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    i love girls. girls who are tough on the outside, and incredibly hot. girls who can not be stopped. girls who will kill you if you get too close. girls who spit magma and explode with tremendous force. girls who...
    no wait. volcanoes.i love volcanoes.
    Oh and lasagna

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  1. Thank you all, I am now a jumping expert
  2. Now that I have your attention despite halo 3 being out for 8 years I still do not know how to do the gold 1 to gold 2 jump. So I would like a detailed written explaination on how to perform this witchcraft.
  3. It better be or I will use my wizard powers to noscope someone
  4. Seems awesome, wish I could join :/ represent merica well
  5. I like how I was just talking about this earlier today and now it is a playlist in matchmaking. Guys don't be alarmed but I think im a wizard O.O
  6. Hey there I am Homicidal Pengu I have only been here a couple of days and have already been mistaken multiple times with another person named Pengu, I guess you could say we are pretty similar just Im a little more bloodthirsty. Although I'd like you guys to know we are two different people xD
  7. Same, I actually like Team Snipers I never realised that people even hated it until I came here
  8. Homicidal Pengu


    Just pictures that I think are
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