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Found 22 results

  1. So over the years the Sangheili have been constantly redesigned. Which is good. Halo 1 have them a sense of scary + cool, especially during jump scares. Halo 2, Same but more detailed, pretty scary either way. Halo 3. I have a problem with them because they look too slouched, as if shorter. They are cool however, that one thing really bothers me. Halo Wars. Very good. Scary and cool. They look like an early version of Reach elites crossed with 3, due to their skinny waist and scary teeth and face. The Halo 3 features would be the armor design. Very cool. Halo: Reach. Very, very COOL. Like HCE, a sense of scary and cool. The way the teeth and vibe are done, the angular faces, these are my FAVORITE!! Also the feet look bird-like. My least favorite design, the worst to me. Although this one is cool, I just think they look too slouched. Maybe it's the armor. Also. I don't like how no armor is on the forearms, just feels naked.....I think sticking to Reach or H3 style would have been good. So yeah, Reach rocks. Give out your favorites.
  2. Hey guys! so a few months back I had a bet with a friend to recreate the first level of halo CE in game maker 8.1 as we both got an A+ in our school assignments back in the day for game maker and we had a score to settle in this area. In a nutshell I won the bet. I spent 4.5 months trying to faithfully recreate the entire game in 3d in a aging game engine built for 2D games. I hope you guys enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCxdVE5GWeU Download: https://mega.nz/#!cR9xUTgA!CMoQ-Ff3Fgulhs5iBKASm8Q5nHci0zNCexRqmJxPHYw Regards James
  3. Simple Question Going back, what was the main reason you guys delved so far into the Halo franchise? Why is Halo appealing to you?
  4. A question for everyone: What was your initial reaction the VERY first time you time you saw the flood? I believe this is a great topic to discuss and share nightmares (or acts of bravery.) Please, share as much detail as you wish. You can discuss the building up to the flood, or how they affected you in later games, but please share your opinions. My first time: I may have been young, but I was still attentive. I was so confused as to what the Covenant dug up. I was scared that, well, the COVENANT were scared. Walking into that facility, seeing figures running in the distances, shots from nowhere, gross noises, it kinda stuck with me. Fighting out of the facility was the scary part. I had no idea what these ugly-looking beasts were and so I tried spraying and praying my way out. I repeatedly got lost and stressed. Oh lord, it stuck with me. >.<
  5. You all know the Rally Points from Halo CE, right? Well time to piece them together and see what happens! Note, not every word is in the Rally Points. Just most are. However, they do make a good poem, I guess. By the way, this is the newer one, not the original. Enjoy! (I'm not actually sure if this has been posted before, so I'm going to make a fresh topic if it has.) Amongst this Opening Suite, On the path to the Truth and Reconciliation, Our Brothers in Arms, With enough Dead Heroes along the Perilous Journey, To the survivors a mere Walk in the Woods. Little did they know of the Ambient Wonder And the threats of the Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe, Would only leave Trace Amounts. Trace amounts enough to stay Under the Cover of Night. Just remember that What Once Was Lost, Will always be our lament for Pvt. Jenkins. For the Devils and Monsters dancing the Covenant Dance, Along the Alien Corridors, Shall always be a reminder of our Rock Anthem for Saving the World. Even along the Maw of our greatest Drumrun, While riding On a Pale Horse; We shall always have a Perchance to Dream. For in the Library it shall always be a Long Run. For our "Suite" Autumn, She has fallen to Shadows. Leaving nothing but Dust & Echoes. All because of this damn Halo; We are nothing but a Lost Muse. Onto the light as we may never to return, But with Alleluia, The Angel of Death, Our Decider of Fate and Justice, At our side, Illuminating the Shadows of these Dark Walls, Even with Face of Death in our Minds, We march on, Watching everyone Fighting and Dying, We march on, To a Drum Beat of a Perilous Journey, We march on, March on through the Gates of Hell, Through Oblivion, We march on to the Drum Beat of a Rock Anthem for Saving the World.
  6. So, the Halo Reach Map Packs that come with CEA. I think the Map Packs that come with CEA are cool because they provide a new style and open difference betwit requires more skill to stay alive. The difference between the two graphics aren't to noticable, and after continously playing the same maps, it's nice to getso e new maps to use. So what are your thoughts?
