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Found 4 results

  1. Aim is what sets the pros apart from other players, and it takes years to develop because it's a motor skill. On the other hand, strategy, tactics, teamwork etc. are just as important but only take months to learn. In other words, most decent halo players know as much as the pros relating to tactics, teamwork and strategy, they're just pros because their aim is godlike-anyone can have good teamwork. Halo 3 takes the most skill aim-wise out of any halo game. You have to lead your BR shots and snipe shots at long range. The snipe doesn't have a high fire rate as much as halo 1 and 2, so missing with snipe is more devastating in halo 3. So, aim is the determining factor along with teamwork and strategy/tactics in having the characteristics of a pro. Aim is more important because it takes years to develop, other than strategy, teamwork and tactics which can be learned in a matter of months. Octagon is the most efficient way in halo to improve one's aiming skill. Octagon in halo 3 will overall make your aim better in all other halo games and any other FPS that is played. Why? Well, Octagon in halo 3 is very challenging and will develop your aiming skill a.k.a. your hand-eye coordination. Your hand-eye coordination is applied to any and all FPS games you play, and since halo 3's octagon is very difficult to aim in and impossible to master, it'll take one's aim to the pro's level in only a couple months. For example, if you played halo 3's octagon for a few months and played halo 5 when it comes out, your aim in halo 5 would be godlike right off the bat because of the practice in halo 3.
  2. Can you shoot the grenades and traps in this target practice map? See just how good you really are with the battle rifle ! Video Walkthrough here- https://youtu.be/eIRSlHl_Mf4
  3. HALO:MCC Trying to get some people to play with more often if you like to play customs then add Links_Instinct and send me a message. Will be playing for the next hour or so but I'm on everyday.
  4. After playing FPS on PC for years I had problems aiming with the thumbsticks in Halo 4. So I created a little target practice map in the forge mode and thought I'd share a video of said map. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgce1EFgBaE Search for "Target Practice v1" in the map name field or search by author "mac 1080" Waypoint link should be ready later this month when 343 adds the feature
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