big part of raids. Pilot, using flight to pickup or kill these men will be trained to best dodge explosives and other abstract things Gunners, gunners will have jetpacks and know how to hell jump using the falcon turrets to help get troops past enemy lines. Engineer, these men call out flight using vehicles to pilots and then either help in the sky or take the battle to the ground. We also have a few branches you need to be hand chosen to join i will list them below Gādo, this isnt a branch but i will explain the Gādo only come into use if a RIDA joins they turn into security at that point keeping an eye out for enemies foriegn and domestic. Shadow hunters, we use these men to gather information using contacts to thier advantage Berserkers, are non cannon spartans with only four month conscription theyre not spartans but trained as they where obviously not fully or i might break one of UNSC's many rules Ghosts, only the knowledge that they exist isnt classified RIDA, we are the leaders of the clan we will have RIDA in our service tag to show we lead Before you can join any branch you need to be a recruit, not being a full member of the clan yet we put you through training to see where you will be most best suited. then comes alignment where we put you through spartan level training to weed out the ones not dedicated. We then recommend a branch for you to join but you can go against our recommended choice if you dont feel we chose right (kinda like divergent sorry im excited). If you want to join please contact these gamertags Tom20Cole 1st in command SoulSniperS059 2nd in command TheNnjaway 3rd in command If you have trouble with that contact either Our silver tag account: SoJ Clan Our E-mail: [email protected] Thank you for reading this See you on the battlefield soldier My bad sorry if you want to become allies please contact the same gamertags ECT.
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