  7. Is there any plan to put in a Halo 1 playlist? For over a decade now, I've been waiting for a way to play THE Halo online (other than xbconnect). My first dissapointment was anniversary, which was NOT Halo 1. It was reskinned reacharound. Then when I heard my nostalgic gaming pipe dream was finally going live, two console generations later, I jumped at the opportunity! When I finally got one of my old Halo buddies and brother around to play (unfortunately only two controllers, if guest support works for H1 then we'd be in business). Sure I have a few minor gripes: It's a port of Halo PC, not the original Xbox version (any Halohead would immediately notice the difference). There are campaign tweaks for increased enemies and disabling of some fun glitches. Although you can go back to original music, you cannot go back to original sound effects (most noticable with the guns). The multiplayer netcode is on the same plane as Gearbox's unpatched entry (i.e. aim 2 feet in front of any moving guy, and shields may show up after they're down --even after death). And to touch on Halo 2, it's the patched version which fixes some griefer glitches, but has the laser-like battle rifle (bleh). Okay, now that my uterian flushing has been vented, here is my main gripe: THERE IS NO DEDICATED HALO 1 PLAYLIST! I've been waiting over a decade to rekindle my love of this classic of LAN party games, and maybe one game in 6 is the original game. Between H2 BRs and H3 nausea, I can only get a mere taste of why I bought the package. Not to mention --there is a team glitch, where half the time I'm playing AGAINST my friend! Talk about screen-peeking issues. The praise I can give is that the few rounds I have played have adhered to the MLG-esque gametype: AR and Pistol Starting weapons Green Indicator over heads FF on No Motion Tracker (iirc. This particular feature is important to play-style) 4v4 (I'm open to 8v8 on larger maps, but not the rumored 2v2) If only there were other LAN classics like sniper-only (no pistol secondary), no-shield shotgun (team and FFA), and 8v8 CTF. So, are we any closer to a Halo: Combat Evolved ONLY playlist? With friends who only play Halo 1, and a few with 1 and 2, we haven't been jiving at all with this H1,2,2.5,3 team slayer playlist, opting to quit whenever it's not the original. Please give me some good news 343!
  8. My friends and I have been dreaming of Halo CE online for the past 15 years... It's now a reality. beginning tonight, we'll be endlessly searching for people like ourselves who love and appreciate the genius of this game. Our favorite? CTF on Blood Gultch. if anyone is interested in playing custom games with our dedicated crew, please email me at TuneyTune11 (@Yahoo.com). 1 Flag CTF Map: Blood Gultch or Sidewinder Time: Unlimited Respawn Time: 5 sec Weapons: Human Only Vehicles: Warthogs only Flag Options: Flag at home to score, Touch your own flag to send home. Shields, damage, and powerups all normal. We'll play anything.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-PtjomjQ-Y This trailer was released today on HaloWaypoint's channel. It would seem that the terminals will be set around Arbiter's life before meeting Master Chief, and his troubling deeds from the past. Also we now know the true full name of the Spartan with Arbiter, which is Jameson Locke. So what did you think? You like?
  10. I want know... how many of you would be interested in doing a Halo Custom Edition playdate to celebrate the servers being saved by Bungie? If enough people would be interested in participating, I'd gladly arrange a playdate! I don't have a server of my own but we could invade someone else's server Let me know what you guys think! And if you haven't already done so, be sure to download and install the 1.0.10 patch!! Downloads (direct from Bungie) Halo PC 1.0.10 Halo CE 1.0.10 Halo PC Dedicated Server 1.0.10 Halo CE Dedicated Server 1.0.10
  11. 343 Industries Hires Professional Halo Player Eric Hewitt. "Hewitt, aka "GH057ayame", has joined the studio at a yet to be revealed capacity. Hewitt previously competed in professional gaming events with Team Carbon." "Though Hewitt has never worked on the Halo franchise in an official sense, his credentials include assisting the Halo 4 Global Championship and helping create the settings for Halo 4's official competitive playlist." (he made Team Throwdown) Full Article here: http://www.mcvuk.com/index.php/news/read343-industries-hires-professional-halo-player/ (near the bottom of the page) Was this move made to help give Halo (insert name here) a classic type of MP, or only to help with the overall multiplayer? Here's a video of his team playing MLG Halo 2 back in the day:
