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  1. Because the servers mess up a lot, and Halo 5 is said to be buggy on the PC, but I wish more people did.
  2. If they don't have games like infection, grifball, and btb at launch. If they don't have the custom games browser at launch.
  3. I am someone who dislikes the reqs system, so I will try to explain why. Let me say that this is my opinion, I do not see this as fact. Whether or not the req system is good is subjective. I also understand and respect that people will disagree, which is fine because it doesn't make you less or more of a person. Here's why I dislike it. The reqs system is a microtransactions system that is essentially a random number generator, or you can call it a slot machine. You recieve these reqs by putting in money or playing multiplayer. These reqs are used in Warzone, and the amount money you put in or the amount of time you just play multiplayer will determine your chances of winning. You do not earn your reqs by performing certain tasks in multiplayer, rather you just get reqs by playing. Skill is irrelevent in determining if you get reqs, it is just random. Warzone games are essentially just games where people only use power weapons and vehicles. It is hard for new players to win regardless of skill due to not having power weapons or vehicles, so it isn't that enjoyable. I dislike microtransactions and random numbers in all games, I don't like that your options of getting reqs are either using money or playing. I would prefer if you had to complete challenges or tasks that are not arbitrary in multiplayer to get reqs. These challenges could could be get 5 heads in a slayer match, kill 10 infected in infection, score 3 times in grifball, win 3 games of CTF, and so on. To make Warzone games more balanced and fun you could make it where certain items can't be used until a certain time in the game. a little while no reqs, than allow weapon variants for normal weapons, than weaker vehicles, tha power weapons, than power vehicles. This could make a more balanced game for new and old players, and seems fun. Those were why I dislike the reqs system, and a small alternative to the way to get them and use I understand Halo 5 isn't the only game that has a system like this, and I don't like it in any game. What I am disappointed by is how some of the community act in response to criticism of the reqs system. Many act like if you don't like it you are just bad at the game, or you're not an adult, or your opinion doesn't matter. I feel this is because of 343i because of the animated video defending the reqs. This video communicates that only kids don't like the reqs system, and if you complain. your opinion doesn't matter and you should shut up. Yes the video is meant be funny, but that is what it communicates, so it influences the community. and yes people are immature on both sides, and it's wrong for both. anyway this has been my opinion, and if you disagree that is fine.
  4. If you don't like the reqs system you're just bad at the game, and you're not an adult.-sarcasm
  5. That's my problem with Warzone, if you're a new player how are you expected to do well or enjoy it? Warzone relies on the random number slot machine that you can either out money into or just play multiplayer (skill is irrelevant). You don't earn you just get. It's pointless. Today's games you don't have to do certain things I.e. ten headshots, 10 wins, so on earn things, you just play and you get. Want to a tank in warzone? Either throw money st the system or play until you randomly get it. Super fun!! Warzone isn't fun to me because weapons you spawn with initially are useless, and it requires power weapons and vehicles that you get by spending actual money or just playing an arbitrary amount of games until you randomly get it. So yeah, pay to play and pay to win essentially, or play an arbitrary about of games until you get what you need randomly.
  6. Banned because you said Kakashi is the worst name and character ever
  7. Every time I play, I get killed by power weapons and vehicles every time I walk out.
  8. It's a slot machine random number generator. You don't earn reqs, it is completely random, whether or not you are an awesome player, it doesn't make a difference in reqs. You could play for ever, and you have a chance to never get everything there is to offer. It's meant for people to put money into it. It's made Halo and warzone "Play to win" and essentially "pay to play" because Warzone isn't fun unless you have a ton of reqs for power weapons and vehicles.
  9. The req system made me not want to buy Halo 5 for the longest time.
  10. What would it take for you personally to not buy Halo 6? I am not making a topic to bash on 343i, or for other people to bash on 343i, but I just want to create discussion. Will you continue buy Halo no matter what because you love the franchise, or are you willing to not buy the game unless it earns your money? Here are reasons that I won't buy the game at launch. If it doesn't have split screen at launch If it doesn't have Forge at launch If it doesn't have Theater mode at launch If it doesn't have both a competitive(arena) and social playlist at launch. If it doesn't have a file share at launch Here is something I don't think is likely, but if it doesn't have online co-op at launch. What would it take for you to not buy Halo 6 at launch?
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