  12. So, Halo 5 is slated to be released holiday 2014 (around Thanksgiving/Christmas of next year) and I thought a great way to get excited about the release of Halo 5 was to look at the history of Halo, from the beginning to now (chronologically). So let's begin. Halo: Combat Evolved This is the game that started it all. Inspired by Marathon, ONI, and a few other games, when it was first thought of by Bungie Studios and Take Two Interactive, it was originally intended to be a game for the Mac. It was even announced as such in 1999 by Steve Jobs. Little did Bungie, Apple, or Take Two know at the time Microsoft was actually scheming how to turn the "two horse" (Sony and Nintendo) console race into a three way free-for-all. Halo, at the time code-named "Monkey Nuts" (which was later changed to "Blam!" because Jason Jones couldn't say Monkey Nuts in front of his mother) was one of the games that Microsoft wanted for "The X-Box Project", which was a console designed to compete with the Nintendo Gamecube and the Playstation 2. To make sure the console was a success Microsoft wanted to get as many top-notch games as possible for the launch of their console. In June of 2000, Bungie accepted Microsoft's offer to buy both them and the game. Take Two Interactive didn't want to work for Microsoft and thus left project "Blam!" and took the rights to Myth and Oni with them. The stage was set for Halo to finally come to life. There was some discussion as to whether Halo should be third person or first person, but with better technology in play Bungie decided that the game played more "fluid" in first person. Not to mention the added bonus of being inside Master Chief's head made players more sympathetic to the character. The two weapon system was integrated, and the Cortana letters had been received with joy from fans. Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nyland released October 30, 2001, paving the way for Halo Canon and going more in depth on the story of the "Halo Universe". Both the X-Box and Halo: Combat Evolved hit the shelves November 15, 2001. Halo CE was an instant hit. Raving reviews and gold stars all around, it sold a million copies in five months and is credited for 50% of all X-Box sales. Five months after the game was released (right on the millionth game mark), Microsoft authorized a second Halo. The success of Halo: Combat Evolved also led Bungie to further pursue "viral marketing" as well as more books similar to the Fall of Reach. Halo 2 Halo 2 was, once again, authorized by Microsoft just as Halo CE hit 1 million copies sold. Halo 2 was going to be the game to play on X-Box Live, which was the "online multiplayer" element that we today take for granted. With this in mind, Bungie realized that a good deal of the weapons in the game were unbalanced for online multiplayer. So, Bungie started off trying to balance the weapons while adding on to the story that they had started with Halo CE. With Halo 2, they decided to go with distancing the player from the characters by switching the player from Master Chief to a newly introduced character that we all know as "The Arbiter". They also introduced a bunch of new features (new to Halo, that is) like boarding and duel-wielding. Bungie created a 9 minute demo that debuted at E3 2003 (or E3'03, if you'll recall). This demo showed off a good chunk of the new features and enemies (drones and brutes) and got fans excited for the new game to come. However, Bungie was about to hit a very big snag. The engine that Bungie had built the E3 demo on (and so far the game) was not compatible with the X-Box hardware. Bungie had to basically start over with only a year until the deadline that Microsoft had set for them. Bungie pushed for as many extensions as possible, and cranked up the viral marketing with ilovebees.com, but Microsoft was pretty stern. So, Bungie had to release Halo 2 not quite as they had imagined it November 2004 with a cliffhanger ending due to the crunch. That being said, however, the game sold. A lot. And was praised, despite it's flaws (which some say made it even more fun) as one of the most competitive and best online experiences that you could get out of a console game. It also left canon lovers wanting more, which brings us to the next part of Halo history. Halo 3 In 2006, Microsoft and Bungie announced Halo 3. Bungie had started on Halo 3 following the process that they had set with Halo 2, and they did not take much of a break between games. Bungie had a bad taste in their mouth with the way that they had to end Halo 2, so they took everything that they weren't able to put into Halo 2 and put it into Halo 3. They also took Halo 2's multiplayer and did everything they could to improve it, including adding in a much desired Forge Mode as well as more weapons and the addition of equipment. Halo 3 went over more smoothly than Halo 2 and broke all of the records that Halo 2 had previously set. It was released September 25, 2007, two years after the release of the X-Box 360. Shortly after the release of Halo 3, a few Bungie employees set out to see about getting a Halo movie made, and then not long after that (which apparently didn't go over so well since we don't have a Halo movie [except for FUD which doesn't really count imo]) Bungie announced their decision to leave Microsoft. The decision by Bungie to leave Microsoft caused a bit of a spat between Bungie and Microsoft officials, but after everything Bungie agreed to do two more Halo titles before going off on their own. Halo Wars Halo Wars was released February 26, 2009 (March 3 for North America) and was the first Halo game made entirely out of Bungie's control. Microsoft owned Ensemble Studios, who specialized in RTS games, and picked them to create the Halo title for 2009. After Ensemble created Halo Wars, it came up with an idea for a Halo MMO, code-named project Titan. However, Microsoft said no, and Ensemble was shut down. One month before the release of their game. On a brighter note, Halo Wars received good reviews and to date is one of the top selling RTS games for consoles. Halo 3: ODST Halo 3: ODST was the first of the two Halo titles that Bungie Studios promised to make before leaving Microsoft. Originally title Halo 3: Recon, it was released September 22, 2009. It took a grand total of 14 months to make, from start to finish. Bungie spared no expense in the casting for the game, however critics maintain that the game felt more like an expansion than a full Halo game. Halo 3: ODST introduced firefight mode, which was a fan-favorite all around. It also came with all of the DLC multiplayer maps for Halo 3 AND Halo Reach beta access (for newer copies). This put a lot of cries to rest about Halo 3: ODST costing $60. Halo Reach Halo Reach. The last Halo game created by Bungie, and the end of an era. This time around, it was all about the game for Bungie. They seemed to ignore the canon that they had created throughout the years (and I know this is a controversial thing but it is documented that they did override previously set canon, therefor breaching it) to create a very fun and gripping experience. Halo Reach released September 14, 2010 and broke tons of sales records. It came with a ton of critical acclaim and had some fans in an uproar (over the little things mainly, everyone must complain about something). It also set the stage for 343 Industries to take over the reigns, which happened on March 31, 2012. But I get ahead of myself. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary November 15, 2011 343 Industries released the tenth anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved. This was their first big trail in taking on the Halo series, and by all accounts they passed it. 343 Industries took Halo CE and gave it a HD face-lift and added as much as they could into it (such as skulls, new control schemes, and achievements) without changing the game entirely. It gave the fans who started from the very beginning (and those who joined in a little later on) some much appreciated nostalgia. The game included a disc that gave players access to the Halo Reach "Anniversary" Map Pack, which included some good ol' fashioned maps and gametypes to complete the nostalgia. Less than a year later, 343 Industries took the reigns of Halo and brought us to where we are now. Halo 4 Halo 4 was a game that a lot of fans doubted would ever come after the release of Halo 3. There was a lot of speculation about it when Bungie announced that they would be letting go of Halo, including that Master Chief would never come back from being stranded in space. Then, June 6, 2011 Halo 4 was announced. As it turns out, development began in 2009 and was kept pretty hush hush. Which in this day and age is hard to do. Halo 4 took around three years to complete. When it was announced there was WILD speculation on what the game would be about. There were rumors running rampant about what the enemies would be, hoaxes on leaked documents, actual leaked documents, and even a stolen copy of the game after it was completed resulting in a bunch of bans from X-Box Live. This was definitely one of the most anticipated Halo titles ever released. When it was released, it was met with critical acclaim and grossed $220 million dollars on it's first day and had over 1 million active players in the first 24 hours of it's release. Halo 4 introduced more weapons, more multiplayer modes, and the new storyline for Master Chief. So there we are. The Halo history. The thing about history, though, is that there's always more of it. There is going to be a Halo 5 and 6, and possibly more after that. We will have to see what is to come. Anyways, this has taken me literally all day to research and write and it is now almost 3 in the morning, so I am going to sleep now. Hope you enjoy it.
  13. Just found this when I was going through my YouTube feed about 10 minutes before posting this, thought you Halo lovers would enjoy this, surprisingly good video from Machinima. If you don't know what Draw My Life's are, best way to sum it up is, person A draws and commentates their life with a highlighter or whatnot, better to watch the video than to read my brilliant description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClqRnxQQp5Q
  14. Hi everyone, Here’s a halo 1 trick jumping video I made which attempts to do jumps at the level of what’s possible in some of the later halo games. I started working on jumps for this video Summer 2011, and I’ve come a long way since then. This is my first trick jumping montage. I hope you enjoy it.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3qwep7PCA8 it's a joke. (although it does hold some truth)
  16. So today I finally gave int to buying Halo CE Anniversary, And I must say it has made my week so much better. I havent seen or played CE since I was 8 yrs old and this honestly has taken me back to childhood and made me remember why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place! yes the graphics suck but regradless this game is amazing! Thank you 343i for doing an anniversary for the one game that started a new era in gaming!
  17. Okay, so I was helping some friends with some achievements for ODST, and started to reminisce the times I had playing all the other games when I remembered something quite terrible. I Played every game, beat every single aspect, achievements, rank, several times, then had to do it all over again in the next game with nothing to show for it. The closest Any of the games came to satisfying this was Halo Reach, but the three armor components didn't seem enough. So I propose a rather interesting Idea for the avid player; what if your progress made a difference; what if in Halo 4 you got gear for playing the other games. Not just one piece of armor or a special emblem, but a whole separate set for each. For Example, you would gain the following for each game: > Halo 3 - Type-25 Carbine - Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade - Type-52 Pistol - M7/Caseless Submachine Gun - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI - Legendary > Halo 3:ODST - M6C/SOCOM - M7S Caseless Submachine Gun - Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle/Jiralhanae Variant - Type-3 Antipersonnel/Anti-materiel Incendiary Grenade - ODST battle armor - VISR mode from ODST - Eternal > Halo Wars - Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer - Type-25 Grenade Launcher - Type-50 Sniper Rifle System - TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine - Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor/Katana - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV - Legacy > Halo Reach - Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved - Type-52 Special Applications Rifle - M319 Individual Grenade Launcher - Radar Jammer - Bubble Shield - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V - Noble > Halo CE: Anniversary - M7057/Defoliant Projector - Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle - Sentinel Beam - Energy Disruptor - Flashbang grenade - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V - Mythic I think that players would prefer to be awarded the above rather then have to unlock them by spending more hours if not days when they already went on the journey to earn them. Anyone should be able to unlock them, but only by playing the other games. This may prove to anger the players who never played the other games, didn't complete the requirements, or had to switch profiles due to reasons unknown. However, they should still be usable in game, but through this method only would they be able to be unlocked for use in Personal Loadouts. They would not effect combat any more then any other of equal ability already within the game. I also recommend the return of the other two factions of the covenant; the Zealots commanded by Avu Med 'Telcam will make very interesting foes, and their armor matches their religious commitment, but to see how the Separatists, under the Honorable Warrior's command of the Arbiter, and the Loyalists, the once servants of the Prophets, now ruled by the Tribal order of the Jiralhanae, free of the chains that suppressed their ancient barbaric nature, they now fight amongst themselves; vying to rule the other tribes. All three of these factions have much to gain from Requiem, and are likely to galvanize under the threat of the other factions or the UNSC gaining the secrets of the Shield world. Seeing the three fight would make quite a sight; the Wild Jackals running about with almost random weapons that they scavenged from lord only knows, against the Storm Jackals and their vicious nature. Not to mention the countless possibilities of new and old Brute weapons and vehicles. Like a Spike turret, a fusion of Super heated metal and rapid succession. An Assault rifle version of the Spike riffle would seems to be in order. A new cocktail of death from the mind of a twisted soul, the Harpoon gun will leave your mangled corpse stuck to the wall, floor, ceiling, or whatever is behind you when they release the trigger. Working like a fusion of the Spiker and the Light Rifle, it can fire by simply tapping the trigger, firing metal barbs with great precision, or you hold the shot, then release to twine three barbs together and staple the target to whatever might be behind it. That Metal on Metal would not only punch holes through you, but sear the flesh just the way they like it. Sound like a party?
  18. Do you remember the first time you took a step into the awesome world of Halo? The first time you sat down at a TV, maybe at a party or a friends house, and played a game of Slayer, Oddball, or King of the Hill? If you do, comment below and tell us about it. If you don't, tell us about your favorite Halo moment. Thanks, @RANMAN10
  19. What do i have to do to make the pistol, 3 head shot kill on this game? i tested i with friends on regular classic and it took 5 head shots.... What can i change to make it only three? Is there something i can do in the settings?
  20. Remember that over powered pistol that kill someone across the map? Or do you remember the sticky grenade launching? Well, you can have it all back! If you have Halo: Combat Evolved on you're computer, you can play! I will make a server called Throwback Thursday's. I will switch the maps and gametypes everyday! Don't have Halo CE on you're computer and don't want to miss out? Click here to download it on FilePlanet! My username on there is "iSpartanIV". Have fun!
  21. Now that you can use forge on Halo CE maps, it is brilliant, I thought that the new forge objects on some of the maps like the forerunner crates on Prisoner were a good addition. Well done 343 What do you think of forge on Halo CE?
  22. My Gamertag is RANMAN10. The following is a list of my ideas for Halo 4 forge. In the following list, the things listed are not meant to be thought of as an all in one package, but each as individual suggestions. I realize some of the following items listed may currently be unrealistic or impractical, although I believe they are things that would advance customablity, and also make a drastic change to the gameplay of Halo 4. I do have to say that the things listed would widely open the players to a wider spectrum of creativity, due to the amount of options players would never before thought possible. Objects Options The following is describing options available for any or all objects and maps. Object Solid/Permeable options (For just objects, just players, or both) Object gravity/weight options Entire object color/textures/weather options Object size/proportion options Specific object spawn/vanish time options Object penetration options (How far you can shoot through an object) Object break options (Crack, break, crumble) – this option could be accompanied by damage options which would be how fast these affects take place An object limit number display (right beside budget amount) Bigger object count Object group selection Longer object spawn times (current maximum is three minutes) Functioning options not only for all players, but players apart of specific teams (On/off) ((Example: A vehicle with functioning off would serve for aesthetic reasons)) A “show all” option in item options, which would display a waypoint above every item of that type. An undo/duplicate option. For example, for the undo option, executing an action like placing or deleting a block or item, and being able to undo it. An object limit instead of a budget count. Downloadable object packs Most objects being available on all or most maps Individual Objects Crashed vehicles (Including Pelicans, Phantoms, Elephants) Windows with breakable glass with color, strength, tint, and “one way” damage and view options. Mirrors. (I realize this would take up more angle render usage) Placeable Invisible barriers like in the Halo 3 campaign that have no specific touch, but a strength of resistance Placeable death barriers. Placeable cameras with perspectives that would be viewed through a control panel or display that is accessed by pressing an action button (The RB, B, or X button) or viewed by approaching and viewing the screen. Doors with both/one way options. Automatically opening/functioning doors. Team and or individual life number per round or game. Numbered custom power up options (like teleporter channels but when traits are set to a number, any custom power ups set with that number will take those traits) Longer custom power up duration times (like 5, 10, 15 minutes, etc, or the entire game) Civilian vehicles (Like in ODST) A huge, flat object that could be used for ground, walls, or ceilings of an entire map. Stalagmites and stalactites for caves. A system where you can use more of an object than what you are allowed, but when you do it takes down how many you can use of another similar budgeted/sized object. Example, in Sandbox on Halo3, forgers are limited to 40 double walls. If a player chooses to use a 41st double wall, then another box would appear for a “substitute” item. The player would then choose what object they would no longer be able to use, ( “‘Sub’ block”) such as a double block, leaving a player with 41 double walls placed on the map, but now only 39 double blocks or single walls left available for placement. Missile pods that are in a fixed position Turrets that aren’t detachable Vines, ropes, wires, nets, flood tentacles, etc.(Would have an assigned point(s) or “focal point” that would be attached to the object where it is placed.) Flood “spores” from the Halo 3 campaign (wouldn’t necessarily have flood inside) Working elevators (Smaller, normal sized ones for players, and a larger ones for vehicles) The hovering sniper towers you find often in the Halo 3 campaign, that typically have Jackal Snipers in them General city or civilian object like bridge guard rails, traffic lights, etc. Spinning fan wall pieces Anti-Air cannons from the campaign Planes of different materials, textures (Would also include water) Incredibly large natural pieces, much like the rocks on Halo: Reach, but much bigger, being hills, natural material inclines, cliffs, etc. Pieces for indenting the altitude on a map to hold a river, or to serve as an island Boats that could be controllable (But as recently mentioned, functionality could be turned off for certain players) Equipment from Halo 3. I believe most players would definitely enjoy the return of things like bubble shields, trip mines, and portable gravity lifts. Working vehicle doors much like the one on High Ground on Halo. A power option on Man Cannons that would dictate how far it would send you (To make this easier, there could be an icon that would appear that would show where the player would land)((This would also save item space)) Draw bridges that can be activated by a button, or be set to be raised or lowered ever certain amount of seconds. Game Options An option that would decipher when the only time, or the only time that things like power ups, vehicle, lights, or even weapons can or cannot be activated. Drop ship options, including on/off Covenant, flood, Spartan, etc., AI with difficulty, and on/off certain team options Weather options Map locks so other players than the original map maker can’t edit the map it is assigned to Once again, the listed items are ideas that are still being refined, thought of, and being thought of how it would work with the current fundamentals of Halo: Reach, and how it would play out in what I imagine might be available in Halo 4. (I know some of these things may not be available) Thanks for reading, Ransey J. Age 15, Tennessee -Xbox Live Gamertag: RANMAN10
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